A fresh perspective changes everything.

A fresh perspective changes everything.  Sometimes when you’re on the inside you cannot see the outside, & sometimes when you’re on the outside you cannot see the inside.

I wish not to become who I was, but rather be constantly becoming who I am, always have been, & always will continue to be, which is ME.  

As we move away from ourselves, we begin to loose vantage of our hearts – distance begins to form as our gentle souls send us messages that we are off track, that we are not living our truths & upholding the essence of who we are.  A dark day emerges in front of a light day, & the people revel in this massive shift, they dance, they sing, they stand in awe of the glory in the divine, only that many aren’t realizing that this shift is also taking place through extraordinary circumstances on the inside.  I wonder how many people will actually EXPERIENCE the show, vs. how many will be trying to record it on their alternative brain supporting device.  And those whom are actually in it for the experience, I truly wonder how many of them are TUNED IN to the spiritual experience of the moment.  The psychedelics might do something to support the cause, but it is absolutely not necessary to understand that the hairs raising on one’s arms & back is the divine presence of Jah spirit.  A fresh perspective changes everything, even when it is a revert back to the old way of being.  

When the force is coming through you, one must speak to the authenticity of the moment, speak to the feeling, & RISE UP! 

We’re all hole diggers, burying ourselves little by little until we can no longer rise up & free ourselves.  We must stay WITH IT, & be on top of the cultivation of our insides.  When we let the weeds grow for too long, we get trapped & lost in the entanglement of our own environment.  As the weeds are maintained, the true essence of the garden is actualized – let the beautiful pictures ensue.  As the inner weeds are maintained, the true essence of ourselves is actualized – let the beautiful pictures ensue.  But let’s allow someone else to take the photos for us, this selfie bullshit needs to stop.  A constant judgement of our exterior selves only fuels our attachment to ego.  I JUST WANT EVERYONE to be happy!  Isn’t that what we all want?  Can’t we all be on that path together instead of living in our isolated, self serving bubbles?  Is it better to write around the people or a bit removed?  I’m not sure…they’re both quite interesting.  I shall allow the flow to flow where ever I go, & wherever it is that I choose to write.  Can you  imagine a life where everyone was tuned into themselves, & tuned into the moment of where they are instead of constantly being pulled away from the magic of the present PRESENT!?  Everyday would be a holiday, everyday would be a celebration, everyday would be enough.  There would be bounty everywhere!  Bounty falling form the sky, bounty flowing down steam, bounty growing from the ground, bounty in the space for us to breathe.  “Not a raindrop since we have been here.”  What’s up with this hex on water falling from the sky.  This life serving, life bearing force.  We have a massive disconnection between our lifestyles & what is actually sustaining our lifestyles.  The rain is always worthy of celebration, whether it grows our crops or purges the people.  We have to support what this Mother Earth wants of us & from us!  We must understand that she knows exactly what she needs at all times, & if we don’t provide her the opportunity to take care of herself, then SHE WILL TAKE CARE OF HERSELF!  And we must support that.  “Grandpa, he’s wondering what you’re on your phone for?”  That’s absurd.  Simply absurd.  The little one is wondering why her GRANDPA is not paying attention to her, & not just her, but the beautiful moment that is the now.  Continue to speak up child!  Your voice needs to be heard.  THE WATER IS ALIVE!  I can’t go to the coffee shop without running into someone I know, which is so wonderful. 

In life there are no interruptions, only a change in flow.  

WTF people, screenplay, screenplay all day.  Meet the people where they are – on their phones.  The more & more I am witness to this sort of behavior, the more & more I know that this is a way of trapping the people, trapping people from freeing their minds!  And their hearts.  But we must know what’s going on elsewhere in order to know what’s going on here, right?  If your voice is powerful, then let it be powerful!

Its time to live a life of truth.  To give our selves to the world, in an always beautiful presentation of the present moment is the highest of achievements.  It is the moment of true wealth, of true realization of our limitless potential.

Everyday is an opportunity for love to pour through our souls, & into the depths of the one love it shall flow.  Lets release ourselves into the unity of love, without limits or attachment

A constant need to be entertained, when in actuality we’re simply part of the game!  Instead of playing, we’re getting played.  We’re getting played with, & done so the majority of the time without consent.  As the sirens pass, a prayer is sent on my behalf.  Our greatest fear, the one in which our ego ceases to exist, is actualized.  We are reminded of our bodily mortality, so we fall back into the protection of our comforts – phones, TVs, money, excess, big homes, fancy cars, social media, heavy foods, drugs, sexual abundance – falling out of control is falling into comfort.  I will never date a girl who holds a phone bigger than her hand, in her hand, as she walks around town.

We are all fascinated by what’s different, yet to fall in love with our own differences is unheard of.  To be different, we know that, to understand that, & to love that, to embrace the differences within one’s own self, is to embrace the differences of the world, of all its people, & all its ways.  But to start with now, to start near, to start close, is to make the most important change & shift that can be made.  A movement towards LO-CAL, towards nearness, towards community, is a movement towards LOVE.  A love movement, a LOVEUTION is what we need.  A Loveution of ourselves is what the world needs & wants.  Love yourself unconditionally, & you can love all unconditionally.

We no longer have to live life in the 3rd dimension, we can live life in the 4th dimension, or 5th, or 6th.  Take a picture of the chicken, yes, do it, take 20!  But love yourself first, so you can truly love the chicken, & appreciate the life form that it is, & understand that the same spirit that fills up the chicken with life is the SAME force that fills you up with life.  This PERSPECTIVE SHIFT will allow one to love they neighbor, thy enemy, & thy mother.  

A simple change in perspective will allow the individual to glow, & a world with many glowing individuals creates a flow of love that will propel us into a consciousness of unity, of necessity, if we are to continue our time on this planet as Earthlings.  8/18


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