So this is how the story flows…

So this is how the story flows…The people move, the birds fly, the trees sway, the plants grow, the water flows, the air blows, the oceans tide, the mountains stand high, the rain drops, the children play, the sun shines in the blue sky but the people still cry…& that’s okay, sometimes.

Smiles will always heal; there will always be a need for smiles. 

And thankfully we all have mouths!  But sometimes one will wake up in the morning time & just not have it, whatever it is, the vitality of one’s spirit just doesn’t seem to have enough to bring that smile forth.  Unfortunately, the majority of society main doesn’t recognize one’s inability to find a smile in the morning time a justifiable reason to return to balance & peace within one’s self before returning to the unempathetical mainstream work/eat/sleep, live for the weekends, disconnected mass audience, who are born into a fantastic amount of control mechanisms that will deprive one of the vital energy to have an authentic smile in the morning before heading to ‘work’ so one can pay the bills for the house & everything in the house while wearing a mask all day all while one plays a role, & one’s true, authentic self is never discovered, though it is always so close & so near, it never occurred to the individual that it is all just some giant facade to keep the people from connecting to the most real thing in this world – THEMSELVES!  And when the vacation days are gone, there’s no escaping; that sounds like a scary trap.  Its time for the people to free themselves, one by one, moment by moment; we can all start to return to the glory of the most beautiful, harmonic gathering of life force in the universe!  We simply cannot accept this current way as our predetermined reality of life.

A MASSIVE SHIFT IS HAPPENING!  And it will continue to happen.  A shift back to nature; the nature that we are.  A shift back to the land; the land in which we materialized from.  A shift back to love!  The eternal ever present force that fill us up with (in)spirit(ation) every single breath!  A shift from short breaths to deeper ones.  A shift from disconnection to connection, and a shift from fear to love.  And this love will flow throughout the community as we shift towards unity. 

A balance of the energies, male & female, within us all will allow for conversations & interactions sourced with patience, empathy, compassion, presence, eye contact, honesty, self integrity – absolutely divine & magical.  A shift to the present experience will allow people to realize what’s actually important in life, thus resulting in the dismantling of the time & money systems that continuously distort the present reality.  People will be healthy in their minds & in their bodies, everyone will have shiny eyes!  So many beautiful light beings, dancing in the streets, without shoes on.  Our feet need to touch the earth, so we can let the circuit be completed!  We will all come to a healthy balance regarding our relationships to the integration of technologies & fossil fuel consuming mechanisms.  A complete shift in our value systems regarding all sectors of society.  People won’t have sex anymore, they will only make love.  Our greatest responsibilities will always be in conversation with our well-being, & we will all have the opportunity to present our gifts to the world.  Borders will be dismantled by love & the people will share resources, knowledge, & information.  FOOD WILL GROW EVERYWHERE, & those who choose to become planters will be of the most value to community, their knowledge & methods of growing derived straight from the eternal source.  The ability to communicate directly with the land through the mind will allow farmers to create closed-loop systems that require absolutely zero outside fertility.

Education will no longer attempt to focus children on a linear path, but rather it will allow them to expand, keep their imaginations alive, & incorporate a divergent style of education that does not limit children to connecting with the infinite possibilities of life.   And the well-being of the educators will be of the highest priority.

A complete revert to LO-CAL EVERYTHING.  

People will walk more, have healthier hearts, talk more to people they don’t know, spend more time with their kids, have less kids.  The Earth will cleanse itself of all unneeded energy vibrations so that there will truly be peace & harmony on Earth.  We will trade & barter more as the money system continues its collapse, & everyone will realize their artist potential.  One’s career will not be based in personal gain, but rather its direct impact on the greater good of the one consciousness.  I can choose to fill myself with doubt & anxiety about the other possibilities that our minds sometimes revert to, or I CAN KNOW that this is how life is going to be.

If enough of us choose to know that life on Earth can be this peaceful, harmonious, & filled with love, then it will be, simple as that. 

All of our dream worlds might look slightly different, but the essence remains the same, the feeling is the same.  Feel that feeling, the one you feel when you close your eyes & dream about the most beautiful world ever, & know that it will happen.  We are all lights,  Lets all set the intention for a healthy earth; it will happen, & you will be here to enjoy it.  10/25

One thought on “So this is how the story flows…

  1. (gonna speak a language you know) Beautiful vision so beautifully communicated. Mahalo for your creative expression. Here Now dancing and smiling and barefoot and feeling all the magic that is the All. In this present needing to communicate more of what is present. Will you send me your email please? Connecting more points that are asking to be. I have to follow the flow of direct knowing guidance.


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