An anxious film coats the palate of the black sheep.

An anxious film coats the palate of the black sheep.  The clock isn’t moving, the hands are moving.  The time is now.  Back home in the still silence of a late December evening,  everywhere to go, but back into the coffee shop goes the wanderer.  Life is so much gentler in there, the energy so sweet – a choice.  Pick the mug up, put it down, love the sound – especially ceramic on granite, or whatever material this re-purposed outdoor furniture is made from.  Mm, put down the mug, talk some more, sip sip, put down the mug – enjoy the process.  Hmm…she didn’t sit in my old seat – maybe I’m still there.  It’s time to drop into it with confidence.

Shrink me down & let me swim in your matte, let me swim around for a while, slurp me up, & let me explore your insides.  Let me inside!  Let me explore around a bit, take some pics, develop them at CVS & make a holiday card – share it with the people, share it with your family!  Let me in, & I’ll let myself out.

So many plans, so many things to do.  Who gives a shit about what people say ABOUT ME?!  Nobody.

A black sheep in the dark playing hide & seek with everyone but himself.  He knows exactly where he is – presently responding to the come up from within.

I’d say that’s a better alternative than turning into a cell phone snoopy.  You’re in, & you’re always invited.  No need to give me a heads up.  I can feel you checkin’ the scene.  Constantly settling into change.  An acceptance of what is; doing so with compassion.  A different way of being, a choice towards love, a shift.  Are you ready?  Am I ready?  THE TIME TO LOVE IS NOW.  Real freedom, like a snowflake drifting to its landing zone.

Wanna be snowflakes together, falling until we melt, & then doing it all over again?  Wanna be fish together, drifting in with the tiding ocean, flowing with one another’s motion?  Wanna be carrots together, over winter, become wicked sweet, and tangle our roots as we search for nutrients & water? 

We can be it all, we are it all, & nothing all at the same time.  But who cares.  Here we are.  Living this love.  That only happens now, that always happens now.  The system sucks the minds out of the dreamers, so eager to make money & find stability – always focusing on what’s next, anxiety of the future, of not having enough.  Screw my ‘retirement.’  I’m cashing out & buying land; I will never retire from this life.  12/30

2 thoughts on “An anxious film coats the palate of the black sheep.

  1. Hi Matt, so nice to be able to read your blog from India. Hope you are enjoying the beauty of Kauai again. The magic, the beauty, the warmth. Take care love.


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