The feeling is a message from you to you.

The feeling is a message from you to you.  Listen to it.  It’ll tell you everything you need to know.  The direct source of information coming from the divine – our feelings.  You know what they mean.  The truth is in the feeling.

We can’t deny our feelings.  Well, we can, if that’s the sort of space you want to vibrate in.  The ultimate freedom – 100% authentic self, & for that self to be unconditionally loved…oh what a feeling.  To be loved on the deepest of levels in all realms all at the same time.  How did this happen?  It couldn’t have been any other way.  The clear connection must stay clear.  In that clarity of ultimate love & truth, two can set the world on fire with their unified love.  Ultimate forgiveness – we are human; we make mistakes.

But let’s be honest in our mistakes so we can have truth in our forgiveness. 

Oral communication must match the vibration emitted by our vibration of the full self.  For we can no longer hide in the depths of our beings.  The feeling, the intuition, the feminine, will set us all free.  What a feeling that will be; what a feeling that is.  Happening now, the lightness that life can be finds itself seeping more & more into our days.  Let it in, let go of what doesn’t serve, & fill yourself up with lightness.  Maybe you will float away on a blissful cloud.  Mmm, now that sounds like fun.  Stay grounded as ya float.  Our feelings, it’s how the spirits communicate with us; it’s how you communicate with your self!  Which is the source, call it what you want.  But it’s all right there, all the time.  Just know – become aware; what you put your focus on will be.

What you put your love into will be love.  What you put you into will become you.  We are the dream & the dreamers, the creation story & the creators, the thought & the thinkers, we are everything & nothing at all. 

If you ever meet someone that makes your spirit come alive, go with that feeling.  It’s not the time to be afraid any more, to hide any more, to feeling inadequate any more.

We MUST hold our own individual selves in the brightest of lights, in the most pure love, so we can welcome in all of the matches.

Spirit will guide us home.  We are the guides & the guidebooks, simultaneously, always happening.

Live in the space of truth, vibrate from your heart a pure essence, set yourself & everyone else around you free, just by being.  Bathe in the truth.  Soak it up.  Feel the freedom that emanates from your entire being; watch & feel the magic happening.

My left forearm begins to burn.  I went through the shift; I am much different now.  Many of us are.  All of us are.  Feel into yourself.  Recognize the messages coming through, & may peace be forever present within your heart.  You have all of my heart love.

The power of a smile.  The power of love. 2/10

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