I guess I’m unprofessional.

I guess I’m unprofessional.  I wonder if that gecko thinks I’m unprofessional, or maybe that mango, water jug?  To be able to think freely – now that’s unprofessional, or to come from a place of compassion during difficult conversation & transition – unprofessional for sure.  To have balance in life, health, spirit, & mind – absolutely without a doubt, totally unprofessional.  Profesh-shinal – sounds & looks like a fuckin disease – a DIS-EASE, or a word to describe fish when its rotting.  Un – pro – fess – ion – al.  Steve called!  Not having a car might be unprofessional.

Un – Informal dialect

Pro – For on behalf of

Fess – Band – broad horizontal shape

Ion – Denoting a resulting state

Al – Relating to

The gecko continues to chill, people continue to look at their phones (including myself), & take pictures of one another.  The gecko doesn’t know how to take pictures, but I think it knows how to play hide & seek.  Its incredible that sunsets grow on trees – so do mangos.   Our eyes meet again, the geckos & I – poof! Killin it at this game.  How on earth did you get so good at playing this game, or maybe you’re just play-in this game, or maybe you don’t give a fuck because you’re a gecko doing gecko things.   Maybe that means I’m just a human doing human things.  Maybe everyone over there on their phones are just humans doing human things.  What is a human supposed to do with their life?  Be a human?  Or be something else.  Like a gecko maybe, or a professional.  What the fuck is a professional?! – a representation  of a set of ideas stretched out in a horizontal stripe resulting in the manifest state.  The broad band/horizontal stripe is creeping in on my UN – my informal dialect pronouncing my unprofessional status of informal dialect.

I’m not trying to live in a container, and neither are the children.  The container cannot contain our expansion.  Tension & resistance will build & the lid will pop off, and away we shall ex-plode & fly.

Babylon will throw out the bait over & over again.  Find jah truth in the offering and make a conscious choice to spread – to spread outward.  The drugs certainly work, but so does the breath – perhaps they’re friends and want to work together.  Kind of like the gecko & I.  Unknownst to him he’s playing a game of hide and seek.  Unknownst to me I’m playing a game of hide & seek.  At least I’m on my feet – at least I have two feet.  Drop the shoulders and ease out.  Grow out the hair and growl like a lion.  Ah!  The gecko returns – right on time.  Hiding behind the drop of sunset sitting on the counter.  This is totally granite, probably came from New Hampshire – da granite state!  The gecko is totally kicking it – jump on board buddy!  Ahh, two geckos now! – lick dat mango.  I’m totally going to let you lick my mango.  Its not really mine anyways.  What’s actually mine?  Nothing isn’t even mine.  I’m not even mine.  The gecko isn’t even the gecko’s.  The mango isn’t even the mango’s.  The water isn’t even the jugs.  It just holds the space for the water to be contained and transported from place to place.  Kind of like how the body is just a container that carries water from place.  I guess I’m just a big – ass water jug!  I am a big-ass water jug, & a spirit jug, & an energy jug, & a love jug.  I am a LOVE JUG! 8/9

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