Can the words ever express what you really want them to express?

Can the words ever express what you really want them to express?  Like, is it possible?

Can one person insofaras experience a sequence of moments, which is of course ultimately just one fluid expression of life, & find a sequential array of words that provide the secondary reader with an experience that has the greatest potential for a translation of feeling & emotion that moves the soul & creates the opportunity for transformation of the entire being?

Does that make sense?  Do these words adequately express what I’m really trying to say?  Not quite, maybe, never quite.  I tried really hard just now; no joke, that sentence took 10 minutes!  Was it worth it?  Or can this thing be done a bit more efficiently?  A time & a place, right?  Maybe some things are deserving of more attention than others, or maybe everything deserves the same?  Maybe it all deserves the same potential focus, & I shall flow how I flow.  Because I don’t have enough words or time to write about everything I want to, or do I?  Do I already have all the words?  Do I already have all the time?  Is it always available to tap into?  Okay okay, so maybe I have it all, so lets go forth and take that in as a secured understanding of the world in this moment so I can potentially explain something that makes sense!  Maybe before writing I should just outline a few points about existence that I will agree to be true with my self, use that as a launch point for all proceeding thoughts & happenings, & go from there!  That way, I can write under these so called ‘writing principles’ & actually be able to talk about something without getting caught up in a mind fuck!

Because every time I write or say some thing I can provide counter after counter of side-noted arguments with my self that help with the clarity of the statements.  But when ya start swirling down the spiral you can’t really just get out, its a continuum, so the starting focus point is completely in the past, but at the same time it serves as a co-creator of what is happening now, so  its essence isn’t entirely lost after all!

Ahh, I just did it again!  So what was the point of all of this?  I’m not sure.  I can go back & look, but that would spoil the flow.  I guess you can look;  I’ll have to wait until the end of this page.  I mean I don’t have to, but I want to be integrous with my self so I’m going to.  Okay!  So, my mutual writer’s agreement with my self:

UnoThe arrangements of words will attempt to represent experience, but will always fall short, & that’s okay, because it’s a fun game to play. 

DosLife is a dancing energy exchange between everything, all of which is vibrating at a frequency. 

TresLove is the most powerful force in the universe, & we are all it

QuatroEverything is connected; we are one

CincoWe are all the creators of the present expression of life, which is where heaven is, happening now, always happening now, where everything is always & will always happen. 

I will proceed in leaving the next 8 pages blank to further explain – going to work in the garden now.  12/4

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