It’s hard to think about what to write, so why think, & just write.

It’s hard to think about what to write, so why think, & just write.  Why think?  Because its fun.  Why think?  If you’re just going to fuck with yourself anyways.  Why think, & just do.  When ya think sometimes things get silly & when you don’t think sometimes things get silly.  So why think?  Because its fun, because its who we are.  Jah true essence can come through when the thought doesn’t behold you in your specially designed creation story.

The cup of coffee doesn’t have to be sitting on the wooden table if you don’t want it to be; it can just as easily be sitting on the floor, or floating, it could be floating on its way to outer space, & maybe you’ll let it float away, & you will stay & share this news with the people.  The presence of magic in our lives has faded, at least our awareness of it has faded in recent times.  BUT THE RESURGENCE IS ON!

People are starting to notice things, people are starting to recognize the subtle signs of significance all around, & whether they are aware of it or not, they are being poked at by the one consciousness to come back into balance within one’s self, & with the Earth.  The messages are everywhere for you to see, & once you start seeing you will start believing, that there is something more than what IS.  

I don’t think I’m ever going to cut my hair again.  There is so much energy in the locks!  A goddess glows as the blonde locks flow.  My whole life my inner feminine nature has been trying to come into balance in my life; she has been yearning for creative expression.

A positive expression of the inner feminine will create a balance within that will allow for optimal expression of personal truths & gifts.  A life guided with the voice of the divine feminine will create peace. 

However, we see it everywhere – possession & ownership in domestic partnership – limiting one another’s personal gifts to come into fruition.  We cannot remain captive to our own insecurities & fears of losing, of not being loved, of not being loved.

We must stay grounded in what we have NOW – present love.

Love is happening now; we must stay with that!  We have to stay with it – it is the only place where we can love & be love.  There is no where else love can expression itself.  We make it so hard to love sometimes, & it doesn’t have to be; expressions of gratitude help.  Ya damn right they do, especially with the people with whom the love is alive.  That’s the place to be right there.  There might not be anything more stunning than a beautiful mother embracing the caress of her newborn child.  There is something, there is everything, about that which is magical.  And the magic is trying to come through both me & you.  Let the feeling take over & be an expression of the light source we are!  Let go – no fear.  Easier said for sure, for sure.  Breaking down to build back up.

The true essence of who you are is always there, waiting to be brought into consciousness awareness.

The subconscious is trying to communicate with you – enjoy the conversation.  11/12

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