A new order for the ages.

“A new order for the ages.”  The dollar bill sends us a message every single time we use it.  There is more to this then meets the EYE.  The watchful eye, at the top of the pyramid.  Maybe all the answers are right there in plain sight, but we’re just not paying attention to the clues all around us.  The mystery is unraveling before all of our eyes.  Its time we start paying attention before there’s no attention to pay.  There is more to everything than meets the eye.  In order to SEE everything, we cannot simply use our visual eyes; we must tap into our 3rd eye!  The all knowing eye, the all encompassing eye, the universal eye that we all have, and the potential we all have to tap into it, but the inability for most of us to tune in & use the greatest asset of knowing & truth in the universe.  We all have the potential to unlock the mystery of this world, & the universe.  We cannot forget that we & the ongoings of we are not bound to this physical earth.  We most certainly are SPACE JOURNEYERS!  Not bound to this body or this earth, or even this universe.  Perhaps multi-verse is a theory for a reason.  Theories deserve more credibility than facts.

One should be skeptical of the one whom deems his or her self as master.

A fact is supposed to be something in which nothing is up for debate, that it is universal truth, that can withstand attacks of theories.  A fact represents conformity, structure, & biased cognition that hence is agreeable by all.   To determine anything by fact is to completely destroy our mental & spiritual capacities.  Therefore, as we begin this journey to uncover the mystery of the new world order, we cannot assume ANYTHING to be fact, nor declare fact of anything ourselves.  We must usher in the new world order, by upholding this vibration through all time.  Though a Declaration of Fact cannot be prescribed to any thought, we can (in fact) KNOW TRUTHS.  Fact & truth are not equal or mutually exclusive. We must KNOW that there are TRUTHS, & UNDERSTAND that FACTS DO NOT EXIST.  As the energy rips through my finger tips, I KNOW THE TRUTH of the eternal force.  I can see it with my third eye.  As the truths begin to pour out, we have a universal obligation to share the truths with out brothers & sisters.  We have to break down the old world order through our sharing of our received truths.  “70,000 dollars a year for college, why would you do that?  If I put my mind to it, I could do it.”  Response by mother – “okay, sure.”

We cannot limit the mental capacities of our children.  We cannot project our old ways for the old order to inhibit the development of the new order.

“I can’t imagine (what its like to live here).”  Well, that’s why you aren’t here, living, or will be here living in the future.

One has to be able to IMAGINE the possibilities in order to ever behold & live them in life.  

One who imagines them self living in Hawaii, one can live in Hawaii.  But if one cannot imagine the possibilities, then nothing of those sorts can be possible!  We are at a bind with our own minds.  The writing is not on the wall – its all on the inside & the outside.  The answers are so close to us, & will never be far from us, in a distancical sense of the matter.  Personal development leads to the uncovery of the mystery of oneself operating in this world as a body of which is a medium, sort of like an instrument is one for music, we are the same medium for the music of life to pour through.  We cannot fault anyone or anything for the present circumstances of life, because we are life, & we are the circumstances.  We are all of it.  So when you point the finger outward, you are simply pointing it back to yourself.  The blame game is one of ownership, though the blamer seems reluctant to realize the mirror that all social interactions are to the perceiving individual.  Do not be jaded by THE LIFE THAT YOU CREATED!  There is absolutely no one to blame & there is no reason to accompany your time with blaming yourself, as such blame is a frameworks for being stuck in the past.  This framework can destroy your mind, your body, your soul, your life – it can surely kill you.  The vortices must be spinning in a favorable direction! If they aren’t, we must make a change.  A life being lived in a past memory bank will not serve the individual in the creative process.  The life of an artist is a FREE LIFE.  We must all live the life of the artist if we are going to KNOW our boundless nature.

We must become what we already are – ones of CREATION.  To be a constant witness of our minds & thoughts.  To become AWARE that what is on the outside as the material, was once on the inside as thought, mind, & consciousness.  Lets pour ourselves into the light, & into each other.  We must fill one another up with love.

When you can gaze across a room, & smile at a light being, with love & compassion and an understanding that you are one, life suddenly becomes magical.  A FRIEND-SHIP is renewed, & life becomes like water – totally in the flow.  It is possible to always be in the flow but never appear to be wet.  Our bodies are water, & they want to flow.  When the water no longer flows life in all of its essence becomes stagnant, & the ease of life becomes at a dis, at a DIS-EASE.  The majority of us are not living life in the flow, and are, for the majority of time, are living a DISEASED EXISTENCE.  The light being is pulled closer to my side, OF COURSE, there are no accidents.  A smile can uncover the true trajectory of our lives.

A smile will provide unparalleled opportunity for as long as one maintains lips & facial muscles for articulation & expression of the divine love in which it shows.  

The sidewalk begins to pulse, just like the grass, for this is all ALIVE.  It is all happening right now, & therefore, in a new understanding of what life is, it is alive.

Nothing is apart from anything else.  Like one giant dance, we are all moving like rhythm in the streets, in the mountains, in the oceans, in the hillsides, in the rivers, in the valleys, in the farm lands, on the beaches, & everywhere people shall roam.  We must understand the dance we are always in, & if we throw off our awareness of this rhythm, we may very well step on our own toes, or the toes of the people we love.  We must not cease to dance.  8/19

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