This is all just one big dance, & we’re all the dancers. 

This is all just one big dance, & we’re all the dancers – a play or theatrical of some sort. Within the big dance, we find smaller dances, & within the smaller dances are lots of tiny dances, & within the tiny dances are micro dances, & the spiral vortex continues forever in all directions.  But none of them are actually small – all relative to the perspective of the perceiver at the focal point, which is the now.  And as we dance we must realize that not only are we dancing within other dances, but dances are dancing within us.  And as we dance we must realize that all of the dances co-mingle with the other dances, & therefore we co-mingle with other dancers!  Making all sorts of friends, learning and becoming their style of dance, changing & influencing the way others dance.  As we move around this dancing world, we must become aware of other peoples’ toes, & not step on them!  Because it will hurt & possibly disrupt the flow of the dance.  And if ya get hurt or are a bit tired then its time to rest, but as you sit for a moment watching everyone dance, just be sure to keep the rhythm alive, maybe by tapping your feet, or slapping your leg or beating down with some chopsticks.  But maybe the rhythm feels lost, & on the outside, you appear to be quite still & blank, with almost all essence of the dance withdrawn.

No matter how much you don’t want to dance know that there are dances going on within your heart, whether you feel it or not.  KNOW that its there.  The dance goes on & on & on, forever happening right now, & YOU’RE ALWAYS IN IT!  & you have always  been in it, & you always will be.  The life party is always ON!  And you’re always invited.  Its just knowing that you’re already there.

Some people we dance with more than others, & maybe you dance with them in a different way, a unique special way that makes you feel really, really good.  And you say to yourself, & maybe to that other person, that you want to dance the dance with that person forever, & only with them!  But what about the other dances with all of those other dancing friends?  Those dances are fun too, & I miss them.  I want to dance with all of them!  And I want to have the potential to dance with new people as well!  And you know what?  You can!  Your favorite dance can still be your favorite dance, & your favorite dancer your favorite dancer, & everyone knows it!  There’s absolutely no reason to hide this truth of your individual experiences.  Your ultra wicked special dance is for your ultra wicked special dancer person.  But all the other dances are special too, & have their special names perhaps.  Whatever it is, you know the difference, you know the dances, & as long as everyone is on the same page, then you’re all good!

You see you’re always dancing with everyone all at the same time!  Its a big world, a big dance; the music never stops.  FELL THE RHYTHM IN YOUR HEART! 

Its always on beat, never off.  You came into this manifestation with a HEART BEAT.  Your heart keeps the beat & sets the tempo for your life – take care of it, & let it take care of you.  Like a drummer in a band, your heart beat sets the foundation for your life’s music to play out in its most authentic of selves.  LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, & let it be the foundation of your very special dance.

And when you truly get to know your heart, you might be able to recognize when your heart beats like someone else’s heart, & those two hearts can beat together, seemingly as one, & from that foundation create a beautiful expression of the heart juice called LOVE, which is ultimately an expression of your heart beat; love is music, & music is love. 

Two beating hearts together create the potential for harmonious expression of this musical, dancing life.  We are the creators of the music of our own dance; we are creating our music in step with our creation of dance – at the same time!

So when you find someone who you want to dance with forever, make sure you listen to the beat of one another’s hearts, & dance together in your own special dance with the accompaniment of your own special song.  Fall deep into this expression of your hearts’ manifestation, for there is nothing to fear. 

At the root of this musical expression is your heart, full of love juice, ready to share with anyone who is willing to receive.  At the root of this life’s eternal present expression is love, & it always will be.  This is the constant of the universe, regardless which dance you’re dancing; the rhythm is in the love, so dance to the beat of love with confidence!  And know that there is someone out there in the world who wants to dance with you.

As you listen to your heart beat, others will soon begin to tune in.  And as you become the expression of your heart in the form of divine love, you will draw into your heart the beat of another – perhaps the most profound love possible in your current expression!  The urge to resist will be present at times, but have no fear, because the love will always be here, right here; it always has been.

Simply let go, & fall into love; there is nothing to worry about.

Just be sure to have fun, because its a dance!  And dancing is fun, especially when its with the one your heart loves.  I am excited to dance with you, just try to not step on my toes.  9/23

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