When a banana loses its peel, its still a banana; when a peel leaves a banana, its still a peel.

When a banana loses its peel, its still a banana; when a peel leaves a banana, its still a peel.  And when the banana & peel are together seemingly as one functioning body as ‘banana,’ they are still able to identify as banana & peel.  Take any fruit really, & the story remains the same – peel & fruit are together but separate.  A balanced naturally occurring relationship that turns the sun’s energy into nutrients!

A glowing sliver of the sun for all to eat –  absolutely no discrimination.  The banana gives itself up for us time & time again!  THANK YOU BANANA!  Thank you so much.  So much gratitude to you, our banana friend. 

Really though, how many of your friends will give themselves up completely to you, in such a way that their existences in this manifest ceases to exist, & your existence is boosted by their departure upon your consumption of their energy!?  The banana is my best friend right now, at this moment.  It has all the love & compassion I need to start my day.  And what’s so great about banana!?  That they usually come in bunches of banana friends, so when you need more of that delicious sun-sourced energy, all ya gotta do is reach for the bunch, give thanks for its existence & support for you on your journey, and eat that shit!  Right to your face.  So much banana love; so much fruit love; so much vegetable love.  All the love we will ever need coming straight from the sun, out of the ground, & into your mouth, BECOMING YOU.  Bam. So simple.

Sun –> Soil/Plant –> YOU.  That’s the connection.  That’s it right there.

Ain’t much more to it.  And if one chooses to eat the plants, they therefore become the sun, the light, & they will shine.  Literally, shine, glow, radiate.  Living food produces living people.  But when we consume dead food, we’re a bit less shiny, & less filled with light & love.  We can cultivate love within ourselves simply by eating the direct manifestations of the sun – the plants.  Yah see…the Earth emits a frequency, & so does the plants & so do you, & so does EVERYTHING.

I think I just changed the way I write my ‘y’s.  Its amazing one can go one’s whole life writing ‘y’s a particular way, & then all of a sudden, one day, in an instant, EVERYTHING changes!  And one lives life in this new way, incorporating a more efficient & fluid way to write ‘y’s, & it will never, ever be the same. 

Anyways, the Earth is Ascending.

There it is, the cat is out of the bag.  Amazing.  But most of us aren’t ascending with her.  On the basis that we are all energy, that everything is energy, & under the assumption that their is a unified global consciousness of all things, there must be direct effects on the masses as the Earth continues to ascend, thus increasing its emitted frequency, & as we attempt to keep up the pace we increase our own frequency, & ascend with Mother Earth – also know as the process of being in-the-flow.  But most of us aren’t aware of such.  I am just recently becoming aware myself, hence why I am writing about such in this current flow of consciousness.  IT IS IN THE FIELD.  If its in my field than it is in someone else’s field.

The words that I am able to transmute are in direct relationship to my relationship to the Earth frequency as we continue to ascend.  The words I emit & how they jumble themselves together is simply a gathering of vibrations (measured in a frequency) that have manifested themselves in accordance to the vibration I emit.  As I ascend the words represent information necessary for guidance during the process.  All of the information we need to ascend is available to us.   If we receive guidance from the source, we must share.  There are no copywrites on divine information. 

A reluctance to increase our emitted frequency as the Earth ascends will result in continued stress, anxiety, worry, & disease.  We can vibrate like the sun if we want to.  The most direct way to increase one’s frequency is to ingest the very food that grows directly out of the already ascending Earth soil.

The plants perform the most amazing form of alchemy, as they transform the sun light into an edible version so we can eat the sun, increase our frequency, ascend with the Earth, & be in complete harmony as our frequencies come into alignment with the Earth’s frequency, making beautiful music for all to dance to.

We are literally coming into a musical harmony with Mother Earth.  As a whole species we are currently just a bit out of tune with her.

Together, as individuals, we must help  one another raise our frequencies to become in alignment with Mother Earth so we can ascend together into light, pure light.

Remember the banana – separate but one.  The relationship with your lover – separate but one.  The relationship with you & the earth – separate but one.  We become stuck in this segmented version of reality where everything appears to be separate, but in REAL – ITY, everything is connected.  Sometimes knowing that everything is connected isn’t enough, one must truly feel that connection – to have real experiences that foster such a connection.  There are many ways to feel such an experience, one of my favorites is delivered though the psychedelic experience.

Our ancestors connected with spirit though the plant medicines, & it was through these medicines that they received the wisdom needed to live a life connected to the Earth, ourselves, & one another.

In us all we have a vision of ‘heaven,’ of the most beautiful existence imaginable.  We all have access to this vision because our ancestors lived in heaven, & it was right here on Earth.  Vibrating with Earth – together – emitting the love frequency.  Heaven is here.  11/11

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