I’m on a permanent holiday, & I just want to play.

I’m on a permanent holiday, & I just want to play.  This idea that we spend most of our lives not on holiday, & then a small fraction of our lives actually feeling good about what we’re doing & where we are.  An older man with long grey hair dances in the crosswalk, a chicken chases a chicken, a child chases a chicken, I climb a tree & the child climbs a tree.  In these times it is needed for role model adults to show our youth that being an adult can be just as fun as being a kid.  If I were a youth today, & I observed the way the majority of adults act, I would be outright horrified about the possibility of growing up & not being a kid anymore.  

But what if you could be a kid forever?  

What if the youth came to realize that this was actually a possibility because the adults he/she observes in life are smiling, dancing, singing, running, playing, ENGAGED, fully engaged with themselves & the world around them.

What the world needs is fully engaged adults, because the youth are soaking up our every action, & unless we want a world full of robots, we NEED TO CHANGE.

And it starts with one, it starts with you, it starts with me.  Our children deserve better engagement models.  How we engage with our selves, our friends, our lovers, strangers, our phones & technology, the land, our food, the breath, the ocean, & with children.  The way we live today creates a way for us to live tomorrow.  And in that later today in time, we will again have the opportunity to shape tomorrow.  So why wait until tomorrow, when we can make a chance today?

THE CHILDREN ARE WAITING!  Let them see your authentic self, so they can feel comfortable being their authentic selves.  

To my right, disengaged, to my left disengaged, off to the side 3 youth disengaged with a mother seemingly helpless in their addiction to disengagement.  

How are we supposed to feel empathetic & compassionate to the land, the people, & ourselves if we are not engaged with it?  How are we to feel ALIVE if we are not engaged with LIFE!?

Its out of control & if everyone is out of control, then who is providing the contrast for the ‘alternative’ ways of living?  I am, some of my friends are, ALL of my friends are.  That dood with the book is.  Phones in the hands, & frowns on the faces.  This is the new look for the people of this world.  But why?  Why must we feel the need to distance ourselves from life?  Or is this life?  Do we now permanently operate in the internet twilight?  Always waiting & expecting the moment of disengagement to come.   It makes me fucking sick.  Everyone is so confused.  Is there any way to stop the fallout?  Quite frankly, there are too many people on this planet & we are going to MAX OUT our resources before we know it.  On an egoistic level, I’m not too worried about it because on a oneness level, I KNOW that earth will cleanse itself when it becomes absolutely necessary.  

When I go to the store & buy something with money paper, I feel like I’m ripping the retailer off.  I give you paper, & you give me material.  I will take this exchange every single time.

At home, there are certain jobs I don’t do.”  That is EXACTLY what’s wrong with the mindsets of many (most) of our male/female nuclear dynamics.  Its time that we SHATTER gender roles in the home!  Men, do the damn dishes.  I’m learning to do them too.  And lets give the women an opportunity to be freed from generations of role-playing shackles.  In order to COMMUNE on this Earth we must COMMUNICATE.  “He’s a little Trumper, watching Fox News.  We’re going to build a wall around Hawaii & kick them out.”  You see, that sort of language isn’t going to process us forward.  Everyone must be included in the conversation, & no one shall be removed.  “There is no conspiracy, just conspiracy in the mind.  Back in the 60’s, I received more prejudice being a hippie than any of the blacks, hispanics, & asians today.”  Breh, I can’t even believe you’re saying this.  Some people like to hear themselves talk too much.  “Talk about the grace of something, that we were born into the greatest country on Earth.  Its so liberal here thanks to the minorities.”  Can we please forget about, just for a few, distributing the world into groups, & just recognize that we are all fucking people.  We have a massive racism problem in white culture today.  Very few caucasion people understand the white privileged they have in this life.

Can’t we just understand that we all come from the mother Gaia, & that the color of our skin is simply our adaptation to our interactions with the sun.  The sun is the creator of the rainbow, & it did not limit itself to distributing its magnificence & extraordinary colors to the arches in the sky.  The sun has created a human rainbow with its colors spread across the land; the same beauty that unites us in a display of extraordinary complimentary, is the same beauty that divides us time & time again.  Look around around & witness the rainbow that we all are!  We are images of the light projection with legs!  Little suns shining on Earth’s surface.  We all have the potential to shine bright!  But we are not engaged with our own light.

Once again, it comes down to a CHOICE of PERSPECTIVE.  We can choose to live in disillusion, or, we can choose to wake up!  

Remember, that there is a choice to be made here; there always was & there always will be.  When we forget this simple idea, that there is choice in life, & that you are the ultimate designer of your life & your fate, then you will finally stop pointing the finger outward & start taking RESPONSIBILITY for the circumstances of your present REALITY.  

There are no unlucky draws.

Life circumstances are the perfect fit for you, right now, so be with them, & tune into the reality that presents itself in the present moment.  An awareness to be engaged right where we are when we are will bring about the most beautiful existence imaginable, every single time.  There is nothing more extraordinary then the life that is happening RIGHT NOW.  And this will never change.  8/22

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