I honor you, all of you, everything – all the moments.

I honor you, all of you, everything – all the moments.  I honor every single one of them because I have never been in the presence of anything more beautiful, then you, right now.  An expression of gratitude for all that you are, every expression & experience.

Together we fell like the Earth through the universe.  Together we let go without fear into the trust of one another’s hearts.

Oh breathe…the breath will always provide ease.  What’s marriage when you have this?  The depth of our souls – a life with such texture.  Always now.  The love, its always now.  What’s more secure than being warmed by your eternal twin flame?  We found each other!  Wow, here we are.  Again.  Again & again we will find each other.  Ultimate freedom.  No resistance, it’s time to let go.  YOU ARE HOME.  Oh what a feeling…the ultimate healing for this man.

Take me back, take me back to the womb, where I can be born again, this time it’ll be in your presence.  Just to know, to know with absolute certainty, that this is it. 

A soul partner.  The ultimate support, truly an unconditional love.  I close my eyes & breathe you in; the love is so strong.  I always cry.

Turn me into a baby, & rock me away while I close my eyes.  Ridin’ the waves of your love, dreamin’ of paradise.  Blow me away with your kiss, so I can burst into stardust with you by my side.  Reform the galaxies, filling them up with love, play hide & seek with one another, only to always realize that here we are.

This is fun.  I’m ready to play in your eternal sunrise – always takes me by surprise.  Thank you.  Thank you for this freedom.  The opportunity to choose.  So much love.  We fill one another up, in our own way.  A life of choice, & I choose you, & you choose to receive.  Leading with our hearts, there are no wrong turns – always acceptance, always love.  Breathe me in, our souls are one.

A wild embrace this is with you, always love.  ALWAYS NOW – The Lovecoaster.  It never stops.  So much change, acceptance in the growth – this love will always be.

Expand the scene, take me in & out.  No one’s getting hurt this time.  We fall.  The dance of the trees, ripples of the ocean; there are some things I can describe in words, kinda.  And then there are some things that can never really be said, but I’m going to try with the rest of the space that’s on this page, & see what happens…I love you, just like I love myself.  A full embrace of every vibration in your eternal manifestations.  On my last night on this Earth I will need you to kiss me through the night, so I can find peace in my soul, knowing I’ll always be by your side.  I am committed to this love.  You have my heart.  Never again do you have to worry about being alone.  I am in full support of you.  I can’t live any other way.  For the greatest good of all that is, I ask you to let this love in.

You are the rhythm in my heart, the sparkle in my eyes, the warmth in my blood, the light that fills me up.  You are love, & I LOVE YOU, this is the best I can do.

I tried really hard, & cried the whole time.  Thank you for holding me.  I feel you, I see you, I am you.  1/5

One thought on “I honor you, all of you, everything – all the moments.

  1. This is so beautiful Matt. Such an openhearted window into the most blissful dimensions of human experience. Thank you for sharing your light and your unique lens on universal truth. It’s a gift to all who encounter it. Imagining you are shining brighter than ever! Much love to you dear friend.


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