Welcome to paradise, you have arrived!

Welcome to paradise, you have arrived!  You made it.  You’re here now. 

How does it feel?  What’re you going to do?  Months of anticipating the great escape, all the vacation days on the table, the coin jars filled up, & now they’re empty again, but it’s all worth it, because you finally made it to paradise.  You earned it.  All of the long, exhausting days – stressin’ out ’bout this & that – dealin’ with some bullllshyt, but it don’t matter now because you’re here now, in paradise, ready to do the paradise thing!  Ya had plenty of time to think about what this would be like, did it meet your expectations?  Does it all…match up?

Does it give you that paradise feeling?  Maybe you can find it at happy hour.  Oo oo!  How about in the 2 for $30 discount souvenir t-shirt rack?  Yes.  Yes.  In the rack, deep in the discount t-shirt rack, lies the paradise feeling.  Ahh nah nah, if its not there find ya-self to a cup of fruity, slushy, icy paradise in a cup.

Buttt if the suns not out (which it is not) & the skies are gray (which they are) feel free to overindulge in, well, absolutely anything you’d like; the sushi restaurants will only be around for a few more years, maybe check those out.  No sun, gloomy skies, chill breeze, anyone ready to swim?!  Ya just might see a few fish; they will only be around for a few more years, maybe check them out.  You spent all that $ to be here in paradise, how ya feelin’?  Happy with the vacation rental?  There must be a few nice pictures to show your friends back home taken by now, can I see?  The sun sets a lot sooner now that its the ‘winter’ – did you get up early enough in the morning to get everything done?  Ya can always try again tomorrow…unless of course it is time to fly back home already – away from paradise.  Gotta do, do, do, do!  Nothing has changed – it’s all the same really – a need to feed our minds with things, keeping us busy, keeping our focus out-side.  You’re good.  Just keep moving.  And when the sun goes down, or ya find yourself bored or uncomfortable in a moment with nothing to do, you know what to do, just go virtual!

There it is, you got it.  Nothing can stop you now – keep the riddem steady.  Keep the distractions plenty, & you’ll never have to deal with yo-SELF!  It just won’t be necessary.  There ya go – onward! 

Alright, you got it now.  You made it to paradise, you’re keeping yourself busy, you’re following all the advice everyone gave you, using up only ‘the good’ coupons.  Can you feel it?  Ya find that paradise feeling?  Even just a taste?  Okay, I know.  At the end of the rainbow…you know the story, that’s where it is.  If only you saw a rainbow, you would know the paradise feeling.  Maybe next time, maybe next year, when you have another shot at this feeling good thing.  Save some $ & fly to the Bahamas.

Paradise might be much closer than you think; you might already be there; close your eyes & experience your paradise mind.  11/27

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