There’s a rainbow across the blue sky, & I want to tell everyone so they don’t miss it!

There’s a rainbow across the blue sky, & I want to tell everyone so they don’t miss it!  So I turn to my right and share, turn to my left & share, & then turn around & almost stand up & tell everyone in the whole coffee shop!  I ALMOST DID IT!  Really though, this close to doing it.  I’ve just been thanked for being a rainbow sharer – amazing.  Da kids coming in the shop – high fives & pounds all around;  everyone’s feeling good; the vibes are nice.

It all begins with acceptance; the good vibes begin with acceptance. 

As the story unfolds all around me, I begin to think about the ‘correct’ way to tell the story – finding myself re-fluxing old head patterns – trying to present the story, but getting too caught up in the words.  The more time I spend doing this writing thing, the more I get caught up in the artistry of it all.  Maybe the words can flow slowly instead of fast.  Maybe ‘stream of consciousness’ can have a varied pace, dictated by me.  And maybe I can tell the story about the man with THE BLUE FACE, sitting eerily in the rain draped with a grizzly-man flannel, SITTING ON A BENCH!  That’s it, just sitting,  But what a fucking story it was!  And currently still is!  THE VIBEZZ ARE HIGH & I mean real high, because of the man with the BLUE FACE.  He’s dictating the flow of energy, sort of like a focal point or epicenter.  Whether he’s being conversed with or not, people are aware of him.  He receives their attention, whether directly or indirectly.  Once you know that THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE is sitting at that picnic table, you will always know that that’s where he is!  People are on VA-CAT-ION & they want to feel comfortable, & secure, & safe.  They want to let their kids run around on the grass & play with the hobbly legged chicken, not worry about THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE!  Here walks ACCEPTANCE.  Sporting a gentle bike helmet, zip down hoodie, & walmart bag.  ACCEPTANCE says hello or something of the sort to THE MAN WITH THE BLUE FACE.  A curious & accepting heart begins to smile & laugh – everyone is at ease.  Everyone becomes accepting; I CAN FEEL the shift in the space; a sense of love & compassion fill us up.  The man with the blue face can talk & he’s talking to someone who doesn’t have a blue face.  He actually has a face that’s sort of like mine, a face that I would feel comfortable talking too.  Maybe I can talk to the man with the blue face as well?  I can.  We all can.  Maybe he has a name; its definitely not ‘the man with the blue face.’  And he’s got a story as well, probably a quite interesting one.  And in that story he has a name, and in that story he has a mom, a mom who gave him that name – a name that doesn’t describe his face but rather describes his heart.  If I knew his name I would call him that.

Acceptance knows his name & his story.  I wonder what it feels like to be him.  I wonder if it feels anything at all like being me?  And if that feels anything like being a chicken…I don’t have a blue face, & I probably never will.  But I am quite alive & I know how that feels.  I can relate to thatWe can all relate to that

To be within ourselves & having to absorb other people’s perceptions of us…it doesn’t always feel good, so cut it out!  It hurts.  Acceptance begins within, & matriculates out into this physical world.  The world you create on the inside is the world that is reflected in the physical plane.

World peace begins with full acceptance of yourself, & full acceptance of self releases the potential for full acceptance of others.  Fully accepting others for who they are creates a harmonious world, and certainly one damn good vibing coffee shop.

Everyone is welcomed here!  All kine.  How ’bout a rainbow of faces!?  “Cama-cama-cama-cama-cama-chamellion!”  Yes, just like a chameleon, we come & go!  A message in the music, our message in the rainbow, a message in all of us.  How shall you deliver your message?

Know your gifts, fall into them with confidence, & share your message with the world!  In whatever way you choose, knowing that there are plenty of people in the world who will accept all of who you are.

AND THE NUMBERS ARE GROWING!  Every single day.  Acceptance is finding its way.  Its sinking into all of our hearts – seeping down into every nook & cranny.  Its happening to all of us, whether we are aware of it or not.  Acceptance, along with its dear friends Compassion & Love, are within us all.  Again, its not a matter of obtaining anything, its just becoming aware & reactivating what’s already there.  Try it – start accepting everyone for who they are & whatever they look like, & feel what happens.  Become a witness to all the magic that is happening all around.  Wake up in the morning & know that its happening.  And seriously, can we do something about those damn phones!?  The masses are giving more attention to their phones than they are to themselves.

Change needs to start somewhere, & it starts at the same place every. single. time.  HERE.NOW.YOU.  Right here, right now, right you.

herenowyou, herenowyou, herenowyou, herenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyouherenowyou, Herenowyou, HereNowYou, Here-Now-You, Hur-Nur-Yur, HNY, H.N.Y.

Here you are, Now it is, You ARE IT!  

Shit man my fingertips are going to explode with this feeling!  I gotta release; I gotta let it go.  I HAVE TO LET YOU ALL KNOW!  Just Accept IT.  And know that the sun is always shining.

We are all light, & the Acceptance of knowing that the light is always all-ways, allows one to shine like the sun.

There has to be light, its the only way.  Just because I have two pages mean that I have to fill them entirely with words?  Just because I have a mouth does it mean that I have to smile?  Acceptance allows me to smile, ALOT, & smiling makes me want to write to express my gifts & messages.  To break away from fear & release all resistance & self-imposed limitations; this is what choosing to Accept does for me.  When I see you I see me, so I accept & I love.

Our presence is the BEST present.  

If you do nothing more than simply be here now, by fully being here, with your entire presence, the universe will fill you up with the greatest of gifts.  Accepting yourself will allow you to accept these gifts; the presentation & offering of your presence to this world will inspire others to do the same.  We can change the world with Acceptance – no need to overthink this.  9/29.

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