Today is my birthday, & I’m not sure what to say.

Today is my birthday, & I’m not sure what to say.  I feel completely alive today, sort of like how I felt  yesterday, but different, because today is my birthday.  My BIRTH-DAY – the day of my birth.  I feel tall & important, with it & supported.  Kind of like how I felt yesterday.  The cardinal comes to give me best wishes – perhaps its my Papa.  Perhaps I’m my Papa.  The sun rose today, I saw it happen & I’m chillen.  The sun rises everyday, so to be continuously born into the new day over & over again with the sun & all other life forms is truly a blessing.  I am born a new, once again.  ITS MY BIRTHDAY!  & I shall let everyone know if I feel like telling them.  Can you imagine someone not wishing you happy birthday after you tell them its your birthday?  That would be kind of weird, but I’m into it for sure.  There’s nothing like authentic expression.  I would not take any offence to anyone choosing consciously not to wish me happy birthday.  Maybe we would actually become friends.  Mom & Dad on vacation, but no one is paying attention to the kids.  Phones.  I wonder if they would be paying attention if it were their birthdays?  Maybe it is their birthdays.  Maybe it is all of our birthdays, all the time!?  Birthdays wouldn’t feel so special if we had them everyday, would they?  I dunno, I really like how today feels – so damn good, but it feels a lot like yesterday – REALLY GOOD!  But there’s something different about it, because it is my actual day of birth!  But its not, that happened years ago.  Nonetheless, I feel special, extra special, like I am some sort of special sauce or seasoning sprinkled on everyone’s life today.  I guess I could have been that yesterday as well, but it wouldn’t have been the same, because it wasn’t actually my birthday.  Time for a pause.  Blue skies & blue eyes.  I’m so stoked I chose green to be my favorite color way back when I was focused on figuring out what my favorite color was, because green is EVERYWHERE!  I see green & it makes me smile because it is my favorite color.  So I smile at the grass because it is green, & I smile at the palm tree because it is green, & I smile at the tea tree because it is green, & I smile at the taro because it is green.  I smile at my toe nail because it is sort of green these days.  I love girls with green eyes – absolutely majestic.  At one point in time blue was my favorite color & I can really understand why; the sky is blue, & what a lovely shade of blue it is.

I smile at the blue sky because it is blue, sort of like my water cup that I can see through, it is blue too, so I smile at you, blue cup.  If I could see the ocean, I would smile at it too because it is also blue.

My eyes are blue, so I will look at a mirror & smile at that dood too.  My eyes had to be blue, because they are, & your eyes are the color they are supposed to be, so smile at them because they are a pretty color too, & they chose you.  Maybe your eyes are brown, & you think they look like poo.  But there are other things that are brown, like the ground, & tree bark, & people, & all of that is just as beautiful as the eyes & skies that are blue.  Dark happens every night. & it provides contrast to the light, so I smile every night because I love black too.

But in the morning, the sun, its yellow, like my Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil, & the yellow lines & the road signs – beautifully yellow, like the flower pedals.

And red lips, roof tops, & Mustangs – classically red – Coke bottles.  Purple is really special, but not around often.  I wore a purple shirt the other day & it felt really good to wear it.  Where’s all the purple at?  Oh, there’s some purple flowers!  How beautiful purple is.  Orange is here too, I just can’t see you.  Maybe at sunset I will see orange.  Or I can have some juice, or eat an orange.

We are the rainbow, & the rainbow is us.  Everyday we live in a rainbow world, & we swim in a pot of gold which is the diversity of all life.  The rainbow is a symbol of oneness, because together we are one big beautiful rainbow.  When the colors become separated, we must not forget the beautiful rainbow that we create when we are together.  We are all the treasures within the rainbow.  

No longer must we have to worry about being perceived as beautiful, because rainbows are beautiful, & YOU ARE PART OF THE RAINBOW!

Every single day we choose to show up in this life & LIVE; we are making the choice to be part of the universal rainbow.  There’s a purple shirt!  Beautiful.  There’s an orange shirt!  Construction.  Beautiful.  In the tropics there are rainbows all the time, but where ever you are, you can see the rainbow all the time; it also exists on the inside. ALL THE TIME, you just have to KNOW that its there.

And when you can look inside & realize once again that you are, always have been, & always will be a rainbow then you can close your eyes &  know how beautiful you are.

A pink hat!  Amazing.  Our insides reflect our outside lives.  We can chose to know that we are rainbows.  Or we can choose to think we are black holes.

The only wish that I have on my birthday is for everyone to feel beautiful, like a rainbow – when they look in a mirror, & when they close their eyes; to fully love the person we are is to become free.

Know that you are love, & that you are loved.  Love simply is.  You simply are. You are love.  LOVE IS.  Love is all we have, its all we’ll ever need, ’cause that’s what we are, & all we’ll ever be.  There’s nothing to worry about.  This life force, this LOVE FORCE, is eternal, just like you, just like me, just like the sun; its our birthday.  

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