Its not always easy to say no.

It’s not always easy to say no.  Especially when you’ve been sleeping on a kitchen sofa for some time now, anticipating the arrival of the new sleeping digs.  Home is quite the place, when you have one.  And even when you don’t, the feeling of inner hominess can give you the comfort of your own Temperpedic bed.  I have been ‘home-less’ for the past year, though I have never been without a home.  Does that make sense?  It’s amazing how many words there are in a smile, though there aren’t any words at all.  Or how many words there are in a deep breath, or how many words there are in a leg gesture, though there aren’t any.  We smiled at one another, & now we’re connected forever.  Restless leg syndrome.  I suffer from the exact same thing.  Suffrage…that’s the key to life yah?  At least that’s what we’re being told these days.  Just a little closer, & we shall be touching soon.  I fucking love coffee shops.  All I have to do is be myself & I meet so many wonderful people (we speak, her name is Jen). My network is growing, & as it does my authentic self is being recognized & supported.  “That’s nice, it’s great to see.”  As a soft spoken Aussie comments on the aesthetic quality of my words on this recycled paper.  That’s 2 today!  & 3 in 2 days!  I was just thinking about signs, & what makes a sign a sign, & what is actually just me creating signs for myself & my own rationalization of the world.  Well, if the same sign pops up 3 times in 2 days I should listen right?!  That makes it a TRUE sign right?!  Like, TRUTH yah?!  Felt the brush of the bird on that flyby.  Maybe that was a sign indicating that what I was just thinking about is actually a sign?!  Shit man, just think how you’d like to live harmoniously in this world.  “Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.”  The Stix will tell you what you need to do. Jobi was looking so beautiful this morning – maybe I should sail away with her.  Or perhaps I don’t have to choose, maybe I can sail away with everyone, at the same time or at different times.  How many girls is it possible to love at the same time?  Maybe I should put a cap on it at some point?  But why limit myself, or put limitations on myself in this life.  I need to be LIMIT-LESS.

A balance must be struck between the inside & the outside.  Interior & exterior beauty must be supportive of one another.

It’s a contemplative time – jah journals are out.  Shoes are not necessary here.  Shed, shed, shed, shed, shed, usher, usher, usher, usher, usher in the new order.  But there it is once again – the ORDER, the structure, the voice that says “keep it together.”  A prohibition of letting one’s – SELF go, & drop into the void – the space without order, a space full of love & divine presence.  A space where we are set free from the BOUNDARIES of this ‘ordinary’ life.  OR-DIN-ARY.  There is nothing ordinary about this life.  Let’s start there.

Let’s strip away the idea that this life is ordinary, & know with all our hearts that this life is MAGIC!  Pure magic.  And we, as human beings, are actually magic beings.  

HU-MAN.  What does it really mean to be a HU-MAN.  I’m not quit sure, but maybe it’s a good time to think about it.  

NOW IS THE TIME.  What time is it?  NOW IS THE TIME. Now will always be the time. 

Maybe I should just wear a watch where now is always the time.  The shark is my sign – follow the signs.  Listen to the signs.  Don’t ignore the signs!  If you ignore the signs, you might fall off your path.  You just may end up swimming with the sharks & getting eaten.  Breh, seriously though, I never want kids.  And I never want my love to be confined by one individual.  There’s something quite exciting to think about living a life of boundless love.  Let that sink in…& now think about a life where that love is bound to one person, place, or thing.  How does it make you feel?  Let that sink in…a life by design, not a life designed.  It’s amazing how easy it is to spot people whom are filled with the nasties.  There’s so much purging that must be done, in order for all of us to remain in the peace.  

A unifying consciousness brings us all together as one.  

What’s mine is yours, & what’s yours is mine.  For whatever reason, there appears to be many distractions.  Even the lingering smell of Jodi’s hair product has a way of pulling me away from the present.  Mustangs don’t make you cool.  It’s amazing what an emphasis our society has to match our current personality with a vehicle.  The inside expressing itself on the outside.  Jen is back!  8/15

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