It’s the same scene over & over again, & it never gets old.

It’s the same scene over & over again, & it never gets old.  Family of 4 with one expecting, mozy through the morning; the kids are drawn to the cats, so they stop to enjoy the moment of pause.  Momma takes a rest on the bench – back hurts.  The overzealous, significantly well off 50-60 some-on aged man tells an exceedingly long story at the community tables as two total stranger groups make vacation friends.  It just keeps going & going & going…& then he will start to talk about money, for sure. There it is!  ‘Deal, investor.’  Usher in the personal accolades & success stories…mhm, just like every.single.time.  A couple Australians fill the air with their sweet symphony of a voice, & seemingly make everyone smile by just being Australian.  I wonder if Americans can do this too abroad.  Woah…who is that?  Those eyes…that glare, that face.

A moment of love, strikes the soul; sometimes that’s all it has to be to finish the karmic expression.

What it really comes down to is the backpack; it’s all about the backpack.  The Asians wander around with colorful hairdos taking seemingly excessive photos of the most banal shit.  I love it – never gets old.  And where is the eccentric personality…I know she’s floating around here somewhere.  Yes sah!  Bird on the shoulder, walking into the health foods store.  Fuckin right.  The pregnant momma – check.  Teens interacting with their phones – check, & everyone else for that matter.  Someone who looks like someone I know, & I just happen to stare for too long.  Oops.  A couple vacationers jogging down the street enjoying the opportunity to run in warm weather.  I wonder how many people I will make eye contact with as they walk up the ramp into the coffee shop?  I think I’ve already had 3 or 4.  Ah yes, father & son tossing the football, a couple bike riders, & the group of all-time friends storm into the scene.  This shit is wild bruh!

My stomach is realizing it must be fed; the avocados weren’t ripe & I’m on a budget.

So yeah, just push through & you’ll be okay for a few hours.  There’s no way that seat remains open for more than 10 seconds…Yes sah, this dood is still talking.  Its been like half an hour bruh!  I bet he’s talking to a woman…yup, he is. Silly, silly, silly!  Such silliness.  Yup, there it is, a couple Hawaiians in the back of a Toyota truck, right on time.  Bruh has such a killer stash.

A little ganja, a hot cup of coffee, & everything else just falls into place, in a predictably unpredictable way.

A couple backpackers, a little bit of grunge.  I’m not so interested in being really clean. I guess I’ve never been.  Not everyone wears shoes.  ‘My momma always said you can tell a lot about someone by their shoes, where they go, where they been.  I remember my very first pair of shoes.”  Yes sah, our special shoes, our feet.  11/21

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