The trees dance in the wind while we twiddle our thumbs.

The trees dance in the wind while we twiddle our thumbs.  Children run & play, while the military helicopter interrupts the pristine J-PARK scene.  An aging native auntie, worn & sun burnt by the ages, takes a peak at the pastels & clean clothes now occupying what was once her ancestors’ homeland – it still is, it just looks and acts a bit differently.   This girl is talking so fucking fast – how is there any space for thinking?  One person’s problems are the world’s problems?  One person’s problems are the world’s problems.  Kona with a US flag underneath it – the stamp of ownership & control over a nation of people, plants, and spirits.  What happens when the control over the people is lost?  Sunscreen in the palate, mixes with Jah morning coffee.  Everyone’s a director of their own movie.  Mom films dad & two kids running around on the grass, therefore shes’s not playing with her kids and running around on the grass as well.  We have the ability to fall in love over & over again, so why not be open to the possibilities of love’s manifestations.  What’s a photo worth, when it doesn’t come from the source?  What’s a bird worth if we don’t take a picture of it?  Too much make-up.  It’s hard to free-write sometimes, & turn that inner channeling pole ON!  The medicine will be here soon – for everyone!  The medicine is here soon, the medicine is here now.  One earpiece in, one earpiece out.  Take a picture of a bird.  Both earpieces are in.  The sounds of life being drowned out.  The senses of life are being drowned out.  

Holding hands, holding cell phones.  No hand to hold onto life with.  No hands to hold onto spirit with.  

Disgruntled youth, feeling entrapped by his mom while on vacation, doesn’t know where to go.  He doesn’t know where to walk.  There’s no one to show him.  He’s not interested in the life that’s being presented to him, so he’s checking out – an outsider on the inside.  Hopefully one day he’ll find his people, & love his family, & love his mom, and know his mom.  I wrote my 8th grade graduation speech, and now I’m writing this.  “I just can’t stand the way he talks” – says the girl with the most annoying voice ever.  The smell of sunscreen takes over my palate.  How come we are so afraid of becoming the powerful people we are? Maybe we do’t know we’re powerful.  We know who we are, so be that.  I am a writer, so be that.  You’ve waited your whole life to write, so do that!  You have your garden, so grow some food!  You have it all; you are you!  Why be anything more or try to accommodate for anyone else.  

Be you, always.  

And don’t forget that you like to play.  If you don’t take a picture of the bird, it might come over and play.

When life doesn’t want you to have a car, it will break down, and remind you of what you do have – legs & feet!  Stillness & the ability to breathe, you’re right where you’ll always be.

“My mom always corrects me on that too” – she’s probably just trying to help because she loves you!  “Financial affordability…20% more…they could have made so much more money…full time job…I think the numbers begin around 7…work…hiring.”  WTF does the word personable mean?  The ability to be a person!? So if you declare one is personable, one is saying that many are not declared as such, and therefore are not people.  We need to uphold our truths, as persons, so maybe we are declared personable.  “Playing golf…quadrupled in profit.”  Mr. talk-a-lot.  I wonder how much time he has spent not working…I wonder how much time he has spent with himself..Nike has a new slogan.  Its called ‘Money In The Clutch.’  That’s amazing.  So when you need the money, it just comes through!  Right in the clutch!  

So many yoga pants.  How many of the yogis are wearing the pants on the inside?  How many people are wearing themselves on their insides?

2 phones to the left, 2 phones to the right.  Perhaps they’re reading this blog post that I have yet to upload.  Perhaps (caught you picking your nose) time is not so linear, & they actually are reading this post.  Maybe they’re hungry for it.  Hungry for a voice that simply says what’s happening, rather than a voice that is bound by the limitations of their own creation.  I am one of the most influential voices of this generation, but I’m afraid of people knowing who I am, of the world knowing who I am.  I love my peace & quiet.  I love that no one comes up to me knowing who I am or what I do.  The great philosophers didn’t aim to write books, they simply thought and wrote. Their books assembled on their own.  Someday the pencil will stop moving, so many words, so many stories, so many moments to enjoy.  The script is scary & comforting all at once.  I almost grabbed the golden bait, but I didn’t.  Instead, 

I shall make the golden rod, & cast it to myself, bite my own bait, & reel myself into my-self.  

That’s right, I am a NY Times Bestselling Author – thoughts manifest into our reality.  With all humility, that dood.  Think & create.  We are living in our own dreams, always.  We thought, we drempted, we are, we’re thinking, we’re dreaming, we are.  We always ARE.  The dream is always ON.  The moon is always IT.  We ARE ON IT. 

Travel to the moon, & you shall be there soon.  Think like a baboon, & you shall be one soon.  

“It’s all downhill now.”  Is there actually even a hill?  Whose rolling down it?  If there’s snow on it then I will surely be rolling down it.  THE KIDS NEED A SAFE PLACE TO PLAY.  THE ADULTS NEED A SAFE PLACE TO PLAY.  We need a safe place to play together.  Together…I have always remembered how to spell you.  TO-GET-HER.  Small words make bigger words – understand the smaller words, & we will be closer to the truth.  Dresses in distress – we are one, have the most fun.  8/11




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