Here we go.

Here we go.  On the new journey.  Some of us will be joining, & some of us will not.  It’s okay to let go of the old ways of being, & usher in new light forms.  But it’s nothing to be afraid of.  We just might not all be going together.  So say goodbye, & say aloha to the new skies.  We must not limit our capacities to create manifestations.  As my left eye twitches, I understand the truth that I speak.  For it is not the truth, but complete knowingness & an understanding of what is going on.  “You two sure know how to vacation.”  What are we va-cating from?  From our home?  From our selves?  Damn, just look at the word people!  You are vacating from your ‘real’ life & you enter into this 6-13 day fantasy/dream world, thinking constantly about vacating from your vacation!  The day will come soon – watch out!  Hold your phone in your hand brother, & your girlfriend in the other.  “He tagged me in all of it but this is the only thing I’m not in.  Asshole piece of shit.  I hope you straighten it out with her, it’s ridiculous.  I’m not supposed to be doing this – no more.  I know it’s your mom.”  The sirens go by – this one is serious.  Complete deja vu right now, not sure what it is.  I never am, but there’s something significant about what’s happening right now.  “It’s like a dream I have never quite seen, just like a prayer, I’m gunna take you there.  In the midnight hour, I can feel your power.”  “How come you didn’t take pictures of this?  It’s like the coolest thing.  It’s okay, you didn’t think about it.  You should write a little post about it.”  Breh, people can’t even walk down the sidewalk straight – fucking zombies.  Dood on the bike with the tan is even wobbling.  Breh, seriously though, you’re being an ass to your wife on your VA-CATE-SHUN.  Because of some shit that’s not even real.  How can people be so focused on the parts of life that aren’t even real?  Two writers sitting together on the bench, with a space for one more.  Bring the power!  Man, my hand hurts.  I’m really ripping it today!  Stomach is rumbling.  I’m listening.  WE HAVE TO LISTEN!  So I shall feed my stomach really soon with some tacos.  I hope nobody kills me if I put bacon or pork on it.  Holy fuck.  No wonder why people love meat & bacon.  Even the rooster.  It smells so damn good.  Give it up rooster!  Give it up for your brother bacon!  And that crisp, & warmth, the fat coating the tongue & mouth softened up by the avocado.  They’re Jewish, & she’s beautiful.  The bacon isn’t everything.  It’s not all about the bacon!  I love this town.  The girls here…so beautiful.  The race is on…or is it?  Did it ever even start?  Why are we all trying to race & be fast, get here or there quicker or sooner than someone else.  Achieve more, make more, talk more, be more busy, win, win, win – competition.  WTF is friendly competition?  There’s really no such thing.  Totally a facade.  It’s amazing how a complete stranger can remind you of your ex-girlfriend.

The body language, the aura, the energy, the lack of confidence within one’s self.  I wonder what Madonna is doing these days?  Don’t trip!  We’re all so hung up on the most trivial of shit.  In my eyes I’ve already won!  Free of the shackles.  Shake up society little by little, & break free!  Get out of the fucking trap.  What we need is reality.  REAL-ITY.  

Money money money everywhere, but not a drop to eat.

No money to eat, there never was & there never will be.  Why not my story?  Why not make a movie out of this shyt!  Big muscle man, maybe I gave up some of mine to you.  We can’t forget about the possibilities!  This coffee is poor this morning, but the coffee is pure, but the thoughts are pure.  Don’t stop writing!  

This is it.   

Be exposed, let others witness your mind.  After all, it’s theirs as well.  Whatever you do, just don’t stop writing.  Usher in a new, a new everything.  Everything must be new, but old.  The new/old way of living life.  There has to be change, REAL change.  A change within, a change of consciousness.  A massive shift must occur for us to be happy, for you to be happy, for I to be happy, for the one to be happy.  It must feel so damn good to have massive guns.  Strength, power, control, hierarchy, levels, status, social class, competition, rule, control, dominance, security, out of control, a loss of words, a loss of self, a loss of control.  To lose your self you might just have to GO OUT OF YOUR MIND a little & heal, heal at the source.  

Go to the source & heal YO-SELF.  

A new voice for a new world order, a new way forward.  You have a beautiful mind – so say hi to it! Give it a big hug.  When you let the information in, let it pour through like orange juice!  Like orange juice pouring into a cup!  Make it a frozen cup, so the juice stays cold but not watered down if you were to put ice in it.  The dog squeals!  Maybe he wants to be free.  

Dogs lived in the woods, now they live in the hood.  Dogz live in the hood.  Dogs live in the woods.  People live in the hood.  People live in the woods.  People live in the woods AND in the hood.  Humans live in the hood & in the woods.  We are one.  Let’s take care of the one.  

Begin at the source.  You are the source.  I am the source.  We are not actually bound completely in these bodies, or within the sky, or within the planet.  We are boundless energy, coming & going at will.  

Are you living an authentic life?  Are you upholding your truths?  Are you taking care of your SELF?  

Why not?  What does that even mean?

Slow moving people, fast moving minds, fast moving people, slow moving minds.  Balance.  There is balance in beauty, & there is beauty in balance.  Let’s all look in the mirror & realize what true beauty is.  8/12

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