It’s all the same, yet everything has changed.

It’s all the same, yet everything has changed.  A new coffee shop to sit in; do I even remember how to write?  Maybe it’s cause my hands are too cold to move the way I’m used to.  It’s almost like this pencil is heavier than usual.  A place for the people to come!  How cute.  All the earth tone cozies, knit beanies, happy brains.  “How would you like not to have Christmas!?”  Wow, what a merry threat to make as the holiday cheer fills the air.  Mmm…the grey sky coats the heart, a blanket from the heavens – always a chance for flurries.  Warmth fills my soul, part American, part Love.  The postman on the 22nd of December – the real Santa Claus.

Lets tell the kids the truth.  They are yearning for truth.  They have brought into this world with them gifts & they would love to share.  We must provide the space within ourselves & let them fill us up.  The children – the messengers, the givers, THE REAL SANTA CLAUS.  So many of them.

Another post truck…the digital marketplace is alive & well.  How about our souls?  How about Toys R Us?  What happens to things that are stagnant?  They rot, wither, decay, breakdown, & die.  WTF does skoodoodle mean?  A flower man, now that’s what I’m talking about, & he has a killer mustache.  We need more flower men!  YES!

More men playing with flowers will make a more peaceful planet earth

This is for us.  Examples of the energetic balancing act are all among us.  Big ups!  And the stone walls stand, just as they did 200 years ago, while the 30 yr. mortgage begins its first big renovation 8 years in.  Where is the strength?  The strength is in the stone; what a support system they are for one another.  Relying upon one another every single day for generations, like a community.  A COMMUNITY OF ROCKS!  What a beautiful wall – strength is found in simplicity – a simple support system for lifetimes of togetherness.  What a way to be, you rocks!  It’s almost like the glaciers knew exactly what they were doing dropping little terds of mineral all across the land to fertilize the soil, left for the farmers to pick up, compiling themselves until a wall is built.  A wall.  A separation.  A division.  A boundary.  A sense of ownership.  A hierarchy of social divisions.  This is mine, & this is yours.  And this rock wall will let us know.  What do you have to share with us rock wall?  Maybe you can tell us who owns you.  Who owns the rock wall?  Maybe you can tell us who owns you.  Who owns the rock wall?

Who owns the space in between?

What a space to own.  What to do with the space?  Like, what’s up with the space between then & later?  In the spaces we find the greatest of gifts, none of which can be owned.  In the spaces we find what brings everything together.

In the spaces we find love, the bath of life in which we can wash ourselves in every single day.

A simple awareness.  If my pencil were sharper, my hand wouldn’t be so tired.  Next time I will sharpen my pencil so I will be able to write more.  12/22

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