When it flows it flows, when you feel it you feel it.

When it flows it flows, when you feel it you feel it.  Resistance to the awareness will prevent one from unlocking the key; the ultimate opportunity for growth.  A love presence takes hold of my heart, this time in the form of the sweet, sweet melody of a Hawaiian Auntie.  Like the soundtrack to my life, her voice holds me in such a way that it fills the spaces in all of my body.  The warmth runs through, & I allow it to move.  An upbeat strum & I FEEL LIFTED!  The power of music to move through, like a soul, like the wind, like the warmth, & like the cold.

Jump into the waters, & find God, the water, which is you, & the whale that swims through the water, yes sah, such that it is you who is the truth.  Falter not, little one, discover the child within.  It is you.  It has always been you. 

The joy, the disaster, the cries, & the laughs, for this life, FOR THIS LIFE.  There is nothing more.  It is all here.  You are all here.  We are all here together, and together, we shall run into the fire, & burn in the eternal light.  For all is okay, all is well.  We’re just visitors, we will return home, when it is time to go home.  Oh and what a home it shall be.  Always love, peace, & harmony.  But for now, FOR ALWAYS NOW, the love is you, me, & everything in between.

The essence of the heavens is amongst us!  IT IS YOU!  YOU ARE THE HEAVENS!  You are the light.  It is the vibration dripping out of this pencil.  It is the lightning strike down your spine when you read these words.  

When you realize you have the capability to connect with the spirit world, you must turn the key & let it flood through your entire being, find your favorite expression of choice, & LET IT FLOW THROUGH!  And share, share with all because when you are singing your song everyone will listen!  It will vibrate through their bodies, & they will feel their souls awaken.  They will become aware of what has always been there – THEMSELVES.

Holding so close, yet feeling so distant.  On the other side, is you.  It has always been you, & it will always be you.

Fear not of missiles, just open your heart to the sound of auntie’s music, & SING YOUR SONG!  And if you’re singing your song, other people will begin to sing theirs, & in this harmony, we will be at eternal peace, with an abundance of love for all to feast.

Fear not little one, we all love you, we are proud of you, & we will hold you in our eternal light as you burn up the night.  Fear not little one, you will be home soon.  1/29

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