All you have to do is express your authentic self, & the rest takes care of itself.

All you have to do is express your authentic self, & the rest takes care of itself.  You can let go & fall into the arms of the universe, without worry, without fear, without anxiety, & drift away into the oneness of consciousness with confidence, knowing that you will be supported & accepted. 

Because that’s all we want yah?  To be embraced for being ourselves, kind of like that kid in the rainbow shirt dancing in the puddle on the rock – being totally embraced by the people around him & the entire universe in which he floats around in.  Now another little boy, slapping on the puddle in the rock – everyone’s doing it!  Let’s all go & slap the rock.  What if I knelt down & started slapping the puddle?  What if?  What if I became a puddle slapper, except myself.  I guess I have a choice as to what I will be; who I currently am.  Someone else’s perception may be that I am the man who slaps puddles, or the puddle slapper dood, or weird, or skitzo.  Because for a few moments I choose to do something that may not be considered ‘normal’ for a 28-year old man to do, I may be perceived as being ‘out of my mind,’ but were those two children going out of their minds?!  Nope – they were totally within the limits of society & within themselves – within the full sequence of what it means to be a child.

I am not psychotic, I am just a man who wants to play & I’m not interested in living in any other way.  

I’m not too concerned with the perception of others at this point – I can’t be there, I can only be here, with my perception – so here I shall stay!  I’m staying here, HERE – right here, & only here – always will be, let’s do it.  Anyone want to go to the best place in the whole universe with me?! – right here!?  All on board to here!  Pay attention or you might miss your stop!  Okay, okay, you have some options…You can get off here, or here…or here…or here!  Alright, simple choice then.  I choose here!  Which will you choose?  Take your time, & no worries, there are no mistakes.  The only mistake is in not choosing, or, in choosing not to choose.

The choice is always here to be here

Well actually, now that I think about it, one is always here, it’s just becoming aware & simply knowing that that’s where you are.  We’re all doing it, & what’s great about it is that no one is considered psychotic for doing it!  We’re all IT!  And that’s it – no secret.  It’s amazing how the most simple of things can be the hardest for people to wrap their heads around.

So with that, let’s be here for each other now, right NOW, where it matters the most.  And if we stray too far, let’s remind one another & help one another get back here.  That’s it – that’s all we need to do.  And if you’re here, you can do that – you can bring other people here!  Amazing – what power we all have.  We can all do it! 

No matter what role we play in life, or what job we may do, we can all be a reminder of this – a direct example & representation of the unconditional now that accepts everyone – call it The Love Club!  We’re all invited.  Tell your friends, they can come.  Actually better yet, tell them they’re already in it, & that there’s no cost.

By being here now, by being with it, we are the heavens, we are the light, we are the divine, WE ARE IT!  So be that, an expression of that, where ever you go & whatever it is that you do.

Instead of being a teacher, you are rather an expression of that which teaches.  Instead of being a barista, you are an expression of that which makes coffee.  Instead of being a garbage man, you are an expression of that which picks up trash – an honorable way of being that is for sure.  Instead of being a politician, one could be an expression of that which helps bring peace to the world.  One can quickly realize through this way of understanding one’s place in the world (being here) that whatever we’re doing, whatever job or role we might play, that we all carry IT.  We are it, we are an expression of it, & that no matter what we’re doing, because we’re it, every single moment of here produces an opportunity for the eternal magic to be realized.  That older Japanese man, he’s doing it.  That chicken – doing it.  That bird – doing it.  That tree – doing it.  The ocean – doing it.

You’re doing it too, you just need to become aware of what you’re already doing.  You have to become aware of your self!  Because your self is also it.  But we have a choice – a choice to know or not to know, to become aware or not become aware.  So when you’re ready, just know it, & then do whatever you want.

That woman is making sexual gestures across the grassy patch right in my general direction – wonder what she’s perceiving…kind of like the kid playing in the puddle, not bothering anyone, just being in their own perception of the now.  You see, we don’t have to really do that much.  Just being ourselves, right now, will provide one with such magical moments, kind of like the macaroons and gift card to the coffee shop a woman just gave me for taking the time to give her some advice of what to do while she’s here on the island.  I had no expectations, I was simply being – being myself, right here in the coffee shop, doing what I love to do – writing, drinking coffee, meeting new people, & sharing perspective.  By doing that, by being my self, I am supported.

The universe will support you for being YOU.  That’s it – don’t overthink this; you will soon be swimming in the thoughts of your own paradise mind.  9/22

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