It’s hard to think about what to write, so why think, & just write.

It’s hard to think about what to write, so why think, & just write.  Why think?  Because its fun.  Why think?  If you’re just going to fuck with yourself anyways.  Why think, & just do.  When ya think sometimes things get silly & when you don’t think sometimes things get silly.  So why think?  Because its fun, because its who we are.  Jah true essence can come through when the thought doesn’t behold you in your specially designed creation story.

The cup of coffee doesn’t have to be sitting on the wooden table if you don’t want it to be; it can just as easily be sitting on the floor, or floating, it could be floating on its way to outer space, & maybe you’ll let it float away, & you will stay & share this news with the people.  The presence of magic in our lives has faded, at least our awareness of it has faded in recent times.  BUT THE RESURGENCE IS ON!

People are starting to notice things, people are starting to recognize the subtle signs of significance all around, & whether they are aware of it or not, they are being poked at by the one consciousness to come back into balance within one’s self, & with the Earth.  The messages are everywhere for you to see, & once you start seeing you will start believing, that there is something more than what IS.  

I don’t think I’m ever going to cut my hair again.  There is so much energy in the locks!  A goddess glows as the blonde locks flow.  My whole life my inner feminine nature has been trying to come into balance in my life; she has been yearning for creative expression.

A positive expression of the inner feminine will create a balance within that will allow for optimal expression of personal truths & gifts.  A life guided with the voice of the divine feminine will create peace. 

However, we see it everywhere – possession & ownership in domestic partnership – limiting one another’s personal gifts to come into fruition.  We cannot remain captive to our own insecurities & fears of losing, of not being loved, of not being loved.

We must stay grounded in what we have NOW – present love.

Love is happening now; we must stay with that!  We have to stay with it – it is the only place where we can love & be love.  There is no where else love can expression itself.  We make it so hard to love sometimes, & it doesn’t have to be; expressions of gratitude help.  Ya damn right they do, especially with the people with whom the love is alive.  That’s the place to be right there.  There might not be anything more stunning than a beautiful mother embracing the caress of her newborn child.  There is something, there is everything, about that which is magical.  And the magic is trying to come through both me & you.  Let the feeling take over & be an expression of the light source we are!  Let go – no fear.  Easier said for sure, for sure.  Breaking down to build back up.

The true essence of who you are is always there, waiting to be brought into consciousness awareness.

The subconscious is trying to communicate with you – enjoy the conversation.  11/12

When a banana loses its peel, its still a banana; when a peel leaves a banana, its still a peel.

When a banana loses its peel, its still a banana; when a peel leaves a banana, its still a peel.  And when the banana & peel are together seemingly as one functioning body as ‘banana,’ they are still able to identify as banana & peel.  Take any fruit really, & the story remains the same – peel & fruit are together but separate.  A balanced naturally occurring relationship that turns the sun’s energy into nutrients!

A glowing sliver of the sun for all to eat –  absolutely no discrimination.  The banana gives itself up for us time & time again!  THANK YOU BANANA!  Thank you so much.  So much gratitude to you, our banana friend. 

Really though, how many of your friends will give themselves up completely to you, in such a way that their existences in this manifest ceases to exist, & your existence is boosted by their departure upon your consumption of their energy!?  The banana is my best friend right now, at this moment.  It has all the love & compassion I need to start my day.  And what’s so great about banana!?  That they usually come in bunches of banana friends, so when you need more of that delicious sun-sourced energy, all ya gotta do is reach for the bunch, give thanks for its existence & support for you on your journey, and eat that shit!  Right to your face.  So much banana love; so much fruit love; so much vegetable love.  All the love we will ever need coming straight from the sun, out of the ground, & into your mouth, BECOMING YOU.  Bam. So simple.

Sun –> Soil/Plant –> YOU.  That’s the connection.  That’s it right there.

Ain’t much more to it.  And if one chooses to eat the plants, they therefore become the sun, the light, & they will shine.  Literally, shine, glow, radiate.  Living food produces living people.  But when we consume dead food, we’re a bit less shiny, & less filled with light & love.  We can cultivate love within ourselves simply by eating the direct manifestations of the sun – the plants.  Yah see…the Earth emits a frequency, & so does the plants & so do you, & so does EVERYTHING.

I think I just changed the way I write my ‘y’s.  Its amazing one can go one’s whole life writing ‘y’s a particular way, & then all of a sudden, one day, in an instant, EVERYTHING changes!  And one lives life in this new way, incorporating a more efficient & fluid way to write ‘y’s, & it will never, ever be the same. 

Anyways, the Earth is Ascending.

There it is, the cat is out of the bag.  Amazing.  But most of us aren’t ascending with her.  On the basis that we are all energy, that everything is energy, & under the assumption that their is a unified global consciousness of all things, there must be direct effects on the masses as the Earth continues to ascend, thus increasing its emitted frequency, & as we attempt to keep up the pace we increase our own frequency, & ascend with Mother Earth – also know as the process of being in-the-flow.  But most of us aren’t aware of such.  I am just recently becoming aware myself, hence why I am writing about such in this current flow of consciousness.  IT IS IN THE FIELD.  If its in my field than it is in someone else’s field.

The words that I am able to transmute are in direct relationship to my relationship to the Earth frequency as we continue to ascend.  The words I emit & how they jumble themselves together is simply a gathering of vibrations (measured in a frequency) that have manifested themselves in accordance to the vibration I emit.  As I ascend the words represent information necessary for guidance during the process.  All of the information we need to ascend is available to us.   If we receive guidance from the source, we must share.  There are no copywrites on divine information. 

A reluctance to increase our emitted frequency as the Earth ascends will result in continued stress, anxiety, worry, & disease.  We can vibrate like the sun if we want to.  The most direct way to increase one’s frequency is to ingest the very food that grows directly out of the already ascending Earth soil.

The plants perform the most amazing form of alchemy, as they transform the sun light into an edible version so we can eat the sun, increase our frequency, ascend with the Earth, & be in complete harmony as our frequencies come into alignment with the Earth’s frequency, making beautiful music for all to dance to.

We are literally coming into a musical harmony with Mother Earth.  As a whole species we are currently just a bit out of tune with her.

Together, as individuals, we must help  one another raise our frequencies to become in alignment with Mother Earth so we can ascend together into light, pure light.

Remember the banana – separate but one.  The relationship with your lover – separate but one.  The relationship with you & the earth – separate but one.  We become stuck in this segmented version of reality where everything appears to be separate, but in REAL – ITY, everything is connected.  Sometimes knowing that everything is connected isn’t enough, one must truly feel that connection – to have real experiences that foster such a connection.  There are many ways to feel such an experience, one of my favorites is delivered though the psychedelic experience.

Our ancestors connected with spirit though the plant medicines, & it was through these medicines that they received the wisdom needed to live a life connected to the Earth, ourselves, & one another.

In us all we have a vision of ‘heaven,’ of the most beautiful existence imaginable.  We all have access to this vision because our ancestors lived in heaven, & it was right here on Earth.  Vibrating with Earth – together – emitting the love frequency.  Heaven is here.  11/11

We have become so disconnected to nature, in everything that we do.

We have become so disconnected to nature, in everything that we do.  The clothes we wear, what we eat, where we get what we eat – in giant boxes called buildings – what we say.  “I’m sorry I meant to text you.”  Our jobs, hobbies, interests – what we do when we have ‘free time,’ lest be associated with nature.  And if we ‘take the time’ to dip into nature during our free time, must we be sure to take many photos from our ‘experience’ so that one will be able to experience the moment over & over again simply by looking at it!  The power of photography; the power of the mind to completely distort the present experience from what it is.  The power that lies within all of us to change it.

A steady revision in all of our lives to make nature relevant for all of us in our day to day experiences will allow each of us to feel more connected to the whole.  Free yourself.  Lets all free ourselves.

The detachment between human & nature has and will continue to lead to absolute disaster.  A connection to ourselves will foster a connection with nature, & a connection to nature will foster a connection to ourselves.  It is all one – happening at the same time.  Man & Nature; Man in Nature becomes Man is Nature & Nature is Man; Man is Nature becomes Mannature!  

MANNATURE – the human, psychological understanding that man & nature are always part of the same process, that is of course always happening.  An awareness of such an experience by one will surely lead to a more spiritual life & more authentic smiles.

An emergence of Mannature in one’s life will reduce anxiety, stress, & disease, while creating peace, love, & presence in all that one experiences.  The come-on of Mannature flows at different speeds than others, & that is just fine, but to be aware of the process unfolding for oneself will allow one to further deepen the connection & increase the rate of integration.  It is actually possible for all of us to completely abandon our current lifestyles for one that, at its center & core, radiates a deep connection to nature?!  Absolutely, sure, why not?  Is that realistic for most people to fathom?  No, not at all.  I haven’t been able to completely do that just yet, & I may never, but as the process unfolds I am aware of my development, & it feels damn good as I let go into Mannature, pronounced Man-na-ture.  “I just need to be real with myself.”   Well yah, the other choice is to be unreal – not the real – the opposite of real.  Its amazing how caught up we all get in our own minds, as we fight for control of our own lives with ourselves.  Of all the people we choose to pick our feuds with, we choose ourselves.  When one can let go of that battle, one can let go of everything.

Our desire to make everything perfect & control everything is at the root of our disconnection to nature, our selves, & our perpetual state of dis-ease in these bodies on our individual journies to death.

Such mundane-ness is at the core of human experience, with most direct human experiences of reality removed of their depth, energy, & spirit that is present.  The lack of awareness of this presence is the disconnection; Man & Nature doesn’t allow for the connection to be made, only Mannature can bring us closer to ourselves – eternal living peace – the one source.  10/28

So this is how the story flows…

So this is how the story flows…The people move, the birds fly, the trees sway, the plants grow, the water flows, the air blows, the oceans tide, the mountains stand high, the rain drops, the children play, the sun shines in the blue sky but the people still cry…& that’s okay, sometimes.

Smiles will always heal; there will always be a need for smiles. 

And thankfully we all have mouths!  But sometimes one will wake up in the morning time & just not have it, whatever it is, the vitality of one’s spirit just doesn’t seem to have enough to bring that smile forth.  Unfortunately, the majority of society main doesn’t recognize one’s inability to find a smile in the morning time a justifiable reason to return to balance & peace within one’s self before returning to the unempathetical mainstream work/eat/sleep, live for the weekends, disconnected mass audience, who are born into a fantastic amount of control mechanisms that will deprive one of the vital energy to have an authentic smile in the morning before heading to ‘work’ so one can pay the bills for the house & everything in the house while wearing a mask all day all while one plays a role, & one’s true, authentic self is never discovered, though it is always so close & so near, it never occurred to the individual that it is all just some giant facade to keep the people from connecting to the most real thing in this world – THEMSELVES!  And when the vacation days are gone, there’s no escaping; that sounds like a scary trap.  Its time for the people to free themselves, one by one, moment by moment; we can all start to return to the glory of the most beautiful, harmonic gathering of life force in the universe!  We simply cannot accept this current way as our predetermined reality of life.

A MASSIVE SHIFT IS HAPPENING!  And it will continue to happen.  A shift back to nature; the nature that we are.  A shift back to the land; the land in which we materialized from.  A shift back to love!  The eternal ever present force that fill us up with (in)spirit(ation) every single breath!  A shift from short breaths to deeper ones.  A shift from disconnection to connection, and a shift from fear to love.  And this love will flow throughout the community as we shift towards unity. 

A balance of the energies, male & female, within us all will allow for conversations & interactions sourced with patience, empathy, compassion, presence, eye contact, honesty, self integrity – absolutely divine & magical.  A shift to the present experience will allow people to realize what’s actually important in life, thus resulting in the dismantling of the time & money systems that continuously distort the present reality.  People will be healthy in their minds & in their bodies, everyone will have shiny eyes!  So many beautiful light beings, dancing in the streets, without shoes on.  Our feet need to touch the earth, so we can let the circuit be completed!  We will all come to a healthy balance regarding our relationships to the integration of technologies & fossil fuel consuming mechanisms.  A complete shift in our value systems regarding all sectors of society.  People won’t have sex anymore, they will only make love.  Our greatest responsibilities will always be in conversation with our well-being, & we will all have the opportunity to present our gifts to the world.  Borders will be dismantled by love & the people will share resources, knowledge, & information.  FOOD WILL GROW EVERYWHERE, & those who choose to become planters will be of the most value to community, their knowledge & methods of growing derived straight from the eternal source.  The ability to communicate directly with the land through the mind will allow farmers to create closed-loop systems that require absolutely zero outside fertility.

Education will no longer attempt to focus children on a linear path, but rather it will allow them to expand, keep their imaginations alive, & incorporate a divergent style of education that does not limit children to connecting with the infinite possibilities of life.   And the well-being of the educators will be of the highest priority.

A complete revert to LO-CAL EVERYTHING.  

People will walk more, have healthier hearts, talk more to people they don’t know, spend more time with their kids, have less kids.  The Earth will cleanse itself of all unneeded energy vibrations so that there will truly be peace & harmony on Earth.  We will trade & barter more as the money system continues its collapse, & everyone will realize their artist potential.  One’s career will not be based in personal gain, but rather its direct impact on the greater good of the one consciousness.  I can choose to fill myself with doubt & anxiety about the other possibilities that our minds sometimes revert to, or I CAN KNOW that this is how life is going to be.

If enough of us choose to know that life on Earth can be this peaceful, harmonious, & filled with love, then it will be, simple as that. 

All of our dream worlds might look slightly different, but the essence remains the same, the feeling is the same.  Feel that feeling, the one you feel when you close your eyes & dream about the most beautiful world ever, & know that it will happen.  We are all lights,  Lets all set the intention for a healthy earth; it will happen, & you will be here to enjoy it.  10/25

Look at one another in the eyes & realize that they too are doing the life thing – always doing it.

Look at one another in the eyes & realize that they too are doing the life thing – always doing it.  What an incredible common thread we all share.  What better link to have to thread us all together!? And we’re all living on the same Earth!  What better link to bring us together than the very ground we step on every morning when we wake up, & the very ground that supports us when we go to sleep?!  This is the life that WE created!  And it will always be the life that we create.  WOW, I can’t imagine a much more beautiful day!  And the shadows in the fall…& the shadows in us all…They are quite the expression of all life.

We must love our shadows, build relationships with them, give ’em a big ole hug, & say Hey!  I love you, because you are me, & I am you

And to do this, how?  There really aren’t any directions, as though many will provide one with all the options one could ever need!  Listen, & craft your own plan that is true to you.  What is subject relativity anyways?

Futile efforts result in futile results.  Love efforts result in love results.

The sun is always shining bright, ya just have to know that its there!  The Beach Boys are playing – leg kicks in full swing!  Its all significant, all of value, because it IS.  There’s no better time to be alive than right NOW.  Its when everything is happening – nothing better, always & forever.  Amazing how the words change, but the message remains the same.  Then why keep writing, if its all already been said?  Or has it not?

The power & truth of our personal experience is the feeling, its the emotion, its the vibration, its da riddem, its jah Love.  The words re-arrange but the essence remains. 

The presentation of it all is quite beautiful, eh?  Yes SAH!  Art certainly plays a part.  How much of me are these words?  How much credit do I deserve?  My styleee of living, which I am sure that I had some conscious play in choosing has resulted in this opportunity for expression.

But at the moment of expression, at the creative letgo, whom is it that speaks?  Is it me?  Or is it Me?  Maybe its both – perhaps its all the same. 

Love cannot be put into a contract. 

Marriage does not lock love in, nor does it solidify itself into a foreverness.  Marriage of ones’ hearts is beyond any social contract one could sign into existence!  Just like the money game, the marriage game aims to grab our fears of not having!  Lock our fears away into a semi-binding agreement & that a piece of ordinary paper has a perceived value so we can launch our daily core from & tread on with this life that lacks the real love & wealth that we all need!  Be weary of anytime a signature is needed.  10/21

The rainbow spiral disappears into the distance forever & ever – forever & happening right now.

The rainbow spiral disappears into the distance forever & ever, forever & happening right now.  I can see it with my eyes & at the same time feel it with my body.  To be able to be removed from the moment, suspended as an observer, but at the same time having the absolute most direct first person experience imaginable – to see the spiral & at the same time be the spiral, happening all the time.  Now that’s the place to be right there!  Right where you are.  To be able to let go & fall in love, & at the same time completely let that love go, with no attachment or sense of possession.  Wow – and its possible!  It is possible to have your cake & eat it too.

We can love, be love, do everything we love, be where we love, love all that we be, not worry about a thing, forget about the $ & fall into the love & warmth of this planet & universe without fear knowing that you aren’t going anywhere, & that you’ll be apart of this whole life thing forever!

Its absolutely possible, & YOU can do it.  You just have to do it.  That dream existence you play with in your mind from time to time – let it go & feel with it deep in your bones, flowing through your body…bathe in that shit, swim in it all day long.  Know that its there for you to tap into & create.  The creation story is happening all the time – the dream is unfolding, as long as YOU keep it ALIVE!  To keep it alive, just like a plant, or a human, or a cat, you have to nourish it.  You have to play with it, nurture it, feed it, love it, be with it, picture it, be in its presence – be its presence!  Be a witness to it matriculate & seep into your life – slowly exposing itself to you, sort of like a game of hide & seek.  Yah see, your DREAM life – existence, love, house, inner peace, job, location, friends – all of it! – is already here.  Your dream is always here, waiting for you to notice it.  As you become a witness to those attributes of your dream, your recognition of them will make the dreams more real – will make the dreams stronger.  Give it more love & attention, FEED IT, & it will feed you.  Yah see, there is a conversation happening all the time, between us & the Other – call it whatever the fuck you want to call it.  It really does not matter.  Just know that we are all apart of the conversation, & we always will be.  We gotta tune in, listen up, & respond!  Its a conversation, a CON-VER-SAT-ION, & for that to actually be the case, we have to respond!  We have to become aware that this conversation is always happening.  Use your voice, heart, & any other means of communication that you prefer, & become aware of your place in the conversation.  I hear a lot these days about ‘setting the intention.’  This too is very important.

For our dreams to become our reality, the intentional conversation must come from a place of love & compassion.  And when your dream is lined up with your truths & your gifts, then what you need is what the universe needs, & it most certainly will become the flow of your reality. 

The beauty of your existence is a reflection of the purity in your mind, & the beauty of your heart.  The people you choose to surround yourself with are an extension of your soul.

The reflections are all around!  You feed them, & they feed you.  It is possible to feel the connection between everything around us, & to feel at one with the happenings of life.  I know because it is happening to me – right now!  I have become aware.  The trees glow in a way that they have never done before, almost like they are emanating their own light!  And the people!  The people are doing it too – shiny people with glowing auras, reflecting love all around the land.  And the food!  Glowing little sun-filled fruits & veggies, fueling our sun-filled bodies.  Maybe the sun is actually just a reflection of us?  Perhaps the sun & everything here on Earth are having a love/light reflecting conversation!?  One feeding the other(s) with everything it needs for sustenance.

It is possible to flow through life like water, ebbing & flowing with the eternal present experience – being totally with it.  This life does not have to be so hard; we make it quite difficult sometimes.  We do it to ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can choose differently. 

The rain water doesn’t have to only get us wet.  It is possible to be completely at peace with all of the moments – to be stable & sound in our minds & hearts through all of it.  The dream is always alive; it just might be sleeping.  If so, then wake it up!  Wake up your dreams, know them, be them, love them, & enjoy them.  Heaven is happening right now, here it is.  HERE IT IS!  HERE YOU ARE!  With your paradise mind – your dream, in a constant process, is always happening.  So now what?  Simply give thanks & enjoy!  All of this is possible.  All of everything you think about is possible!  All of it is possible.

WE ARE THE CREATORS!  This is the creation story, & its always happening – no beginning, no end, like a rainbow spiral, always happening, forever & forever, with all the colors, looking beautiful as ever.  Give thanks that we have eyes to see!  Maybe they came from the fish, maybe we created them, maybe we are the fish 10/19

There’s a rainbow across the blue sky, & I want to tell everyone so they don’t miss it!

There’s a rainbow across the blue sky, & I want to tell everyone so they don’t miss it!  So I turn to my right and share, turn to my left & share, & then turn around & almost stand up & tell everyone in the whole coffee shop!  I ALMOST DID IT!  Really though, this close to doing it.  I’ve just been thanked for being a rainbow sharer – amazing.  Da kids coming in the shop – high fives & pounds all around;  everyone’s feeling good; the vibes are nice.

It all begins with acceptance; the good vibes begin with acceptance. 

As the story unfolds all around me, I begin to think about the ‘correct’ way to tell the story – finding myself re-fluxing old head patterns – trying to present the story, but getting too caught up in the words.  The more time I spend doing this writing thing, the more I get caught up in the artistry of it all.  Maybe the words can flow slowly instead of fast.  Maybe ‘stream of consciousness’ can have a varied pace, dictated by me.  And maybe I can tell the story about the man with THE BLUE FACE, sitting eerily in the rain draped with a grizzly-man flannel, SITTING ON A BENCH!  That’s it, just sitting,  But what a fucking story it was!  And currently still is!  THE VIBEZZ ARE HIGH & I mean real high, because of the man with the BLUE FACE.  He’s dictating the flow of energy, sort of like a focal point or epicenter.  Whether he’s being conversed with or not, people are aware of him.  He receives their attention, whether directly or indirectly.  Once you know that THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE is sitting at that picnic table, you will always know that that’s where he is!  People are on VA-CAT-ION & they want to feel comfortable, & secure, & safe.  They want to let their kids run around on the grass & play with the hobbly legged chicken, not worry about THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE!  Here walks ACCEPTANCE.  Sporting a gentle bike helmet, zip down hoodie, & walmart bag.  ACCEPTANCE says hello or something of the sort to THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE.  A curious & accepting heart begins to smile & laugh – everyone is at ease.  Everyone becomes accepting; I CAN FEEL the shift in the space; a sense of love & compassion fill us up.  The man with the blue face can talk & he’s talking to someone who doesn’t have a blue face.  He actually has a face that’s sort of like mine, a face that I would feel comfortable talking too.  Maybe I can talk to the man with the blue face as well?  I can.  We all can.  Maybe he has a name; its definitely not ‘the man with the blue face.’  And he’s got a story as well, probably a quite interesting one.  And in that story he has a name, and in that story he has a mom, a mom who gave him that name – a name that doesn’t describe his face but rather describes his heart.  If I knew his name I would call him that.

Acceptance knows his name & his story.  I wonder what it feels like to be him.  I wonder if it feels anything at all like being me?  And if that feels anything like being a chicken…I don’t have a blue face, & I probably never will.  But I am quite alive & I know how that feels.  I can relate to thatWe can all relate to that

To be within ourselves & having to absorb other people’s perceptions of us…it doesn’t always feel good, so cut it out!  It hurts.  Acceptance begins within, & matriculates out into this physical world.  The world you create on the inside is the world that is reflected in the physical plane.

World peace begins with full acceptance of yourself, & full acceptance of self releases the potential for full acceptance of others.  Fully accepting others for who they are creates a harmonious world, and certainly one damn good vibing coffee shop.

Everyone is welcomed here!  All kine.  How ’bout a rainbow of faces!?  “Cama-cama-cama-cama-cama-chamellion!”  Yes, just like a chameleon, we come & go!  A message in the music, our message in the rainbow, a message in all of us.  How shall you deliver your message?

Know your gifts, fall into them with confidence, & share your message with the world!  In whatever way you choose, knowing that there are plenty of people in the world who will accept all of who you are.

AND THE NUMBERS ARE GROWING!  Every single day.  Acceptance is finding its way.  Its sinking into all of our hearts – seeping down into every nook & cranny.  Its happening to all of us, whether we are aware of it or not.  Acceptance, along with its dear friends Compassion & Love, are within us all.  Again, its not a matter of obtaining anything, its just becoming aware & reactivating what’s already there.  Try it – start accepting everyone for who they are & whatever they look like, & feel what happens.  Become a witness to all the magic that is happening all around.  Wake up in the morning & know that its happening.  And seriously, can we do something about those damn phones!?  The masses are giving more attention to their phones than they are to themselves.

Change needs to start somewhere, & it starts at the same place every. single. time.  HERE.NOW.YOU.  Right here, right now, right you.

herenowyou, herenowyou, herenowyou, herenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyou, Herenowyou, HereNowYou, Here-Now-You, Hur-Nur-Yur, HNY, H.N.Y.

Here you are, Now it is, You ARE IT!  

Shit man my fingertips are going to explode with this feeling!  I gotta release; I gotta let it go.  I HAVE TO LET YOU ALL KNOW!  Just Accept IT.  And know that the sun is always shining.

We are all light, & the Acceptance of knowing that the light is always all-ways, allows one to shine like the sun.

There has to be light, its the only way.  Just because I have two pages mean that I have to fill them entirely with words?  Just because I have a mouth does it mean that I have to smile?  Acceptance allows me to smile, ALOT, & smiling makes me want to write to express my gifts & messages.  To break away from fear & release all resistance & self-imposed limitations; this is what choosing to Accept does for me.  When I see you I see me, so I accept & I love.

Our presence is the BEST present.  

If you do nothing more than simply be here now, by fully being here, with your entire presence, the universe will fill you up with the greatest of gifts.  Accepting yourself will allow you to accept these gifts; the presentation & offering of your presence to this world will inspire others to do the same.  We can change the world with Acceptance – no need to overthink this.  9/29.

This is all just one big dance, & we’re all the dancers. 

This is all just one big dance, & we’re all the dancers – a play or theatrical of some sort. Within the big dance, we find smaller dances, & within the smaller dances are lots of tiny dances, & within the tiny dances are micro dances, & the spiral vortex continues forever in all directions.  But none of them are actually small – all relative to the perspective of the perceiver at the focal point, which is the now.  And as we dance we must realize that not only are we dancing within other dances, but dances are dancing within us.  And as we dance we must realize that all of the dances co-mingle with the other dances, & therefore we co-mingle with other dancers!  Making all sorts of friends, learning and becoming their style of dance, changing & influencing the way others dance.  As we move around this dancing world, we must become aware of other peoples’ toes, & not step on them!  Because it will hurt & possibly disrupt the flow of the dance.  And if ya get hurt or are a bit tired then its time to rest, but as you sit for a moment watching everyone dance, just be sure to keep the rhythm alive, maybe by tapping your feet, or slapping your leg or beating down with some chopsticks.  But maybe the rhythm feels lost, & on the outside, you appear to be quite still & blank, with almost all essence of the dance withdrawn.

No matter how much you don’t want to dance know that there are dances going on within your heart, whether you feel it or not.  KNOW that its there.  The dance goes on & on & on, forever happening right now, & YOU’RE ALWAYS IN IT!  & you have always  been in it, & you always will be.  The life party is always ON!  And you’re always invited.  Its just knowing that you’re already there.

Some people we dance with more than others, & maybe you dance with them in a different way, a unique special way that makes you feel really, really good.  And you say to yourself, & maybe to that other person, that you want to dance the dance with that person forever, & only with them!  But what about the other dances with all of those other dancing friends?  Those dances are fun too, & I miss them.  I want to dance with all of them!  And I want to have the potential to dance with new people as well!  And you know what?  You can!  Your favorite dance can still be your favorite dance, & your favorite dancer your favorite dancer, & everyone knows it!  There’s absolutely no reason to hide this truth of your individual experiences.  Your ultra wicked special dance is for your ultra wicked special dancer person.  But all the other dances are special too, & have their special names perhaps.  Whatever it is, you know the difference, you know the dances, & as long as everyone is on the same page, then you’re all good!

You see you’re always dancing with everyone all at the same time!  Its a big world, a big dance; the music never stops.  FELL THE RHYTHM IN YOUR HEART! 

Its always on beat, never off.  You came into this manifestation with a HEART BEAT.  Your heart keeps the beat & sets the tempo for your life – take care of it, & let it take care of you.  Like a drummer in a band, your heart beat sets the foundation for your life’s music to play out in its most authentic of selves.  LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, & let it be the foundation of your very special dance.

And when you truly get to know your heart, you might be able to recognize when your heart beats like someone else’s heart, & those two hearts can beat together, seemingly as one, & from that foundation create a beautiful expression of the heart juice called LOVE, which is ultimately an expression of your heart beat; love is music, & music is love. 

Two beating hearts together create the potential for harmonious expression of this musical, dancing life.  We are the creators of the music of our own dance; we are creating our music in step with our creation of dance – at the same time!

So when you find someone who you want to dance with forever, make sure you listen to the beat of one another’s hearts, & dance together in your own special dance with the accompaniment of your own special song.  Fall deep into this expression of your hearts’ manifestation, for there is nothing to fear. 

At the root of this musical expression is your heart, full of love juice, ready to share with anyone who is willing to receive.  At the root of this life’s eternal present expression is love, & it always will be.  This is the constant of the universe, regardless which dance you’re dancing; the rhythm is in the love, so dance to the beat of love with confidence!  And know that there is someone out there in the world who wants to dance with you.

As you listen to your heart beat, others will soon begin to tune in.  And as you become the expression of your heart in the form of divine love, you will draw into your heart the beat of another – perhaps the most profound love possible in your current expression!  The urge to resist will be present at times, but have no fear, because the love will always be here, right here; it always has been.

Simply let go, & fall into love; there is nothing to worry about.

Just be sure to have fun, because its a dance!  And dancing is fun, especially when its with the one your heart loves.  I am excited to dance with you, just try to not step on my toes.  9/23

All you have to do is express your authentic self, & the rest takes care of itself.

All you have to do is express your authentic self, & the rest takes care of itself.  You can let go & fall into the arms of the universe, without worry, without fear, without anxiety, & drift away into the oneness of consciousness with confidence, knowing that you will be supported & accepted. 

Because that’s all we want yah?  To be embraced for being ourselves, kind of like that kid in the rainbow shirt dancing in the puddle on the rock – being totally embraced by the people around him & the entire universe in which he floats around in.  Now another little boy, slapping on the puddle in the rock – everyone’s doing it!  Let’s all go & slap the rock.  What if I knelt down & started slapping the puddle?  What if?  What if I became a puddle slapper, except myself.  I guess I have a choice as to what I will be; who I currently am.  Someone else’s perception may be that I am the man who slaps puddles, or the puddle slapper dood, or weird, or skitzo.  Because for a few moments I choose to do something that may not be considered ‘normal’ for a 28-year old man to do, I may be perceived as being ‘out of my mind,’ but were those two children going out of their minds?!  Nope – they were totally within the limits of society & within themselves – within the full sequence of what it means to be a child.

I am not psychotic, I am just a man who wants to play & I’m not interested in living in any other way.  

I’m not too concerned with the perception of others at this point – I can’t be there, I can only be here, with my perception – so here I shall stay!  I’m staying here, HERE – right here, & only here – always will be, let’s do it.  Anyone want to go to the best place in the whole universe with me?! – right here!?  All on board to here!  Pay attention or you might miss your stop!  Okay, okay, you have some options…You can get off here, or here…or here…or here!  Alright, simple choice then.  I choose here!  Which will you choose?  Take your time, & no worries, there are no mistakes.  The only mistake is in not choosing, or, in choosing not to choose.

The choice is always here to be here

Well actually, now that I think about it, one is always here, it’s just becoming aware & simply knowing that that’s where you are.  We’re all doing it, & what’s great about it is that no one is considered psychotic for doing it!  We’re all IT!  And that’s it – no secret.  It’s amazing how the most simple of things can be the hardest for people to wrap their heads around.

So with that, let’s be here for each other now, right NOW, where it matters the most.  And if we stray too far, let’s remind one another & help one another get back here.  That’s it – that’s all we need to do.  And if you’re here, you can do that – you can bring other people here!  Amazing – what power we all have.  We can all do it! 

No matter what role we play in life, or what job we may do, we can all be a reminder of this – a direct example & representation of the unconditional now that accepts everyone – call it The Love Club!  We’re all invited.  Tell your friends, they can come.  Actually better yet, tell them they’re already in it, & that there’s no cost.

By being here now, by being with it, we are the heavens, we are the light, we are the divine, WE ARE IT!  So be that, an expression of that, where ever you go & whatever it is that you do.

Instead of being a teacher, you are rather an expression of that which teaches.  Instead of being a barista, you are an expression of that which makes coffee.  Instead of being a garbage man, you are an expression of that which picks up trash – an honorable way of being that is for sure.  Instead of being a politician, one could be an expression of that which helps bring peace to the world.  One can quickly realize through this way of understanding one’s place in the world (being here) that whatever we’re doing, whatever job or role we might play, that we all carry IT.  We are it, we are an expression of it, & that no matter what we’re doing, because we’re it, every single moment of here produces an opportunity for the eternal magic to be realized.  That older Japanese man, he’s doing it.  That chicken – doing it.  That bird – doing it.  That tree – doing it.  The ocean – doing it.

You’re doing it too, you just need to become aware of what you’re already doing.  You have to become aware of your self!  Because your self is also it.  But we have a choice – a choice to know or not to know, to become aware or not become aware.  So when you’re ready, just know it, & then do whatever you want.

That woman is making sexual gestures across the grassy patch right in my general direction – wonder what she’s perceiving…kind of like the kid playing in the puddle, not bothering anyone, just being in their own perception of the now.  You see, we don’t have to really do that much.  Just being ourselves, right now, will provide one with such magical moments, kind of like the macaroons and gift card to the coffee shop a woman just gave me for taking the time to give her some advice of what to do while she’s here on the island.  I had no expectations, I was simply being – being myself, right here in the coffee shop, doing what I love to do – writing, drinking coffee, meeting new people, & sharing perspective.  By doing that, by being my self, I am supported.

The universe will support you for being YOU.  That’s it – don’t overthink this; you will soon be swimming in the thoughts of your own paradise mind.  9/22

A massive shift is occurring, & I might be too stoned to write about it.

A massive shift is occurring, & I might be too stoned to write about it.  Its been a few weeks since I’ve squeaked out some written words – just wasn’t in the flow to do so.

What’s always happening, IS happening – there it is, just be with that, whatever it is.

Our brains cannot process & deliver us the experience of the experience! What we experience is not always the full experience!  Its not delivery, its Digiorno!  Don’t worry everyone, the frozen pizza man is here to bring you fresh frozen pizza, right here on Kauai!  Amazing.  To what progress we have made – reaching extraordinary heights – frozen pizza access everywhere we go!  We’ve probably made it easier to access frozen pizza than a fresh tomato.  Its quite disheartening to hear men on vacation with a woman talk to her with such sharpness, harshness, & subtle violent energies, like little invisible daggers.  To feel her then struggle to regain her inner footing, looking for the right words to say, but such is futile, for whatever it is she says will be dominated by his over-extending masculinity.

Simple observation can uncover so much truth.

I hope she finds a way out.  You ever play mousetrap?  The game.  Yah, very similar to this life eh?  Little people, lots of traps – don’t get stuck!  There are so many ways to fall into the traps that are all around us.  Financial traps, marriage traps, employment traps, alcohol traps, housing traps – all disguised as comfort-ability & security – baby traps.   So much bait too.  In due time all of the traps can be healthy for one, but insofar as the basic needs of the individual are met – that one chooses to care for & love them self.  Then if one chooses any of the ‘traps’ listed above as the next move in life, they may not appear to be traps at all, but as most certainly life enhancers.  If one’s basic needs are not met before entering into these binding agreements, then I shall lean towards the promise of a turbulent future.

There are an infinite number of ways to express ourselves in this world, but if one does not know oneself how ever is he/she supposed to be able to express that which one does not know!?

Something of such appears at the moment to be quite impossible.  I can talk to anyone, but I can’t talk to most people; sometimes its hard to grab onto something that is real, but I bend & I try to connect nonetheless.  Maybe writing a little slower is actually helpful, maybe allowing the ego mind to present itself once & a while can actually feed the soul.

Always focused on the next move, instead of moving with our focus.

So many big trucks, who gives a fuck! Bed full of bleach blonde girls.  I wonder if anyone could love a guy who rides a scooter?  I bet its possible!  Maybe a girl with a scooter…Design Your Own Life!  With the power of choice.  Everyone has an agenda…maybe that’s not quite so.  There’s a desire to be known, but what about being unknown?  There’s gotta be some potential in that.   There really aren’t any interruptions in life.   Most of the time people comment on how small my writing is.  Its certainly something that people enjoy, so I shall let them continue to enjoy it.  So many people, so many stories, in what way should they be told?  9/15