Look at one another in the eyes & realize that they too are doing the life thing – always doing it.

Look at one another in the eyes & realize that they too are doing the life thing – always doing it.  What an incredible common thread we all share.  What better link to have to thread us all together!? And we’re all living on the same Earth!  What better link to bring us together than the very ground we step on every morning when we wake up, & the very ground that supports us when we go to sleep?!  This is the life that WE created!  And it will always be the life that we create.  WOW, I can’t imagine a much more beautiful day!  And the shadows in the fall…& the shadows in us all…They are quite the expression of all life.

We must love our shadows, build relationships with them, give ’em a big ole hug, & say Hey!  I love you, because you are me, & I am you

And to do this, how?  There really aren’t any directions, as though many will provide one with all the options one could ever need!  Listen, & craft your own plan that is true to you.  What is subject relativity anyways?

Futile efforts result in futile results.  Love efforts result in love results.

The sun is always shining bright, ya just have to know that its there!  The Beach Boys are playing – leg kicks in full swing!  Its all significant, all of value, because it IS.  There’s no better time to be alive than right NOW.  Its when everything is happening – nothing better, always & forever.  Amazing how the words change, but the message remains the same.  Then why keep writing, if its all already been said?  Or has it not?

The power & truth of our personal experience is the feeling, its the emotion, its the vibration, its da riddem, its jah Love.  The words re-arrange but the essence remains. 

The presentation of it all is quite beautiful, eh?  Yes SAH!  Art certainly plays a part.  How much of me are these words?  How much credit do I deserve?  My styleee of living, which I am sure that I had some conscious play in choosing has resulted in this opportunity for expression.

But at the moment of expression, at the creative letgo, whom is it that speaks?  Is it me?  Or is it Me?  Maybe its both – perhaps its all the same. 

Love cannot be put into a contract. 

Marriage does not lock love in, nor does it solidify itself into a foreverness.  Marriage of ones’ hearts is beyond any social contract one could sign into existence!  Just like the money game, the marriage game aims to grab our fears of not having!  Lock our fears away into a semi-binding agreement & that a piece of ordinary paper has a perceived value so we can launch our daily core from & tread on with this life that lacks the real love & wealth that we all need!  Be weary of anytime a signature is needed.  10/21

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