The rainbow spiral disappears into the distance forever & ever – forever & happening right now.

The rainbow spiral disappears into the distance forever & ever, forever & happening right now.  I can see it with my eyes & at the same time feel it with my body.  To be able to be removed from the moment, suspended as an observer, but at the same time having the absolute most direct first person experience imaginable – to see the spiral & at the same time be the spiral, happening all the time.  Now that’s the place to be right there!  Right where you are.  To be able to let go & fall in love, & at the same time completely let that love go, with no attachment or sense of possession.  Wow – and its possible!  It is possible to have your cake & eat it too.

We can love, be love, do everything we love, be where we love, love all that we be, not worry about a thing, forget about the $ & fall into the love & warmth of this planet & universe without fear knowing that you aren’t going anywhere, & that you’ll be apart of this whole life thing forever!

Its absolutely possible, & YOU can do it.  You just have to do it.  That dream existence you play with in your mind from time to time – let it go & feel with it deep in your bones, flowing through your body…bathe in that shit, swim in it all day long.  Know that its there for you to tap into & create.  The creation story is happening all the time – the dream is unfolding, as long as YOU keep it ALIVE!  To keep it alive, just like a plant, or a human, or a cat, you have to nourish it.  You have to play with it, nurture it, feed it, love it, be with it, picture it, be in its presence – be its presence!  Be a witness to it matriculate & seep into your life – slowly exposing itself to you, sort of like a game of hide & seek.  Yah see, your DREAM life – existence, love, house, inner peace, job, location, friends – all of it! – is already here.  Your dream is always here, waiting for you to notice it.  As you become a witness to those attributes of your dream, your recognition of them will make the dreams more real – will make the dreams stronger.  Give it more love & attention, FEED IT, & it will feed you.  Yah see, there is a conversation happening all the time, between us & the Other – call it whatever the fuck you want to call it.  It really does not matter.  Just know that we are all apart of the conversation, & we always will be.  We gotta tune in, listen up, & respond!  Its a conversation, a CON-VER-SAT-ION, & for that to actually be the case, we have to respond!  We have to become aware that this conversation is always happening.  Use your voice, heart, & any other means of communication that you prefer, & become aware of your place in the conversation.  I hear a lot these days about ‘setting the intention.’  This too is very important.

For our dreams to become our reality, the intentional conversation must come from a place of love & compassion.  And when your dream is lined up with your truths & your gifts, then what you need is what the universe needs, & it most certainly will become the flow of your reality. 

The beauty of your existence is a reflection of the purity in your mind, & the beauty of your heart.  The people you choose to surround yourself with are an extension of your soul.

The reflections are all around!  You feed them, & they feed you.  It is possible to feel the connection between everything around us, & to feel at one with the happenings of life.  I know because it is happening to me – right now!  I have become aware.  The trees glow in a way that they have never done before, almost like they are emanating their own light!  And the people!  The people are doing it too – shiny people with glowing auras, reflecting love all around the land.  And the food!  Glowing little sun-filled fruits & veggies, fueling our sun-filled bodies.  Maybe the sun is actually just a reflection of us?  Perhaps the sun & everything here on Earth are having a love/light reflecting conversation!?  One feeding the other(s) with everything it needs for sustenance.

It is possible to flow through life like water, ebbing & flowing with the eternal present experience – being totally with it.  This life does not have to be so hard; we make it quite difficult sometimes.  We do it to ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can choose differently. 

The rain water doesn’t have to only get us wet.  It is possible to be completely at peace with all of the moments – to be stable & sound in our minds & hearts through all of it.  The dream is always alive; it just might be sleeping.  If so, then wake it up!  Wake up your dreams, know them, be them, love them, & enjoy them.  Heaven is happening right now, here it is.  HERE IT IS!  HERE YOU ARE!  With your paradise mind – your dream, in a constant process, is always happening.  So now what?  Simply give thanks & enjoy!  All of this is possible.  All of everything you think about is possible!  All of it is possible.

WE ARE THE CREATORS!  This is the creation story, & its always happening – no beginning, no end, like a rainbow spiral, always happening, forever & forever, with all the colors, looking beautiful as ever.  Give thanks that we have eyes to see!  Maybe they came from the fish, maybe we created them, maybe we are the fish 10/19

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