It can all happen just like that.

It can all happen just like that.  A simple hello, accompanied with a smile.  The patience to wait & respond adequately by listening.  Listening to one’s heart – listening to each other’s hearts.  Take it for what it is; its happening right now, right now happening.  Here we are.

I can’t help but become vulnerable with your lips, & your eyes, but I’m listening.

This is all so respectful; accepting one another’s pure beauty – experiencing together the flood of love vibing in the corner of this here coffee shop.  It might not be the first time I fell in love with a barista – def won’t be the last.  Because this love is everywhere!  Engage with it.  Engage with it together.  Together we engage in THE DANCE MAN!  We took one another so gracefully, at peace & at ease – no toe stepping.  Even in the excitement we keep da cool pace mohn.

The bright eye syndrome – you got it. 

The potential is all right there, right here, so close to your heart.  No names needed – a soul introduction; we already know.  We always have & we always will.  It’s SO good to see you again.

A familiar presence moves through us – a full embrace – total warmth.

Ya see, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN at the coffee shop.  There’s no way to really know.  And then the flow takes control in both of our individually separate lives until the moment of CONNECTION.  Again, wow.  How can one deny that feeling.  I can’t.  Yes, the crispness in the air – it’s all on our side.  Let the momentum take us forward!  Let the ripple ripple.  Let the feeling take control!  Why not?  Let it go.

This is OKAY.  We are safe togetherWe don’t have to touch to hold.  We don’t have to be lovers to love.  I already have one of those; you probably do too.  It’s okay to love, in our own way.

In your own way, you will find & BECOME your freedom.  It’s all right here for you.  You already have it.  You’ve always had it.  I believe in you because you believe in me.  I believe in you.  We’re on the same team.  I’m here to support you.  This feeling is familiar.  EXCITEMENT – my heart is pumping!  EXPANSION – my mind is free.  Let all that light flow through you & I will admire the beauty of your soul.  Complete acceptance right from the beginning.  Here we are.  Thank you for being with me, thank you for taking care of your self.

You’re inside out – a mirror of beauty. 

I’m proud of you.  The tipping point is soon for you; I’m here to support.  This feels so good.  You’re still here, with me.  We’re safe together.  The story unfolds as it shall – letting go into the heart’s guidance.  Woah, that’s intense.

But love, that’s where all the love is.  Here it is again – find it in the spaces!  We can hold one another there. 

It’s okay to be vulnerable.

That smile though…it’ll make so many people happy. 

This is my heart.  My name is Matt.  This connection is real; there’s no fear.  It’s all peace.  I’ve never done this before.  We have a choice.  It’s time to grow.  It’s time to let go.  I’ll see you soon.  I have to.  An open heart speaks.  I see you, you see me. 12/26

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