We are never alone, for we are always in the presence of love.

We are never alone, for we are always in the presence of love.  Among its many forms – you, me, everyone.  Always there, but flowing in & out of our lives as it may.  Acceptance of its many forms will bring about peace on Earth.  The Presence, the nowness that one must embody to fully embrace the impermanent flow of this love force.

Whomever it embodies, whatever it looks like, it’s all the same.  We are always surrounded by love.  It is the Awareness of this love that turns us on & really lights us up.  We are never alone – love is always here.

When love becomes familiar in its manifestation, & we recognize love as having a particular way of smiling, a certain way of making us feel, maybe we taste it on our lips or feel the warm embrace of a naked body, & the eyes…oh those eyes.

It’s all right there, all of my comfort, all of my peace, the universe in & of itself, glaring back at me, connecting with my soul.  And maybe names just don’t really work anymore, so you call her Love

And she is the human embodiment of heaven on Earth, in this beautiful package, & yes, she is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.  Absolutely.  Her voice alone makes your heart pump, & every cell in your body yearns for her love & her presence.  LOVE.  She is love, & you may embody the same for her.  You must always be in her presence, but you can’t be.  You gotta have her!  But you can’t, you can never have her, she can never be yours.   A woman of this elegance & grace needs her space so she can spread her wings & fly!  She is her own, & you are your own.  But the attachment thing, nope, isn’t healthy.

But when we let go we get it all; what a letting go this is.  Love – LOVE – here she is!  And I have to let go, we both do, what a feeling this letting go makes you feel!  What a feeling…No wonder why people choose the alternative, which is the control mechanism; you can avoid this feeling that way.

The one of vulnerability, open communication, sharing feelings, patience, space, truth, forgiveness, emotion, spirit, & love.

This feeling, the ultimate letting go – whatever we need to grow!  Just go, where ever you need to go.  You have to; it’s only you who knows.  I have to let go.  You are not mine.  Oh what a feeling…But ya see, this is it!

It’s the only way I can love because it’s how I want to be loved. 

Oh what a dance…& to be dancing with you!?  Oh to be dancing with you…I can only hope that you too feel all the cells in your body pulsate when you think of our embrace, spinning around on the sandy dance floor, moonlit spot light just for us, just for tonight.  It is only you who I call Love, you know, in the way I say it, only I say it that way.  Only we can create that feeling, our feeling, ya know it, it’s different than all the other feelings.  I have to let go, I know, but I can’t help but wish for you to embody this Love, with me, forever.  I know, presence is where the love is, & it is in your presence where I feel most home.  Hey, a boy can dream…so can a man.  I have to let go, so do you, so we can grow.

Oh, what a feeling…Love.  It’s in the space, it’s in the letting go.  But it’s not in these words, it’s in the feeling, that feeling, our feeling.  Oh what a feeling…12/8

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