My eye is twitching, let it come through.

My eye is twitching, let it come through.  A sign to receive, a message delivered especially for me.  The path has become so clear.  It’s all right there for me to engage with.  The choice is mine.

A removal from paradise has dropped the curtains – everything is exposed – THE SHOW IS ON!  It’s time to perform. 

I know exactly what I need to do.  The feeling is really taking me over.  It’s harder to replenish my energy without connection to the land, without the medicine food, & without the community of people that constantly lift me up!  And feed me with the love & support that I need.  You know what you need.

We must feed ourselves with an abundance of vital energy so we can all wake up in the morning with a huge-ass smile on our faces absolutely stoked to engage with life!

I want to be around the love, & plant my ass on the grass or a tree stump, & fucking feel good all the time!  Because here, now, I’m slipping.  I haven’t fallen yet, sometimes I slip harder than other times, but I’m still on my feet.

It’s not easy to really show up every day when so many people are constantly being pulled away from now.   It’s fucking crazy, what a vortex.  Time warp, space travel?  Most people are already doing it!  The virtual engagement takes us everywhere, except here.

The TV replaced the fire.  Sometimes they’re on at the same time.  Seriously though, television is sucking the life force out of my family.  I’m home right now.  I’m not always here.  I’ll be gone soon.  It’s becoming really clear that it’s better that way, for everyone.  My presence creates resistance, uncomfort, tension, and unease.  It’s like throwing a wrench into the mechanism.  I’m not going to watch television with you.  Come play music with me; you’re not going to play music with me.  Lets talk and have some tea; you don’t drink tea.  It must be difficult to not be that way when everyone is doing it.  Hence why I had to leave.  For now, here I am, holding down a paradise mind, trying my best.  So this is the way people are becoming.  This is the new natural default setting for humans.  I’m going to choose to not be an automatic robot.  Being myself, that’s the way.  Home is where you feel really good, like all-time goodness.  That’s home, that’s where I’ll be.  I have a new home.  That’s where I’ll be.  I’ll always visit, but it’ll never be that way again.

That’s a lot to let go of but it is in the letting go where all of my love is, it’s in the space. 

I am eternally grateful.  It’s also so damn cold!  I believe in the movement of the people.  Time to migrate.  It’s time for change.  It’s time for warmth.

Build me a snowman & I’ll try to melt it with my mind.  I’ll build you a home, so you can escape the cold & have warm nights.  12/30

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