Hmm…here we go again – conversations in the mind.

Hmm…here we go again – conversations in the mind.  The cement path appears to be moving now – da coffee & ganja combo effect, or perhaps it’s just the world being it’s wiggly self.  Straight lines give way to wiggly lines.  Two writers on cruise – an acknowledgment that were about to enter into a pencil dance – pencil/pen dance.  A keen awareness you have – I was only checking out your writing utensil at this point.  But you felt my eyes, my presence.  My eyes carried a message, & you felt it; you felt the energetic message.  Parallel stories we may be writing, or maybe wiggly ones.  This kind of flow state could be something fun to play with; the two of us, responding & vibing with one another – felt that check.  Yah, I do write that small, & it makes sense.  We begin to wonder about the possibilities.  I sip my coffee, you sip yours.  I catch the crowd off to the right, you dip back into flow.  Literally, all I did was look up at that old lady, & a response.  Is this a race?  We’re both writing so fast.  

IN-SPIR-ATION.  Submerged, actually swimming, swimming in one another’s creative flow.  Sharing our vital energy together – male & female.  The divine energy.  

You stop writing.  I am distracted.  My pace begins to slow down.  Here comes a chicken!  Let’s see…perhaps I should stop writing so we can talk.  My hand is doing the thing.  But why stop, this, this is the new INTER-COURSE.  This is the new way – find a comfortable aura to be next to, & vibe on the creative course.  There is only awareness of what’s going on right now – everyone knows – exploding with light.  I couldn’t help but give a quick glance, I could feel your pondering mind drift it’s way over to mine.  Elbow fully extended – kick out with a slight angle to the page lean – guess I should adjust mine & gather myself quickly – DOWNSHIFT – shit, I totally just stole your word right from under your hand.  I’m sorry, that was totally rude, but I couldn’t help myself.  

This is wild – straight from the source – two perspectives on the exact same moment in time, right now, & only right now.  

Ha, people trip over that crack everyday.  Yah, two tired hands.  A good morning & a smile, a clear common attraction to one another.  Two writers, unblocked, total flow.  Brace the page with the left, & write with the right.  I wonder if ya checked out the hand sharpened pencil tips.  Aspirations – to become great.  AS-PIR-ATIONS to become great.  So much potential, though we can’t sit still.  A moment of pause, kinda.  I am choosing to write about the pause that I am experiencing.  Hand continues, mind is still & active at the same time – flow state.  

Let the energy flow, out of our hands, into the pencil, & all over the page – ALL OVER EACH OTHER!

Hand gesture indicates a minor block, perhaps an of course sort moment – the one when we realize our true greatness.  Page two & I continue to flow.  This might only end at the same time.  If we stop, it’s over, & we talk.  If we stop, this first time experience ends forever.  This is it!  Markings on the right side indicate an attempt at rebalancing oneself – an attempt that I am also familiar with.  It’s getting truly amazing now, or once again.  I saw the shark – an indicator.  Perhaps it’s a black tip?  If so, then this is certainly it.  “Hey, can I ask you a question…where did you get your notebook?”  (we talk about it all) 8/14

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