The rainbow spiral disappears into the distance forever & ever – forever & happening right now.

The rainbow spiral disappears into the distance forever & ever, forever & happening right now.  I can see it with my eyes & at the same time feel it with my body.  To be able to be removed from the moment, suspended as an observer, but at the same time having the absolute most direct first person experience imaginable – to see the spiral & at the same time be the spiral, happening all the time.  Now that’s the place to be right there!  Right where you are.  To be able to let go & fall in love, & at the same time completely let that love go, with no attachment or sense of possession.  Wow – and its possible!  It is possible to have your cake & eat it too.

We can love, be love, do everything we love, be where we love, love all that we be, not worry about a thing, forget about the $ & fall into the love & warmth of this planet & universe without fear knowing that you aren’t going anywhere, & that you’ll be apart of this whole life thing forever!

Its absolutely possible, & YOU can do it.  You just have to do it.  That dream existence you play with in your mind from time to time – let it go & feel with it deep in your bones, flowing through your body…bathe in that shit, swim in it all day long.  Know that its there for you to tap into & create.  The creation story is happening all the time – the dream is unfolding, as long as YOU keep it ALIVE!  To keep it alive, just like a plant, or a human, or a cat, you have to nourish it.  You have to play with it, nurture it, feed it, love it, be with it, picture it, be in its presence – be its presence!  Be a witness to it matriculate & seep into your life – slowly exposing itself to you, sort of like a game of hide & seek.  Yah see, your DREAM life – existence, love, house, inner peace, job, location, friends – all of it! – is already here.  Your dream is always here, waiting for you to notice it.  As you become a witness to those attributes of your dream, your recognition of them will make the dreams more real – will make the dreams stronger.  Give it more love & attention, FEED IT, & it will feed you.  Yah see, there is a conversation happening all the time, between us & the Other – call it whatever the fuck you want to call it.  It really does not matter.  Just know that we are all apart of the conversation, & we always will be.  We gotta tune in, listen up, & respond!  Its a conversation, a CON-VER-SAT-ION, & for that to actually be the case, we have to respond!  We have to become aware that this conversation is always happening.  Use your voice, heart, & any other means of communication that you prefer, & become aware of your place in the conversation.  I hear a lot these days about ‘setting the intention.’  This too is very important.

For our dreams to become our reality, the intentional conversation must come from a place of love & compassion.  And when your dream is lined up with your truths & your gifts, then what you need is what the universe needs, & it most certainly will become the flow of your reality. 

The beauty of your existence is a reflection of the purity in your mind, & the beauty of your heart.  The people you choose to surround yourself with are an extension of your soul.

The reflections are all around!  You feed them, & they feed you.  It is possible to feel the connection between everything around us, & to feel at one with the happenings of life.  I know because it is happening to me – right now!  I have become aware.  The trees glow in a way that they have never done before, almost like they are emanating their own light!  And the people!  The people are doing it too – shiny people with glowing auras, reflecting love all around the land.  And the food!  Glowing little sun-filled fruits & veggies, fueling our sun-filled bodies.  Maybe the sun is actually just a reflection of us?  Perhaps the sun & everything here on Earth are having a love/light reflecting conversation!?  One feeding the other(s) with everything it needs for sustenance.

It is possible to flow through life like water, ebbing & flowing with the eternal present experience – being totally with it.  This life does not have to be so hard; we make it quite difficult sometimes.  We do it to ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can choose differently. 

The rain water doesn’t have to only get us wet.  It is possible to be completely at peace with all of the moments – to be stable & sound in our minds & hearts through all of it.  The dream is always alive; it just might be sleeping.  If so, then wake it up!  Wake up your dreams, know them, be them, love them, & enjoy them.  Heaven is happening right now, here it is.  HERE IT IS!  HERE YOU ARE!  With your paradise mind – your dream, in a constant process, is always happening.  So now what?  Simply give thanks & enjoy!  All of this is possible.  All of everything you think about is possible!  All of it is possible.

WE ARE THE CREATORS!  This is the creation story, & its always happening – no beginning, no end, like a rainbow spiral, always happening, forever & forever, with all the colors, looking beautiful as ever.  Give thanks that we have eyes to see!  Maybe they came from the fish, maybe we created them, maybe we are the fish 10/19

There’s a rainbow across the blue sky, & I want to tell everyone so they don’t miss it!

There’s a rainbow across the blue sky, & I want to tell everyone so they don’t miss it!  So I turn to my right and share, turn to my left & share, & then turn around & almost stand up & tell everyone in the whole coffee shop!  I ALMOST DID IT!  Really though, this close to doing it.  I’ve just been thanked for being a rainbow sharer – amazing.  Da kids coming in the shop – high fives & pounds all around;  everyone’s feeling good; the vibes are nice.

It all begins with acceptance; the good vibes begin with acceptance. 

As the story unfolds all around me, I begin to think about the ‘correct’ way to tell the story – finding myself re-fluxing old head patterns – trying to present the story, but getting too caught up in the words.  The more time I spend doing this writing thing, the more I get caught up in the artistry of it all.  Maybe the words can flow slowly instead of fast.  Maybe ‘stream of consciousness’ can have a varied pace, dictated by me.  And maybe I can tell the story about the man with THE BLUE FACE, sitting eerily in the rain draped with a grizzly-man flannel, SITTING ON A BENCH!  That’s it, just sitting,  But what a fucking story it was!  And currently still is!  THE VIBEZZ ARE HIGH & I mean real high, because of the man with the BLUE FACE.  He’s dictating the flow of energy, sort of like a focal point or epicenter.  Whether he’s being conversed with or not, people are aware of him.  He receives their attention, whether directly or indirectly.  Once you know that THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE is sitting at that picnic table, you will always know that that’s where he is!  People are on VA-CAT-ION & they want to feel comfortable, & secure, & safe.  They want to let their kids run around on the grass & play with the hobbly legged chicken, not worry about THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE!  Here walks ACCEPTANCE.  Sporting a gentle bike helmet, zip down hoodie, & walmart bag.  ACCEPTANCE says hello or something of the sort to THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE.  A curious & accepting heart begins to smile & laugh – everyone is at ease.  Everyone becomes accepting; I CAN FEEL the shift in the space; a sense of love & compassion fill us up.  The man with the blue face can talk & he’s talking to someone who doesn’t have a blue face.  He actually has a face that’s sort of like mine, a face that I would feel comfortable talking too.  Maybe I can talk to the man with the blue face as well?  I can.  We all can.  Maybe he has a name; its definitely not ‘the man with the blue face.’  And he’s got a story as well, probably a quite interesting one.  And in that story he has a name, and in that story he has a mom, a mom who gave him that name – a name that doesn’t describe his face but rather describes his heart.  If I knew his name I would call him that.

Acceptance knows his name & his story.  I wonder what it feels like to be him.  I wonder if it feels anything at all like being me?  And if that feels anything like being a chicken…I don’t have a blue face, & I probably never will.  But I am quite alive & I know how that feels.  I can relate to thatWe can all relate to that

To be within ourselves & having to absorb other people’s perceptions of us…it doesn’t always feel good, so cut it out!  It hurts.  Acceptance begins within, & matriculates out into this physical world.  The world you create on the inside is the world that is reflected in the physical plane.

World peace begins with full acceptance of yourself, & full acceptance of self releases the potential for full acceptance of others.  Fully accepting others for who they are creates a harmonious world, and certainly one damn good vibing coffee shop.

Everyone is welcomed here!  All kine.  How ’bout a rainbow of faces!?  “Cama-cama-cama-cama-cama-chamellion!”  Yes, just like a chameleon, we come & go!  A message in the music, our message in the rainbow, a message in all of us.  How shall you deliver your message?

Know your gifts, fall into them with confidence, & share your message with the world!  In whatever way you choose, knowing that there are plenty of people in the world who will accept all of who you are.

AND THE NUMBERS ARE GROWING!  Every single day.  Acceptance is finding its way.  Its sinking into all of our hearts – seeping down into every nook & cranny.  Its happening to all of us, whether we are aware of it or not.  Acceptance, along with its dear friends Compassion & Love, are within us all.  Again, its not a matter of obtaining anything, its just becoming aware & reactivating what’s already there.  Try it – start accepting everyone for who they are & whatever they look like, & feel what happens.  Become a witness to all the magic that is happening all around.  Wake up in the morning & know that its happening.  And seriously, can we do something about those damn phones!?  The masses are giving more attention to their phones than they are to themselves.

Change needs to start somewhere, & it starts at the same place every. single. time.  HERE.NOW.YOU.  Right here, right now, right you.

herenowyou, herenowyou, herenowyou, herenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyou, Herenowyou, HereNowYou, Here-Now-You, Hur-Nur-Yur, HNY, H.N.Y.

Here you are, Now it is, You ARE IT!  

Shit man my fingertips are going to explode with this feeling!  I gotta release; I gotta let it go.  I HAVE TO LET YOU ALL KNOW!  Just Accept IT.  And know that the sun is always shining.

We are all light, & the Acceptance of knowing that the light is always all-ways, allows one to shine like the sun.

There has to be light, its the only way.  Just because I have two pages mean that I have to fill them entirely with words?  Just because I have a mouth does it mean that I have to smile?  Acceptance allows me to smile, ALOT, & smiling makes me want to write to express my gifts & messages.  To break away from fear & release all resistance & self-imposed limitations; this is what choosing to Accept does for me.  When I see you I see me, so I accept & I love.

Our presence is the BEST present.  

If you do nothing more than simply be here now, by fully being here, with your entire presence, the universe will fill you up with the greatest of gifts.  Accepting yourself will allow you to accept these gifts; the presentation & offering of your presence to this world will inspire others to do the same.  We can change the world with Acceptance – no need to overthink this.  9/29.

This is all just one big dance, & we’re all the dancers. 

This is all just one big dance, & we’re all the dancers – a play or theatrical of some sort. Within the big dance, we find smaller dances, & within the smaller dances are lots of tiny dances, & within the tiny dances are micro dances, & the spiral vortex continues forever in all directions.  But none of them are actually small – all relative to the perspective of the perceiver at the focal point, which is the now.  And as we dance we must realize that not only are we dancing within other dances, but dances are dancing within us.  And as we dance we must realize that all of the dances co-mingle with the other dances, & therefore we co-mingle with other dancers!  Making all sorts of friends, learning and becoming their style of dance, changing & influencing the way others dance.  As we move around this dancing world, we must become aware of other peoples’ toes, & not step on them!  Because it will hurt & possibly disrupt the flow of the dance.  And if ya get hurt or are a bit tired then its time to rest, but as you sit for a moment watching everyone dance, just be sure to keep the rhythm alive, maybe by tapping your feet, or slapping your leg or beating down with some chopsticks.  But maybe the rhythm feels lost, & on the outside, you appear to be quite still & blank, with almost all essence of the dance withdrawn.

No matter how much you don’t want to dance know that there are dances going on within your heart, whether you feel it or not.  KNOW that its there.  The dance goes on & on & on, forever happening right now, & YOU’RE ALWAYS IN IT!  & you have always  been in it, & you always will be.  The life party is always ON!  And you’re always invited.  Its just knowing that you’re already there.

Some people we dance with more than others, & maybe you dance with them in a different way, a unique special way that makes you feel really, really good.  And you say to yourself, & maybe to that other person, that you want to dance the dance with that person forever, & only with them!  But what about the other dances with all of those other dancing friends?  Those dances are fun too, & I miss them.  I want to dance with all of them!  And I want to have the potential to dance with new people as well!  And you know what?  You can!  Your favorite dance can still be your favorite dance, & your favorite dancer your favorite dancer, & everyone knows it!  There’s absolutely no reason to hide this truth of your individual experiences.  Your ultra wicked special dance is for your ultra wicked special dancer person.  But all the other dances are special too, & have their special names perhaps.  Whatever it is, you know the difference, you know the dances, & as long as everyone is on the same page, then you’re all good!

You see you’re always dancing with everyone all at the same time!  Its a big world, a big dance; the music never stops.  FELL THE RHYTHM IN YOUR HEART! 

Its always on beat, never off.  You came into this manifestation with a HEART BEAT.  Your heart keeps the beat & sets the tempo for your life – take care of it, & let it take care of you.  Like a drummer in a band, your heart beat sets the foundation for your life’s music to play out in its most authentic of selves.  LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, & let it be the foundation of your very special dance.

And when you truly get to know your heart, you might be able to recognize when your heart beats like someone else’s heart, & those two hearts can beat together, seemingly as one, & from that foundation create a beautiful expression of the heart juice called LOVE, which is ultimately an expression of your heart beat; love is music, & music is love. 

Two beating hearts together create the potential for harmonious expression of this musical, dancing life.  We are the creators of the music of our own dance; we are creating our music in step with our creation of dance – at the same time!

So when you find someone who you want to dance with forever, make sure you listen to the beat of one another’s hearts, & dance together in your own special dance with the accompaniment of your own special song.  Fall deep into this expression of your hearts’ manifestation, for there is nothing to fear. 

At the root of this musical expression is your heart, full of love juice, ready to share with anyone who is willing to receive.  At the root of this life’s eternal present expression is love, & it always will be.  This is the constant of the universe, regardless which dance you’re dancing; the rhythm is in the love, so dance to the beat of love with confidence!  And know that there is someone out there in the world who wants to dance with you.

As you listen to your heart beat, others will soon begin to tune in.  And as you become the expression of your heart in the form of divine love, you will draw into your heart the beat of another – perhaps the most profound love possible in your current expression!  The urge to resist will be present at times, but have no fear, because the love will always be here, right here; it always has been.

Simply let go, & fall into love; there is nothing to worry about.

Just be sure to have fun, because its a dance!  And dancing is fun, especially when its with the one your heart loves.  I am excited to dance with you, just try to not step on my toes.  9/23

All you have to do is express your authentic self, & the rest takes care of itself.

All you have to do is express your authentic self, & the rest takes care of itself.  You can let go & fall into the arms of the universe, without worry, without fear, without anxiety, & drift away into the oneness of consciousness with confidence, knowing that you will be supported & accepted. 

Because that’s all we want yah?  To be embraced for being ourselves, kind of like that kid in the rainbow shirt dancing in the puddle on the rock – being totally embraced by the people around him & the entire universe in which he floats around in.  Now another little boy, slapping on the puddle in the rock – everyone’s doing it!  Let’s all go & slap the rock.  What if I knelt down & started slapping the puddle?  What if?  What if I became a puddle slapper, except myself.  I guess I have a choice as to what I will be; who I currently am.  Someone else’s perception may be that I am the man who slaps puddles, or the puddle slapper dood, or weird, or skitzo.  Because for a few moments I choose to do something that may not be considered ‘normal’ for a 28-year old man to do, I may be perceived as being ‘out of my mind,’ but were those two children going out of their minds?!  Nope – they were totally within the limits of society & within themselves – within the full sequence of what it means to be a child.

I am not psychotic, I am just a man who wants to play & I’m not interested in living in any other way.  

I’m not too concerned with the perception of others at this point – I can’t be there, I can only be here, with my perception – so here I shall stay!  I’m staying here, HERE – right here, & only here – always will be, let’s do it.  Anyone want to go to the best place in the whole universe with me?! – right here!?  All on board to here!  Pay attention or you might miss your stop!  Okay, okay, you have some options…You can get off here, or here…or here…or here!  Alright, simple choice then.  I choose here!  Which will you choose?  Take your time, & no worries, there are no mistakes.  The only mistake is in not choosing, or, in choosing not to choose.

The choice is always here to be here

Well actually, now that I think about it, one is always here, it’s just becoming aware & simply knowing that that’s where you are.  We’re all doing it, & what’s great about it is that no one is considered psychotic for doing it!  We’re all IT!  And that’s it – no secret.  It’s amazing how the most simple of things can be the hardest for people to wrap their heads around.

So with that, let’s be here for each other now, right NOW, where it matters the most.  And if we stray too far, let’s remind one another & help one another get back here.  That’s it – that’s all we need to do.  And if you’re here, you can do that – you can bring other people here!  Amazing – what power we all have.  We can all do it! 

No matter what role we play in life, or what job we may do, we can all be a reminder of this – a direct example & representation of the unconditional now that accepts everyone – call it The Love Club!  We’re all invited.  Tell your friends, they can come.  Actually better yet, tell them they’re already in it, & that there’s no cost.

By being here now, by being with it, we are the heavens, we are the light, we are the divine, WE ARE IT!  So be that, an expression of that, where ever you go & whatever it is that you do.

Instead of being a teacher, you are rather an expression of that which teaches.  Instead of being a barista, you are an expression of that which makes coffee.  Instead of being a garbage man, you are an expression of that which picks up trash – an honorable way of being that is for sure.  Instead of being a politician, one could be an expression of that which helps bring peace to the world.  One can quickly realize through this way of understanding one’s place in the world (being here) that whatever we’re doing, whatever job or role we might play, that we all carry IT.  We are it, we are an expression of it, & that no matter what we’re doing, because we’re it, every single moment of here produces an opportunity for the eternal magic to be realized.  That older Japanese man, he’s doing it.  That chicken – doing it.  That bird – doing it.  That tree – doing it.  The ocean – doing it.

You’re doing it too, you just need to become aware of what you’re already doing.  You have to become aware of your self!  Because your self is also it.  But we have a choice – a choice to know or not to know, to become aware or not become aware.  So when you’re ready, just know it, & then do whatever you want.

That woman is making sexual gestures across the grassy patch right in my general direction – wonder what she’s perceiving…kind of like the kid playing in the puddle, not bothering anyone, just being in their own perception of the now.  You see, we don’t have to really do that much.  Just being ourselves, right now, will provide one with such magical moments, kind of like the macaroons and gift card to the coffee shop a woman just gave me for taking the time to give her some advice of what to do while she’s here on the island.  I had no expectations, I was simply being – being myself, right here in the coffee shop, doing what I love to do – writing, drinking coffee, meeting new people, & sharing perspective.  By doing that, by being my self, I am supported.

The universe will support you for being YOU.  That’s it – don’t overthink this; you will soon be swimming in the thoughts of your own paradise mind.  9/22

A massive shift is occurring, & I might be too stoned to write about it.

A massive shift is occurring, & I might be too stoned to write about it.  Its been a few weeks since I’ve squeaked out some written words – just wasn’t in the flow to do so.

What’s always happening, IS happening – there it is, just be with that, whatever it is.

Our brains cannot process & deliver us the experience of the experience! What we experience is not always the full experience!  Its not delivery, its Digiorno!  Don’t worry everyone, the frozen pizza man is here to bring you fresh frozen pizza, right here on Kauai!  Amazing.  To what progress we have made – reaching extraordinary heights – frozen pizza access everywhere we go!  We’ve probably made it easier to access frozen pizza than a fresh tomato.  Its quite disheartening to hear men on vacation with a woman talk to her with such sharpness, harshness, & subtle violent energies, like little invisible daggers.  To feel her then struggle to regain her inner footing, looking for the right words to say, but such is futile, for whatever it is she says will be dominated by his over-extending masculinity.

Simple observation can uncover so much truth.

I hope she finds a way out.  You ever play mousetrap?  The game.  Yah, very similar to this life eh?  Little people, lots of traps – don’t get stuck!  There are so many ways to fall into the traps that are all around us.  Financial traps, marriage traps, employment traps, alcohol traps, housing traps – all disguised as comfort-ability & security – baby traps.   So much bait too.  In due time all of the traps can be healthy for one, but insofar as the basic needs of the individual are met – that one chooses to care for & love them self.  Then if one chooses any of the ‘traps’ listed above as the next move in life, they may not appear to be traps at all, but as most certainly life enhancers.  If one’s basic needs are not met before entering into these binding agreements, then I shall lean towards the promise of a turbulent future.

There are an infinite number of ways to express ourselves in this world, but if one does not know oneself how ever is he/she supposed to be able to express that which one does not know!?

Something of such appears at the moment to be quite impossible.  I can talk to anyone, but I can’t talk to most people; sometimes its hard to grab onto something that is real, but I bend & I try to connect nonetheless.  Maybe writing a little slower is actually helpful, maybe allowing the ego mind to present itself once & a while can actually feed the soul.

Always focused on the next move, instead of moving with our focus.

So many big trucks, who gives a fuck! Bed full of bleach blonde girls.  I wonder if anyone could love a guy who rides a scooter?  I bet its possible!  Maybe a girl with a scooter…Design Your Own Life!  With the power of choice.  Everyone has an agenda…maybe that’s not quite so.  There’s a desire to be known, but what about being unknown?  There’s gotta be some potential in that.   There really aren’t any interruptions in life.   Most of the time people comment on how small my writing is.  Its certainly something that people enjoy, so I shall let them continue to enjoy it.  So many people, so many stories, in what way should they be told?  9/15

Today is my birthday, & I’m not sure what to say.

Today is my birthday, & I’m not sure what to say.  I feel completely alive today, sort of like how I felt  yesterday, but different, because today is my birthday.  My BIRTH-DAY – the day of my birth.  I feel tall & important, with it & supported.  Kind of like how I felt yesterday.  The cardinal comes to give me best wishes – perhaps its my Papa.  Perhaps I’m my Papa.  The sun rose today, I saw it happen & I’m chillen.  The sun rises everyday, so to be continuously born into the new day over & over again with the sun & all other life forms is truly a blessing.  I am born a new, once again.  ITS MY BIRTHDAY!  & I shall let everyone know if I feel like telling them.  Can you imagine someone not wishing you happy birthday after you tell them its your birthday?  That would be kind of weird, but I’m into it for sure.  There’s nothing like authentic expression.  I would not take any offence to anyone choosing consciously not to wish me happy birthday.  Maybe we would actually become friends.  Mom & Dad on vacation, but no one is paying attention to the kids.  Phones.  I wonder if they would be paying attention if it were their birthdays?  Maybe it is their birthdays.  Maybe it is all of our birthdays, all the time!?  Birthdays wouldn’t feel so special if we had them everyday, would they?  I dunno, I really like how today feels – so damn good, but it feels a lot like yesterday – REALLY GOOD!  But there’s something different about it, because it is my actual day of birth!  But its not, that happened years ago.  Nonetheless, I feel special, extra special, like I am some sort of special sauce or seasoning sprinkled on everyone’s life today.  I guess I could have been that yesterday as well, but it wouldn’t have been the same, because it wasn’t actually my birthday.  Time for a pause.  Blue skies & blue eyes.  I’m so stoked I chose green to be my favorite color way back when I was focused on figuring out what my favorite color was, because green is EVERYWHERE!  I see green & it makes me smile because it is my favorite color.  So I smile at the grass because it is green, & I smile at the palm tree because it is green, & I smile at the tea tree because it is green, & I smile at the taro because it is green.  I smile at my toe nail because it is sort of green these days.  I love girls with green eyes – absolutely majestic.  At one point in time blue was my favorite color & I can really understand why; the sky is blue, & what a lovely shade of blue it is.

I smile at the blue sky because it is blue, sort of like my water cup that I can see through, it is blue too, so I smile at you, blue cup.  If I could see the ocean, I would smile at it too because it is also blue.

My eyes are blue, so I will look at a mirror & smile at that dood too.  My eyes had to be blue, because they are, & your eyes are the color they are supposed to be, so smile at them because they are a pretty color too, & they chose you.  Maybe your eyes are brown, & you think they look like poo.  But there are other things that are brown, like the ground, & tree bark, & people, & all of that is just as beautiful as the eyes & skies that are blue.  Dark happens every night. & it provides contrast to the light, so I smile every night because I love black too.

But in the morning, the sun, its yellow, like my Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil, & the yellow lines & the road signs – beautifully yellow, like the flower pedals.

And red lips, roof tops, & Mustangs – classically red – Coke bottles.  Purple is really special, but not around often.  I wore a purple shirt the other day & it felt really good to wear it.  Where’s all the purple at?  Oh, there’s some purple flowers!  How beautiful purple is.  Orange is here too, I just can’t see you.  Maybe at sunset I will see orange.  Or I can have some juice, or eat an orange.

We are the rainbow, & the rainbow is us.  Everyday we live in a rainbow world, & we swim in a pot of gold which is the diversity of all life.  The rainbow is a symbol of oneness, because together we are one big beautiful rainbow.  When the colors become separated, we must not forget the beautiful rainbow that we create when we are together.  We are all the treasures within the rainbow.  

No longer must we have to worry about being perceived as beautiful, because rainbows are beautiful, & YOU ARE PART OF THE RAINBOW!

Every single day we choose to show up in this life & LIVE; we are making the choice to be part of the universal rainbow.  There’s a purple shirt!  Beautiful.  There’s an orange shirt!  Construction.  Beautiful.  In the tropics there are rainbows all the time, but where ever you are, you can see the rainbow all the time; it also exists on the inside. ALL THE TIME, you just have to KNOW that its there.

And when you can look inside & realize once again that you are, always have been, & always will be a rainbow then you can close your eyes &  know how beautiful you are.

A pink hat!  Amazing.  Our insides reflect our outside lives.  We can chose to know that we are rainbows.  Or we can choose to think we are black holes.

The only wish that I have on my birthday is for everyone to feel beautiful, like a rainbow – when they look in a mirror, & when they close their eyes; to fully love the person we are is to become free.

Know that you are love, & that you are loved.  Love simply is.  You simply are. You are love.  LOVE IS.  Love is all we have, its all we’ll ever need, ’cause that’s what we are, & all we’ll ever be.  There’s nothing to worry about.  This life force, this LOVE FORCE, is eternal, just like you, just like me, just like the sun; its our birthday.  

I’m on a permanent holiday, & I just want to play.

I’m on a permanent holiday, & I just want to play.  This idea that we spend most of our lives not on holiday, & then a small fraction of our lives actually feeling good about what we’re doing & where we are.  An older man with long grey hair dances in the crosswalk, a chicken chases a chicken, a child chases a chicken, I climb a tree & the child climbs a tree.  In these times it is needed for role model adults to show our youth that being an adult can be just as fun as being a kid.  If I were a youth today, & I observed the way the majority of adults act, I would be outright horrified about the possibility of growing up & not being a kid anymore.  

But what if you could be a kid forever?  

What if the youth came to realize that this was actually a possibility because the adults he/she observes in life are smiling, dancing, singing, running, playing, ENGAGED, fully engaged with themselves & the world around them.

What the world needs is fully engaged adults, because the youth are soaking up our every action, & unless we want a world full of robots, we NEED TO CHANGE.

And it starts with one, it starts with you, it starts with me.  Our children deserve better engagement models.  How we engage with our selves, our friends, our lovers, strangers, our phones & technology, the land, our food, the breath, the ocean, & with children.  The way we live today creates a way for us to live tomorrow.  And in that later today in time, we will again have the opportunity to shape tomorrow.  So why wait until tomorrow, when we can make a chance today?

THE CHILDREN ARE WAITING!  Let them see your authentic self, so they can feel comfortable being their authentic selves.  

To my right, disengaged, to my left disengaged, off to the side 3 youth disengaged with a mother seemingly helpless in their addiction to disengagement.  

How are we supposed to feel empathetic & compassionate to the land, the people, & ourselves if we are not engaged with it?  How are we to feel ALIVE if we are not engaged with LIFE!?

Its out of control & if everyone is out of control, then who is providing the contrast for the ‘alternative’ ways of living?  I am, some of my friends are, ALL of my friends are.  That dood with the book is.  Phones in the hands, & frowns on the faces.  This is the new look for the people of this world.  But why?  Why must we feel the need to distance ourselves from life?  Or is this life?  Do we now permanently operate in the internet twilight?  Always waiting & expecting the moment of disengagement to come.   It makes me fucking sick.  Everyone is so confused.  Is there any way to stop the fallout?  Quite frankly, there are too many people on this planet & we are going to MAX OUT our resources before we know it.  On an egoistic level, I’m not too worried about it because on a oneness level, I KNOW that earth will cleanse itself when it becomes absolutely necessary.  

When I go to the store & buy something with money paper, I feel like I’m ripping the retailer off.  I give you paper, & you give me material.  I will take this exchange every single time.

At home, there are certain jobs I don’t do.”  That is EXACTLY what’s wrong with the mindsets of many (most) of our male/female nuclear dynamics.  Its time that we SHATTER gender roles in the home!  Men, do the damn dishes.  I’m learning to do them too.  And lets give the women an opportunity to be freed from generations of role-playing shackles.  In order to COMMUNE on this Earth we must COMMUNICATE.  “He’s a little Trumper, watching Fox News.  We’re going to build a wall around Hawaii & kick them out.”  You see, that sort of language isn’t going to process us forward.  Everyone must be included in the conversation, & no one shall be removed.  “There is no conspiracy, just conspiracy in the mind.  Back in the 60’s, I received more prejudice being a hippie than any of the blacks, hispanics, & asians today.”  Breh, I can’t even believe you’re saying this.  Some people like to hear themselves talk too much.  “Talk about the grace of something, that we were born into the greatest country on Earth.  Its so liberal here thanks to the minorities.”  Can we please forget about, just for a few, distributing the world into groups, & just recognize that we are all fucking people.  We have a massive racism problem in white culture today.  Very few caucasion people understand the white privileged they have in this life.

Can’t we just understand that we all come from the mother Gaia, & that the color of our skin is simply our adaptation to our interactions with the sun.  The sun is the creator of the rainbow, & it did not limit itself to distributing its magnificence & extraordinary colors to the arches in the sky.  The sun has created a human rainbow with its colors spread across the land; the same beauty that unites us in a display of extraordinary complimentary, is the same beauty that divides us time & time again.  Look around around & witness the rainbow that we all are!  We are images of the light projection with legs!  Little suns shining on Earth’s surface.  We all have the potential to shine bright!  But we are not engaged with our own light.

Once again, it comes down to a CHOICE of PERSPECTIVE.  We can choose to live in disillusion, or, we can choose to wake up!  

Remember, that there is a choice to be made here; there always was & there always will be.  When we forget this simple idea, that there is choice in life, & that you are the ultimate designer of your life & your fate, then you will finally stop pointing the finger outward & start taking RESPONSIBILITY for the circumstances of your present REALITY.  

There are no unlucky draws.

Life circumstances are the perfect fit for you, right now, so be with them, & tune into the reality that presents itself in the present moment.  An awareness to be engaged right where we are when we are will bring about the most beautiful existence imaginable, every single time.  There is nothing more extraordinary then the life that is happening RIGHT NOW.  And this will never change.  8/22

A new order for the ages.

“A new order for the ages.”  The dollar bill sends us a message every single time we use it.  There is more to this then meets the EYE.  The watchful eye, at the top of the pyramid.  Maybe all the answers are right there in plain sight, but we’re just not paying attention to the clues all around us.  The mystery is unraveling before all of our eyes.  Its time we start paying attention before there’s no attention to pay.  There is more to everything than meets the eye.  In order to SEE everything, we cannot simply use our visual eyes; we must tap into our 3rd eye!  The all knowing eye, the all encompassing eye, the universal eye that we all have, and the potential we all have to tap into it, but the inability for most of us to tune in & use the greatest asset of knowing & truth in the universe.  We all have the potential to unlock the mystery of this world, & the universe.  We cannot forget that we & the ongoings of we are not bound to this physical earth.  We most certainly are SPACE JOURNEYERS!  Not bound to this body or this earth, or even this universe.  Perhaps multi-verse is a theory for a reason.  Theories deserve more credibility than facts.

One should be skeptical of the one whom deems his or her self as master.

A fact is supposed to be something in which nothing is up for debate, that it is universal truth, that can withstand attacks of theories.  A fact represents conformity, structure, & biased cognition that hence is agreeable by all.   To determine anything by fact is to completely destroy our mental & spiritual capacities.  Therefore, as we begin this journey to uncover the mystery of the new world order, we cannot assume ANYTHING to be fact, nor declare fact of anything ourselves.  We must usher in the new world order, by upholding this vibration through all time.  Though a Declaration of Fact cannot be prescribed to any thought, we can (in fact) KNOW TRUTHS.  Fact & truth are not equal or mutually exclusive. We must KNOW that there are TRUTHS, & UNDERSTAND that FACTS DO NOT EXIST.  As the energy rips through my finger tips, I KNOW THE TRUTH of the eternal force.  I can see it with my third eye.  As the truths begin to pour out, we have a universal obligation to share the truths with out brothers & sisters.  We have to break down the old world order through our sharing of our received truths.  “70,000 dollars a year for college, why would you do that?  If I put my mind to it, I could do it.”  Response by mother – “okay, sure.”

We cannot limit the mental capacities of our children.  We cannot project our old ways for the old order to inhibit the development of the new order.

“I can’t imagine (what its like to live here).”  Well, that’s why you aren’t here, living, or will be here living in the future.

One has to be able to IMAGINE the possibilities in order to ever behold & live them in life.  

One who imagines them self living in Hawaii, one can live in Hawaii.  But if one cannot imagine the possibilities, then nothing of those sorts can be possible!  We are at a bind with our own minds.  The writing is not on the wall – its all on the inside & the outside.  The answers are so close to us, & will never be far from us, in a distancical sense of the matter.  Personal development leads to the uncovery of the mystery of oneself operating in this world as a body of which is a medium, sort of like an instrument is one for music, we are the same medium for the music of life to pour through.  We cannot fault anyone or anything for the present circumstances of life, because we are life, & we are the circumstances.  We are all of it.  So when you point the finger outward, you are simply pointing it back to yourself.  The blame game is one of ownership, though the blamer seems reluctant to realize the mirror that all social interactions are to the perceiving individual.  Do not be jaded by THE LIFE THAT YOU CREATED!  There is absolutely no one to blame & there is no reason to accompany your time with blaming yourself, as such blame is a frameworks for being stuck in the past.  This framework can destroy your mind, your body, your soul, your life – it can surely kill you.  The vortices must be spinning in a favorable direction! If they aren’t, we must make a change.  A life being lived in a past memory bank will not serve the individual in the creative process.  The life of an artist is a FREE LIFE.  We must all live the life of the artist if we are going to KNOW our boundless nature.

We must become what we already are – ones of CREATION.  To be a constant witness of our minds & thoughts.  To become AWARE that what is on the outside as the material, was once on the inside as thought, mind, & consciousness.  Lets pour ourselves into the light, & into each other.  We must fill one another up with love.

When you can gaze across a room, & smile at a light being, with love & compassion and an understanding that you are one, life suddenly becomes magical.  A FRIEND-SHIP is renewed, & life becomes like water – totally in the flow.  It is possible to always be in the flow but never appear to be wet.  Our bodies are water, & they want to flow.  When the water no longer flows life in all of its essence becomes stagnant, & the ease of life becomes at a dis, at a DIS-EASE.  The majority of us are not living life in the flow, and are, for the majority of time, are living a DISEASED EXISTENCE.  The light being is pulled closer to my side, OF COURSE, there are no accidents.  A smile can uncover the true trajectory of our lives.

A smile will provide unparalleled opportunity for as long as one maintains lips & facial muscles for articulation & expression of the divine love in which it shows.  

The sidewalk begins to pulse, just like the grass, for this is all ALIVE.  It is all happening right now, & therefore, in a new understanding of what life is, it is alive.

Nothing is apart from anything else.  Like one giant dance, we are all moving like rhythm in the streets, in the mountains, in the oceans, in the hillsides, in the rivers, in the valleys, in the farm lands, on the beaches, & everywhere people shall roam.  We must understand the dance we are always in, & if we throw off our awareness of this rhythm, we may very well step on our own toes, or the toes of the people we love.  We must not cease to dance.  8/19

A fresh perspective changes everything.

A fresh perspective changes everything.  Sometimes when you’re on the inside you cannot see the outside, & sometimes when you’re on the outside you cannot see the inside.

I wish not to become who I was, but rather be constantly becoming who I am, always have been, & always will continue to be, which is ME.  

As we move away from ourselves, we begin to loose vantage of our hearts – distance begins to form as our gentle souls send us messages that we are off track, that we are not living our truths & upholding the essence of who we are.  A dark day emerges in front of a light day, & the people revel in this massive shift, they dance, they sing, they stand in awe of the glory in the divine, only that many aren’t realizing that this shift is also taking place through extraordinary circumstances on the inside.  I wonder how many people will actually EXPERIENCE the show, vs. how many will be trying to record it on their alternative brain supporting device.  And those whom are actually in it for the experience, I truly wonder how many of them are TUNED IN to the spiritual experience of the moment.  The psychedelics might do something to support the cause, but it is absolutely not necessary to understand that the hairs raising on one’s arms & back is the divine presence of Jah spirit.  A fresh perspective changes everything, even when it is a revert back to the old way of being.  

When the force is coming through you, one must speak to the authenticity of the moment, speak to the feeling, & RISE UP! 

We’re all hole diggers, burying ourselves little by little until we can no longer rise up & free ourselves.  We must stay WITH IT, & be on top of the cultivation of our insides.  When we let the weeds grow for too long, we get trapped & lost in the entanglement of our own environment.  As the weeds are maintained, the true essence of the garden is actualized – let the beautiful pictures ensue.  As the inner weeds are maintained, the true essence of ourselves is actualized – let the beautiful pictures ensue.  But let’s allow someone else to take the photos for us, this selfie bullshit needs to stop.  A constant judgement of our exterior selves only fuels our attachment to ego.  I JUST WANT EVERYONE to be happy!  Isn’t that what we all want?  Can’t we all be on that path together instead of living in our isolated, self serving bubbles?  Is it better to write around the people or a bit removed?  I’m not sure…they’re both quite interesting.  I shall allow the flow to flow where ever I go, & wherever it is that I choose to write.  Can you  imagine a life where everyone was tuned into themselves, & tuned into the moment of where they are instead of constantly being pulled away from the magic of the present PRESENT!?  Everyday would be a holiday, everyday would be a celebration, everyday would be enough.  There would be bounty everywhere!  Bounty falling form the sky, bounty flowing down steam, bounty growing from the ground, bounty in the space for us to breathe.  “Not a raindrop since we have been here.”  What’s up with this hex on water falling from the sky.  This life serving, life bearing force.  We have a massive disconnection between our lifestyles & what is actually sustaining our lifestyles.  The rain is always worthy of celebration, whether it grows our crops or purges the people.  We have to support what this Mother Earth wants of us & from us!  We must understand that she knows exactly what she needs at all times, & if we don’t provide her the opportunity to take care of herself, then SHE WILL TAKE CARE OF HERSELF!  And we must support that.  “Grandpa, he’s wondering what you’re on your phone for?”  That’s absurd.  Simply absurd.  The little one is wondering why her GRANDPA is not paying attention to her, & not just her, but the beautiful moment that is the now.  Continue to speak up child!  Your voice needs to be heard.  THE WATER IS ALIVE!  I can’t go to the coffee shop without running into someone I know, which is so wonderful. 

In life there are no interruptions, only a change in flow.  

WTF people, screenplay, screenplay all day.  Meet the people where they are – on their phones.  The more & more I am witness to this sort of behavior, the more & more I know that this is a way of trapping the people, trapping people from freeing their minds!  And their hearts.  But we must know what’s going on elsewhere in order to know what’s going on here, right?  If your voice is powerful, then let it be powerful!

Its time to live a life of truth.  To give our selves to the world, in an always beautiful presentation of the present moment is the highest of achievements.  It is the moment of true wealth, of true realization of our limitless potential.

Everyday is an opportunity for love to pour through our souls, & into the depths of the one love it shall flow.  Lets release ourselves into the unity of love, without limits or attachment

A constant need to be entertained, when in actuality we’re simply part of the game!  Instead of playing, we’re getting played.  We’re getting played with, & done so the majority of the time without consent.  As the sirens pass, a prayer is sent on my behalf.  Our greatest fear, the one in which our ego ceases to exist, is actualized.  We are reminded of our bodily mortality, so we fall back into the protection of our comforts – phones, TVs, money, excess, big homes, fancy cars, social media, heavy foods, drugs, sexual abundance – falling out of control is falling into comfort.  I will never date a girl who holds a phone bigger than her hand, in her hand, as she walks around town.

We are all fascinated by what’s different, yet to fall in love with our own differences is unheard of.  To be different, we know that, to understand that, & to love that, to embrace the differences within one’s own self, is to embrace the differences of the world, of all its people, & all its ways.  But to start with now, to start near, to start close, is to make the most important change & shift that can be made.  A movement towards LO-CAL, towards nearness, towards community, is a movement towards LOVE.  A love movement, a LOVEUTION is what we need.  A Loveution of ourselves is what the world needs & wants.  Love yourself unconditionally, & you can love all unconditionally.

We no longer have to live life in the 3rd dimension, we can live life in the 4th dimension, or 5th, or 6th.  Take a picture of the chicken, yes, do it, take 20!  But love yourself first, so you can truly love the chicken, & appreciate the life form that it is, & understand that the same spirit that fills up the chicken with life is the SAME force that fills you up with life.  This PERSPECTIVE SHIFT will allow one to love they neighbor, thy enemy, & thy mother.  

A simple change in perspective will allow the individual to glow, & a world with many glowing individuals creates a flow of love that will propel us into a consciousness of unity, of necessity, if we are to continue our time on this planet as Earthlings.  8/18


Its not always easy to say no.

It’s not always easy to say no.  Especially when you’ve been sleeping on a kitchen sofa for some time now, anticipating the arrival of the new sleeping digs.  Home is quite the place, when you have one.  And even when you don’t, the feeling of inner hominess can give you the comfort of your own Temperpedic bed.  I have been ‘home-less’ for the past year, though I have never been without a home.  Does that make sense?  It’s amazing how many words there are in a smile, though there aren’t any words at all.  Or how many words there are in a deep breath, or how many words there are in a leg gesture, though there aren’t any.  We smiled at one another, & now we’re connected forever.  Restless leg syndrome.  I suffer from the exact same thing.  Suffrage…that’s the key to life yah?  At least that’s what we’re being told these days.  Just a little closer, & we shall be touching soon.  I fucking love coffee shops.  All I have to do is be myself & I meet so many wonderful people (we speak, her name is Jen). My network is growing, & as it does my authentic self is being recognized & supported.  “That’s nice, it’s great to see.”  As a soft spoken Aussie comments on the aesthetic quality of my words on this recycled paper.  That’s 2 today!  & 3 in 2 days!  I was just thinking about signs, & what makes a sign a sign, & what is actually just me creating signs for myself & my own rationalization of the world.  Well, if the same sign pops up 3 times in 2 days I should listen right?!  That makes it a TRUE sign right?!  Like, TRUTH yah?!  Felt the brush of the bird on that flyby.  Maybe that was a sign indicating that what I was just thinking about is actually a sign?!  Shit man, just think how you’d like to live harmoniously in this world.  “Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.”  The Stix will tell you what you need to do. Jobi was looking so beautiful this morning – maybe I should sail away with her.  Or perhaps I don’t have to choose, maybe I can sail away with everyone, at the same time or at different times.  How many girls is it possible to love at the same time?  Maybe I should put a cap on it at some point?  But why limit myself, or put limitations on myself in this life.  I need to be LIMIT-LESS.

A balance must be struck between the inside & the outside.  Interior & exterior beauty must be supportive of one another.

It’s a contemplative time – jah journals are out.  Shoes are not necessary here.  Shed, shed, shed, shed, shed, usher, usher, usher, usher, usher in the new order.  But there it is once again – the ORDER, the structure, the voice that says “keep it together.”  A prohibition of letting one’s – SELF go, & drop into the void – the space without order, a space full of love & divine presence.  A space where we are set free from the BOUNDARIES of this ‘ordinary’ life.  OR-DIN-ARY.  There is nothing ordinary about this life.  Let’s start there.

Let’s strip away the idea that this life is ordinary, & know with all our hearts that this life is MAGIC!  Pure magic.  And we, as human beings, are actually magic beings.  

HU-MAN.  What does it really mean to be a HU-MAN.  I’m not quit sure, but maybe it’s a good time to think about it.  

NOW IS THE TIME.  What time is it?  NOW IS THE TIME. Now will always be the time. 

Maybe I should just wear a watch where now is always the time.  The shark is my sign – follow the signs.  Listen to the signs.  Don’t ignore the signs!  If you ignore the signs, you might fall off your path.  You just may end up swimming with the sharks & getting eaten.  Breh, seriously though, I never want kids.  And I never want my love to be confined by one individual.  There’s something quite exciting to think about living a life of boundless love.  Let that sink in…& now think about a life where that love is bound to one person, place, or thing.  How does it make you feel?  Let that sink in…a life by design, not a life designed.  It’s amazing how easy it is to spot people whom are filled with the nasties.  There’s so much purging that must be done, in order for all of us to remain in the peace.  

A unifying consciousness brings us all together as one.  

What’s mine is yours, & what’s yours is mine.  For whatever reason, there appears to be many distractions.  Even the lingering smell of Jodi’s hair product has a way of pulling me away from the present.  Mustangs don’t make you cool.  It’s amazing what an emphasis our society has to match our current personality with a vehicle.  The inside expressing itself on the outside.  Jen is back!  8/15