This is it.

Hello Friends!

This is my final post on wordpress.  Thank you for holding this space for me to authentically express; this experience has been very healing.  Your support has allowed me to let go of any fears I was holding onto; now I am ready to blossom!  I will focus on taking care of myself and continue to do what I love to do – garden, work with children, write, play music, surf, skate..and while doing so I will radiate my expression to the world and let go of any fears of inadequacy.  I am worthy of abundance, and so are you; we all are.  If you would like to establish a direct connect feel free to drop me a line at, I may do the same if feeling pulled to do so.  Nonetheless, you forever have my love and support in this life.  My heart is full of compassion for all of your individual expressions.  Have FUN creating your reality!  It’s your choice.  I have a few writing projects I will be focusing in on, and when the time is right, they will be shared with the world under either the name Paradise Mind, or the name my parents gave me, Matt Walsh.  You’ll find it next to Alan Watts.  I love you all, because I love all of me.  This is it.  Here we are.  I’ll see you soon.  We are all expressions of paradise.  Enjoy your paradise mind.

Much Aloha,


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