A tightness makes its presence known behind my face.

A tightness makes its presence known behind my face.  It en-strangles my personality, liveliness, energy, motivation, patience, the whole she-bang!  Here I am left to be with my-self.  There are probably messages to receive;  I should probably listen.

The stillness of illness forces one to PAY ATTENTION to oneself.  It becomes an opportunity for growth, for regeneration of the mind, body, & spirit.

Do I wanna put in the effort & pay attention to what’s coming up?  Or, well yes, I need to pay attention, & embrace this opportunity, take it for what it is, & thrive.  Damn right the turmeric latte, herbal smoke, & ocean proximity is in full support.  Damn right.  I should join this dream team & help my-self.  Okay, I’m doing it I’m doing it.  Humble yourself, it’s okay to tell people how you are feeling.  It’s okay you don’t have super powers, you aren’t a superhero, but you are a SUPER HUMAN.  Damn right.  The digital download is everywhere.  That shits gotta be making people sick, for sure.  Did ya hear about the study that found out that everything has the potential to make ya sick?  This same study also found out that everything has the potential to make ya healthy!  Craziness, eh?!  So much control we seek – what’s good & what’s bad – it’s different all the time.

But I heard ya can’t go wrong with fresh vegetables, & clean water.  Pretty sure that’s where it’s at all the time, as long as there isn’t slug slim on the leaves or a dead animal upstream.

There’s always some thing, some thing to catch our fears, some thing that latches onto our attention, some thing that engulfs our bit of doubt & expands in such that it consumes our entire being.  Some thing, there’s always that some thing.

So, well, since our streams of thought never end, we mine as well do our best to understand it & be with it.  The voice in our heads can drive us to madness, or guide us to love.  We all have to be a witness & experience our own stream of consciousness, all the time, even when we sleep!  Wow, it takes a lot of energy to stay with it, no wonder why people check out – some more decisively than others.   For most however, it is a slow & steady residual breakdown which ultimately leads us to a raging inferno or a hole in the ground.  A life that was filled with inadequacy, lost love, distraction, mental & physical illness, loneliness, fear, dashed dreams, & a mind that is quite distant from the heart, which results in a human being who is distant from their essence, their soul. 

Or, we can be SUPER HUMANS!  & live the life of the ultimate now.  A life in which one is present with their current state of being so they can respond adequately to the transformative opportunities that lay idle in their field of consciousness.

Once dormant, now conscious; consider it a gift.  The Ultimate Gift.  The Gift of Truth.  The Gift of Love.

Open your gifts; they were made specifically for you, by you.  You, the giver & receiver to self, all at the same time. 

Don’t get too sad, the sun will rise tomorrow.  Behind grey skies or lighting up blue skies, it really doesn’t matter, for there will be light!  The cardinal isn’t worried, & neither should we be.  12/5

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