Life has become so instant; we’ve become so accessible to everyone other than ourselves.

Life has become so instant; we’ve become so accessible to everyone other than ourselves.  Two moms talk, the phone rings of an outside interruption, the child see a kitty!  No one seems to care, except me, the child, & the kitty, & the Eeyore doll he is snuggling, to keep him comforted while his mom is filled with life’s futile distractions. Two boys, one red hair, one blonde, seemingly crawling up the double push stroller begging for her love & attention.  But what is rather important is the pixliated entertainment entrancing the two of them into virtual abyss.  Now its time to get down…he’s actually been quite patient.  Perhaps he was trained on how to be a child in her management system.  Mom!  Maaamm!  Maam!  Maauuoooom!  Yah know what, I’m going to drive my red toy car all over your head & face!  All while you continue to pay more attention to your shiny device than you are to me.  Waahhh!  ‘You need some help?’  No.  He doesn’t need your help, he needs your love.  He needs your response.  

We all have a responsibility to respond to all of life’s moments with our presence.

There is entertainment all around!  How can anyone be bored with life when there is a woman walking around in silver stilettos, pretending to smoke a cigarette, shoeing away the birds, slapping herself on the head with the palm of her hand!  With empathy & compassion, I am holding space within & around to understand your story. I might laugh & chuckle to myself a little, as you prance around the grass, because its really funny, but nah disrespect bruh!  There is a need to feel connected, loved, & supported.  We’re all a little weird anyways, & to what standard of weirdness we might be compared, none of it really matters.  Without inappropriate touching or gestures, we all need those people who might make us feel a little uncomfortable from time to time.

For it is in moments of uncomfortability in which we grow – at the crossroads of old & new ways of being, as we make small changes on our path to ascension.

‘Coors light, Hawaii’s most refreshing beer.’  Absurdity.  As I ponder the functionality of my brain’s learning capacity at age 28, I realize that there has never been a better time for knowledge acquisition.  Its not time to slow the engine down, its time to speed it up!  I have the opportunity, right now to learn anything of interest – hobbies, languages, skills, instruments – whatever it is!

We have to learn how to learn, in our own styleee.  The broad umbrella of the educational system does not cater to individual educational experiences.  We have to reclaim what is ours – to teach ourselves how to do whatever it is that we want to do, & not set up boundaries or limitations for ourselves, based out of fear of not having enough, or not being enough.

Live out your true existence & let everyone else see & experience!  This is what everyone wants – the true you.  Take every opportunity to shine.  11/17

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