A massive shift is occurring, & I might be too stoned to write about it.

A massive shift is occurring, & I might be too stoned to write about it.  Its been a few weeks since I’ve squeaked out some written words – just wasn’t in the flow to do so.

What’s always happening, IS happening – there it is, just be with that, whatever it is.

Our brains cannot process & deliver us the experience of the experience! What we experience is not always the full experience!  Its not delivery, its Digiorno!  Don’t worry everyone, the frozen pizza man is here to bring you fresh frozen pizza, right here on Kauai!  Amazing.  To what progress we have made – reaching extraordinary heights – frozen pizza access everywhere we go!  We’ve probably made it easier to access frozen pizza than a fresh tomato.  Its quite disheartening to hear men on vacation with a woman talk to her with such sharpness, harshness, & subtle violent energies, like little invisible daggers.  To feel her then struggle to regain her inner footing, looking for the right words to say, but such is futile, for whatever it is she says will be dominated by his over-extending masculinity.

Simple observation can uncover so much truth.

I hope she finds a way out.  You ever play mousetrap?  The game.  Yah, very similar to this life eh?  Little people, lots of traps – don’t get stuck!  There are so many ways to fall into the traps that are all around us.  Financial traps, marriage traps, employment traps, alcohol traps, housing traps – all disguised as comfort-ability & security – baby traps.   So much bait too.  In due time all of the traps can be healthy for one, but insofar as the basic needs of the individual are met – that one chooses to care for & love them self.  Then if one chooses any of the ‘traps’ listed above as the next move in life, they may not appear to be traps at all, but as most certainly life enhancers.  If one’s basic needs are not met before entering into these binding agreements, then I shall lean towards the promise of a turbulent future.

There are an infinite number of ways to express ourselves in this world, but if one does not know oneself how ever is he/she supposed to be able to express that which one does not know!?

Something of such appears at the moment to be quite impossible.  I can talk to anyone, but I can’t talk to most people; sometimes its hard to grab onto something that is real, but I bend & I try to connect nonetheless.  Maybe writing a little slower is actually helpful, maybe allowing the ego mind to present itself once & a while can actually feed the soul.

Always focused on the next move, instead of moving with our focus.

So many big trucks, who gives a fuck! Bed full of bleach blonde girls.  I wonder if anyone could love a guy who rides a scooter?  I bet its possible!  Maybe a girl with a scooter…Design Your Own Life!  With the power of choice.  Everyone has an agenda…maybe that’s not quite so.  There’s a desire to be known, but what about being unknown?  There’s gotta be some potential in that.   There really aren’t any interruptions in life.   Most of the time people comment on how small my writing is.  Its certainly something that people enjoy, so I shall let them continue to enjoy it.  So many people, so many stories, in what way should they be told?  9/15

2 thoughts on “A massive shift is occurring, & I might be too stoned to write about it.

  1. Just read all of your posts and feel truly inspired by each and every word that you wrote. I’ve known you for 6 years now and am so amazed to see how much you’ve grown as a person. You’ve always had an amazing soul and a kind heart, but seeing you in your element in Kauai was really a magical thing. I could hear the energy in your voice and feel the light in your presence. Now that you’ve decided to transcribe these feelings into this blog, the world has the opportunity to be enlightened by your thoughts. I love how your mind works, and the sensitivity you have towards others. You’re a ball of energy and a beam of light that has a true purpose in this world. I know you are here to make a significant impact in this world and make it a better place for everyone. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t stop writing and inspiring others. I can’t wait to see what more you have in store. Thank you for sharing


    1. Brother man, YOUR WORDS! Inspire me. You inspire me to be me; without you I am not me. Your acceptance of my true essence allows me to accept myself and let go into the words. Your light ignited a fire within me when we first met. The flame continues to burn, and we shall continue to come into self acceptance, and to the realization that we are all the eternal flame! One love. Big thanks for the support – what a gift.


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