We have become so disconnected to nature, in everything that we do.

We have become so disconnected to nature, in everything that we do.  The clothes we wear, what we eat, where we get what we eat – in giant boxes called buildings – what we say.  “I’m sorry I meant to text you.”  Our jobs, hobbies, interests – what we do when we have ‘free time,’ lest be associated with nature.  And if we ‘take the time’ to dip into nature during our free time, must we be sure to take many photos from our ‘experience’ so that one will be able to experience the moment over & over again simply by looking at it!  The power of photography; the power of the mind to completely distort the present experience from what it is.  The power that lies within all of us to change it.

A steady revision in all of our lives to make nature relevant for all of us in our day to day experiences will allow each of us to feel more connected to the whole.  Free yourself.  Lets all free ourselves.

The detachment between human & nature has and will continue to lead to absolute disaster.  A connection to ourselves will foster a connection with nature, & a connection to nature will foster a connection to ourselves.  It is all one – happening at the same time.  Man & Nature; Man in Nature becomes Man is Nature & Nature is Man; Man is Nature becomes Mannature!  

MANNATURE – the human, psychological understanding that man & nature are always part of the same process, that is of course always happening.  An awareness of such an experience by one will surely lead to a more spiritual life & more authentic smiles.

An emergence of Mannature in one’s life will reduce anxiety, stress, & disease, while creating peace, love, & presence in all that one experiences.  The come-on of Mannature flows at different speeds than others, & that is just fine, but to be aware of the process unfolding for oneself will allow one to further deepen the connection & increase the rate of integration.  It is actually possible for all of us to completely abandon our current lifestyles for one that, at its center & core, radiates a deep connection to nature?!  Absolutely, sure, why not?  Is that realistic for most people to fathom?  No, not at all.  I haven’t been able to completely do that just yet, & I may never, but as the process unfolds I am aware of my development, & it feels damn good as I let go into Mannature, pronounced Man-na-ture.  “I just need to be real with myself.”   Well yah, the other choice is to be unreal – not the real – the opposite of real.  Its amazing how caught up we all get in our own minds, as we fight for control of our own lives with ourselves.  Of all the people we choose to pick our feuds with, we choose ourselves.  When one can let go of that battle, one can let go of everything.

Our desire to make everything perfect & control everything is at the root of our disconnection to nature, our selves, & our perpetual state of dis-ease in these bodies on our individual journies to death.

Such mundane-ness is at the core of human experience, with most direct human experiences of reality removed of their depth, energy, & spirit that is present.  The lack of awareness of this presence is the disconnection; Man & Nature doesn’t allow for the connection to be made, only Mannature can bring us closer to ourselves – eternal living peace – the one source.  10/28

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