This is it.

Hello Friends!

This is my final post on wordpress.  Thank you for holding this space for me to authentically express; this experience has been very healing.  Your support has allowed me to let go of any fears I was holding onto; now I am ready to blossom!  I will focus on taking care of myself and continue to do what I love to do – garden, work with children, write, play music, surf, skate..and while doing so I will radiate my expression to the world and let go of any fears of inadequacy.  I am worthy of abundance, and so are you; we all are.  If you would like to establish a direct connect feel free to drop me a line at, I may do the same if feeling pulled to do so.  Nonetheless, you forever have my love and support in this life.  My heart is full of compassion for all of your individual expressions.  Have FUN creating your reality!  It’s your choice.  I have a few writing projects I will be focusing in on, and when the time is right, they will be shared with the world under either the name Paradise Mind, or the name my parents gave me, Matt Walsh.  You’ll find it next to Alan Watts.  I love you all, because I love all of me.  This is it.  Here we are.  I’ll see you soon.  We are all expressions of paradise.  Enjoy your paradise mind.

Much Aloha,


The feeling is a message from you to you.

The feeling is a message from you to you.  Listen to it.  It’ll tell you everything you need to know.  The direct source of information coming from the divine – our feelings.  You know what they mean.  The truth is in the feeling.

We can’t deny our feelings.  Well, we can, if that’s the sort of space you want to vibrate in.  The ultimate freedom – 100% authentic self, & for that self to be unconditionally loved…oh what a feeling.  To be loved on the deepest of levels in all realms all at the same time.  How did this happen?  It couldn’t have been any other way.  The clear connection must stay clear.  In that clarity of ultimate love & truth, two can set the world on fire with their unified love.  Ultimate forgiveness – we are human; we make mistakes.

But let’s be honest in our mistakes so we can have truth in our forgiveness. 

Oral communication must match the vibration emitted by our vibration of the full self.  For we can no longer hide in the depths of our beings.  The feeling, the intuition, the feminine, will set us all free.  What a feeling that will be; what a feeling that is.  Happening now, the lightness that life can be finds itself seeping more & more into our days.  Let it in, let go of what doesn’t serve, & fill yourself up with lightness.  Maybe you will float away on a blissful cloud.  Mmm, now that sounds like fun.  Stay grounded as ya float.  Our feelings, it’s how the spirits communicate with us; it’s how you communicate with your self!  Which is the source, call it what you want.  But it’s all right there, all the time.  Just know – become aware; what you put your focus on will be.

What you put your love into will be love.  What you put you into will become you.  We are the dream & the dreamers, the creation story & the creators, the thought & the thinkers, we are everything & nothing at all. 

If you ever meet someone that makes your spirit come alive, go with that feeling.  It’s not the time to be afraid any more, to hide any more, to feeling inadequate any more.

We MUST hold our own individual selves in the brightest of lights, in the most pure love, so we can welcome in all of the matches.

Spirit will guide us home.  We are the guides & the guidebooks, simultaneously, always happening.

Live in the space of truth, vibrate from your heart a pure essence, set yourself & everyone else around you free, just by being.  Bathe in the truth.  Soak it up.  Feel the freedom that emanates from your entire being; watch & feel the magic happening.

My left forearm begins to burn.  I went through the shift; I am much different now.  Many of us are.  All of us are.  Feel into yourself.  Recognize the messages coming through, & may peace be forever present within your heart.  You have all of my heart love.

The power of a smile.  The power of love. 2/10

When it flows it flows, when you feel it you feel it.

When it flows it flows, when you feel it you feel it.  Resistance to the awareness will prevent one from unlocking the key; the ultimate opportunity for growth.  A love presence takes hold of my heart, this time in the form of the sweet, sweet melody of a Hawaiian Auntie.  Like the soundtrack to my life, her voice holds me in such a way that it fills the spaces in all of my body.  The warmth runs through, & I allow it to move.  An upbeat strum & I FEEL LIFTED!  The power of music to move through, like a soul, like the wind, like the warmth, & like the cold.

Jump into the waters, & find God, the water, which is you, & the whale that swims through the water, yes sah, such that it is you who is the truth.  Falter not, little one, discover the child within.  It is you.  It has always been you. 

The joy, the disaster, the cries, & the laughs, for this life, FOR THIS LIFE.  There is nothing more.  It is all here.  You are all here.  We are all here together, and together, we shall run into the fire, & burn in the eternal light.  For all is okay, all is well.  We’re just visitors, we will return home, when it is time to go home.  Oh and what a home it shall be.  Always love, peace, & harmony.  But for now, FOR ALWAYS NOW, the love is you, me, & everything in between.

The essence of the heavens is amongst us!  IT IS YOU!  YOU ARE THE HEAVENS!  You are the light.  It is the vibration dripping out of this pencil.  It is the lightning strike down your spine when you read these words.  

When you realize you have the capability to connect with the spirit world, you must turn the key & let it flood through your entire being, find your favorite expression of choice, & LET IT FLOW THROUGH!  And share, share with all because when you are singing your song everyone will listen!  It will vibrate through their bodies, & they will feel their souls awaken.  They will become aware of what has always been there – THEMSELVES.

Holding so close, yet feeling so distant.  On the other side, is you.  It has always been you, & it will always be you.

Fear not of missiles, just open your heart to the sound of auntie’s music, & SING YOUR SONG!  And if you’re singing your song, other people will begin to sing theirs, & in this harmony, we will be at eternal peace, with an abundance of love for all to feast.

Fear not little one, we all love you, we are proud of you, & we will hold you in our eternal light as you burn up the night.  Fear not little one, you will be home soon.  1/29

I honor you, all of you, everything – all the moments.

I honor you, all of you, everything – all the moments.  I honor every single one of them because I have never been in the presence of anything more beautiful, then you, right now.  An expression of gratitude for all that you are, every expression & experience.

Together we fell like the Earth through the universe.  Together we let go without fear into the trust of one another’s hearts.

Oh breathe…the breath will always provide ease.  What’s marriage when you have this?  The depth of our souls – a life with such texture.  Always now.  The love, its always now.  What’s more secure than being warmed by your eternal twin flame?  We found each other!  Wow, here we are.  Again.  Again & again we will find each other.  Ultimate freedom.  No resistance, it’s time to let go.  YOU ARE HOME.  Oh what a feeling…the ultimate healing for this man.

Take me back, take me back to the womb, where I can be born again, this time it’ll be in your presence.  Just to know, to know with absolute certainty, that this is it. 

A soul partner.  The ultimate support, truly an unconditional love.  I close my eyes & breathe you in; the love is so strong.  I always cry.

Turn me into a baby, & rock me away while I close my eyes.  Ridin’ the waves of your love, dreamin’ of paradise.  Blow me away with your kiss, so I can burst into stardust with you by my side.  Reform the galaxies, filling them up with love, play hide & seek with one another, only to always realize that here we are.

This is fun.  I’m ready to play in your eternal sunrise – always takes me by surprise.  Thank you.  Thank you for this freedom.  The opportunity to choose.  So much love.  We fill one another up, in our own way.  A life of choice, & I choose you, & you choose to receive.  Leading with our hearts, there are no wrong turns – always acceptance, always love.  Breathe me in, our souls are one.

A wild embrace this is with you, always love.  ALWAYS NOW – The Lovecoaster.  It never stops.  So much change, acceptance in the growth – this love will always be.

Expand the scene, take me in & out.  No one’s getting hurt this time.  We fall.  The dance of the trees, ripples of the ocean; there are some things I can describe in words, kinda.  And then there are some things that can never really be said, but I’m going to try with the rest of the space that’s on this page, & see what happens…I love you, just like I love myself.  A full embrace of every vibration in your eternal manifestations.  On my last night on this Earth I will need you to kiss me through the night, so I can find peace in my soul, knowing I’ll always be by your side.  I am committed to this love.  You have my heart.  Never again do you have to worry about being alone.  I am in full support of you.  I can’t live any other way.  For the greatest good of all that is, I ask you to let this love in.

You are the rhythm in my heart, the sparkle in my eyes, the warmth in my blood, the light that fills me up.  You are love, & I LOVE YOU, this is the best I can do.

I tried really hard, & cried the whole time.  Thank you for holding me.  I feel you, I see you, I am you.  1/5

An anxious film coats the palate of the black sheep.

An anxious film coats the palate of the black sheep.  The clock isn’t moving, the hands are moving.  The time is now.  Back home in the still silence of a late December evening,  everywhere to go, but back into the coffee shop goes the wanderer.  Life is so much gentler in there, the energy so sweet – a choice.  Pick the mug up, put it down, love the sound – especially ceramic on granite, or whatever material this re-purposed outdoor furniture is made from.  Mm, put down the mug, talk some more, sip sip, put down the mug – enjoy the process.  Hmm…she didn’t sit in my old seat – maybe I’m still there.  It’s time to drop into it with confidence.

Shrink me down & let me swim in your matte, let me swim around for a while, slurp me up, & let me explore your insides.  Let me inside!  Let me explore around a bit, take some pics, develop them at CVS & make a holiday card – share it with the people, share it with your family!  Let me in, & I’ll let myself out.

So many plans, so many things to do.  Who gives a shit about what people say ABOUT ME?!  Nobody.

A black sheep in the dark playing hide & seek with everyone but himself.  He knows exactly where he is – presently responding to the come up from within.

I’d say that’s a better alternative than turning into a cell phone snoopy.  You’re in, & you’re always invited.  No need to give me a heads up.  I can feel you checkin’ the scene.  Constantly settling into change.  An acceptance of what is; doing so with compassion.  A different way of being, a choice towards love, a shift.  Are you ready?  Am I ready?  THE TIME TO LOVE IS NOW.  Real freedom, like a snowflake drifting to its landing zone.

Wanna be snowflakes together, falling until we melt, & then doing it all over again?  Wanna be fish together, drifting in with the tiding ocean, flowing with one another’s motion?  Wanna be carrots together, over winter, become wicked sweet, and tangle our roots as we search for nutrients & water? 

We can be it all, we are it all, & nothing all at the same time.  But who cares.  Here we are.  Living this love.  That only happens now, that always happens now.  The system sucks the minds out of the dreamers, so eager to make money & find stability – always focusing on what’s next, anxiety of the future, of not having enough.  Screw my ‘retirement.’  I’m cashing out & buying land; I will never retire from this life.  12/30

My eye is twitching, let it come through.

My eye is twitching, let it come through.  A sign to receive, a message delivered especially for me.  The path has become so clear.  It’s all right there for me to engage with.  The choice is mine.

A removal from paradise has dropped the curtains – everything is exposed – THE SHOW IS ON!  It’s time to perform. 

I know exactly what I need to do.  The feeling is really taking me over.  It’s harder to replenish my energy without connection to the land, without the medicine food, & without the community of people that constantly lift me up!  And feed me with the love & support that I need.  You know what you need.

We must feed ourselves with an abundance of vital energy so we can all wake up in the morning with a huge-ass smile on our faces absolutely stoked to engage with life!

I want to be around the love, & plant my ass on the grass or a tree stump, & fucking feel good all the time!  Because here, now, I’m slipping.  I haven’t fallen yet, sometimes I slip harder than other times, but I’m still on my feet.

It’s not easy to really show up every day when so many people are constantly being pulled away from now.   It’s fucking crazy, what a vortex.  Time warp, space travel?  Most people are already doing it!  The virtual engagement takes us everywhere, except here.

The TV replaced the fire.  Sometimes they’re on at the same time.  Seriously though, television is sucking the life force out of my family.  I’m home right now.  I’m not always here.  I’ll be gone soon.  It’s becoming really clear that it’s better that way, for everyone.  My presence creates resistance, uncomfort, tension, and unease.  It’s like throwing a wrench into the mechanism.  I’m not going to watch television with you.  Come play music with me; you’re not going to play music with me.  Lets talk and have some tea; you don’t drink tea.  It must be difficult to not be that way when everyone is doing it.  Hence why I had to leave.  For now, here I am, holding down a paradise mind, trying my best.  So this is the way people are becoming.  This is the new natural default setting for humans.  I’m going to choose to not be an automatic robot.  Being myself, that’s the way.  Home is where you feel really good, like all-time goodness.  That’s home, that’s where I’ll be.  I have a new home.  That’s where I’ll be.  I’ll always visit, but it’ll never be that way again.

That’s a lot to let go of but it is in the letting go where all of my love is, it’s in the space. 

I am eternally grateful.  It’s also so damn cold!  I believe in the movement of the people.  Time to migrate.  It’s time for change.  It’s time for warmth.

Build me a snowman & I’ll try to melt it with my mind.  I’ll build you a home, so you can escape the cold & have warm nights.  12/30

It can all happen just like that.

It can all happen just like that.  A simple hello, accompanied with a smile.  The patience to wait & respond adequately by listening.  Listening to one’s heart – listening to each other’s hearts.  Take it for what it is; its happening right now, right now happening.  Here we are.

I can’t help but become vulnerable with your lips, & your eyes, but I’m listening.

This is all so respectful; accepting one another’s pure beauty – experiencing together the flood of love vibing in the corner of this here coffee shop.  It might not be the first time I fell in love with a barista – def won’t be the last.  Because this love is everywhere!  Engage with it.  Engage with it together.  Together we engage in THE DANCE MAN!  We took one another so gracefully, at peace & at ease – no toe stepping.  Even in the excitement we keep da cool pace mohn.

The bright eye syndrome – you got it. 

The potential is all right there, right here, so close to your heart.  No names needed – a soul introduction; we already know.  We always have & we always will.  It’s SO good to see you again.

A familiar presence moves through us – a full embrace – total warmth.

Ya see, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN at the coffee shop.  There’s no way to really know.  And then the flow takes control in both of our individually separate lives until the moment of CONNECTION.  Again, wow.  How can one deny that feeling.  I can’t.  Yes, the crispness in the air – it’s all on our side.  Let the momentum take us forward!  Let the ripple ripple.  Let the feeling take control!  Why not?  Let it go.

This is OKAY.  We are safe togetherWe don’t have to touch to hold.  We don’t have to be lovers to love.  I already have one of those; you probably do too.  It’s okay to love, in our own way.

In your own way, you will find & BECOME your freedom.  It’s all right here for you.  You already have it.  You’ve always had it.  I believe in you because you believe in me.  I believe in you.  We’re on the same team.  I’m here to support you.  This feeling is familiar.  EXCITEMENT – my heart is pumping!  EXPANSION – my mind is free.  Let all that light flow through you & I will admire the beauty of your soul.  Complete acceptance right from the beginning.  Here we are.  Thank you for being with me, thank you for taking care of your self.

You’re inside out – a mirror of beauty. 

I’m proud of you.  The tipping point is soon for you; I’m here to support.  This feels so good.  You’re still here, with me.  We’re safe together.  The story unfolds as it shall – letting go into the heart’s guidance.  Woah, that’s intense.

But love, that’s where all the love is.  Here it is again – find it in the spaces!  We can hold one another there. 

It’s okay to be vulnerable.

That smile though…it’ll make so many people happy. 

This is my heart.  My name is Matt.  This connection is real; there’s no fear.  It’s all peace.  I’ve never done this before.  We have a choice.  It’s time to grow.  It’s time to let go.  I’ll see you soon.  I have to.  An open heart speaks.  I see you, you see me. 12/26

It’s all the same, yet everything has changed.

It’s all the same, yet everything has changed.  A new coffee shop to sit in; do I even remember how to write?  Maybe it’s cause my hands are too cold to move the way I’m used to.  It’s almost like this pencil is heavier than usual.  A place for the people to come!  How cute.  All the earth tone cozies, knit beanies, happy brains.  “How would you like not to have Christmas!?”  Wow, what a merry threat to make as the holiday cheer fills the air.  Mmm…the grey sky coats the heart, a blanket from the heavens – always a chance for flurries.  Warmth fills my soul, part American, part Love.  The postman on the 22nd of December – the real Santa Claus.

Lets tell the kids the truth.  They are yearning for truth.  They have brought into this world with them gifts & they would love to share.  We must provide the space within ourselves & let them fill us up.  The children – the messengers, the givers, THE REAL SANTA CLAUS.  So many of them.

Another post truck…the digital marketplace is alive & well.  How about our souls?  How about Toys R Us?  What happens to things that are stagnant?  They rot, wither, decay, breakdown, & die.  WTF does skoodoodle mean?  A flower man, now that’s what I’m talking about, & he has a killer mustache.  We need more flower men!  YES!

More men playing with flowers will make a more peaceful planet earth

This is for us.  Examples of the energetic balancing act are all among us.  Big ups!  And the stone walls stand, just as they did 200 years ago, while the 30 yr. mortgage begins its first big renovation 8 years in.  Where is the strength?  The strength is in the stone; what a support system they are for one another.  Relying upon one another every single day for generations, like a community.  A COMMUNITY OF ROCKS!  What a beautiful wall – strength is found in simplicity – a simple support system for lifetimes of togetherness.  What a way to be, you rocks!  It’s almost like the glaciers knew exactly what they were doing dropping little terds of mineral all across the land to fertilize the soil, left for the farmers to pick up, compiling themselves until a wall is built.  A wall.  A separation.  A division.  A boundary.  A sense of ownership.  A hierarchy of social divisions.  This is mine, & this is yours.  And this rock wall will let us know.  What do you have to share with us rock wall?  Maybe you can tell us who owns you.  Who owns the rock wall?  Maybe you can tell us who owns you.  Who owns the rock wall?

Who owns the space in between?

What a space to own.  What to do with the space?  Like, what’s up with the space between then & later?  In the spaces we find the greatest of gifts, none of which can be owned.  In the spaces we find what brings everything together.

In the spaces we find love, the bath of life in which we can wash ourselves in every single day.

A simple awareness.  If my pencil were sharper, my hand wouldn’t be so tired.  Next time I will sharpen my pencil so I will be able to write more.  12/22

We are never alone, for we are always in the presence of love.

We are never alone, for we are always in the presence of love.  Among its many forms – you, me, everyone.  Always there, but flowing in & out of our lives as it may.  Acceptance of its many forms will bring about peace on Earth.  The Presence, the nowness that one must embody to fully embrace the impermanent flow of this love force.

Whomever it embodies, whatever it looks like, it’s all the same.  We are always surrounded by love.  It is the Awareness of this love that turns us on & really lights us up.  We are never alone – love is always here.

When love becomes familiar in its manifestation, & we recognize love as having a particular way of smiling, a certain way of making us feel, maybe we taste it on our lips or feel the warm embrace of a naked body, & the eyes…oh those eyes.

It’s all right there, all of my comfort, all of my peace, the universe in & of itself, glaring back at me, connecting with my soul.  And maybe names just don’t really work anymore, so you call her Love

And she is the human embodiment of heaven on Earth, in this beautiful package, & yes, she is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.  Absolutely.  Her voice alone makes your heart pump, & every cell in your body yearns for her love & her presence.  LOVE.  She is love, & you may embody the same for her.  You must always be in her presence, but you can’t be.  You gotta have her!  But you can’t, you can never have her, she can never be yours.   A woman of this elegance & grace needs her space so she can spread her wings & fly!  She is her own, & you are your own.  But the attachment thing, nope, isn’t healthy.

But when we let go we get it all; what a letting go this is.  Love – LOVE – here she is!  And I have to let go, we both do, what a feeling this letting go makes you feel!  What a feeling…No wonder why people choose the alternative, which is the control mechanism; you can avoid this feeling that way.

The one of vulnerability, open communication, sharing feelings, patience, space, truth, forgiveness, emotion, spirit, & love.

This feeling, the ultimate letting go – whatever we need to grow!  Just go, where ever you need to go.  You have to; it’s only you who knows.  I have to let go.  You are not mine.  Oh what a feeling…But ya see, this is it!

It’s the only way I can love because it’s how I want to be loved. 

Oh what a dance…& to be dancing with you!?  Oh to be dancing with you…I can only hope that you too feel all the cells in your body pulsate when you think of our embrace, spinning around on the sandy dance floor, moonlit spot light just for us, just for tonight.  It is only you who I call Love, you know, in the way I say it, only I say it that way.  Only we can create that feeling, our feeling, ya know it, it’s different than all the other feelings.  I have to let go, I know, but I can’t help but wish for you to embody this Love, with me, forever.  I know, presence is where the love is, & it is in your presence where I feel most home.  Hey, a boy can dream…so can a man.  I have to let go, so do you, so we can grow.

Oh, what a feeling…Love.  It’s in the space, it’s in the letting go.  But it’s not in these words, it’s in the feeling, that feeling, our feeling.  Oh what a feeling…12/8

A tightness makes its presence known behind my face.

A tightness makes its presence known behind my face.  It en-strangles my personality, liveliness, energy, motivation, patience, the whole she-bang!  Here I am left to be with my-self.  There are probably messages to receive;  I should probably listen.

The stillness of illness forces one to PAY ATTENTION to oneself.  It becomes an opportunity for growth, for regeneration of the mind, body, & spirit.

Do I wanna put in the effort & pay attention to what’s coming up?  Or, well yes, I need to pay attention, & embrace this opportunity, take it for what it is, & thrive.  Damn right the turmeric latte, herbal smoke, & ocean proximity is in full support.  Damn right.  I should join this dream team & help my-self.  Okay, I’m doing it I’m doing it.  Humble yourself, it’s okay to tell people how you are feeling.  It’s okay you don’t have super powers, you aren’t a superhero, but you are a SUPER HUMAN.  Damn right.  The digital download is everywhere.  That shits gotta be making people sick, for sure.  Did ya hear about the study that found out that everything has the potential to make ya sick?  This same study also found out that everything has the potential to make ya healthy!  Craziness, eh?!  So much control we seek – what’s good & what’s bad – it’s different all the time.

But I heard ya can’t go wrong with fresh vegetables, & clean water.  Pretty sure that’s where it’s at all the time, as long as there isn’t slug slim on the leaves or a dead animal upstream.

There’s always some thing, some thing to catch our fears, some thing that latches onto our attention, some thing that engulfs our bit of doubt & expands in such that it consumes our entire being.  Some thing, there’s always that some thing.

So, well, since our streams of thought never end, we mine as well do our best to understand it & be with it.  The voice in our heads can drive us to madness, or guide us to love.  We all have to be a witness & experience our own stream of consciousness, all the time, even when we sleep!  Wow, it takes a lot of energy to stay with it, no wonder why people check out – some more decisively than others.   For most however, it is a slow & steady residual breakdown which ultimately leads us to a raging inferno or a hole in the ground.  A life that was filled with inadequacy, lost love, distraction, mental & physical illness, loneliness, fear, dashed dreams, & a mind that is quite distant from the heart, which results in a human being who is distant from their essence, their soul. 

Or, we can be SUPER HUMANS!  & live the life of the ultimate now.  A life in which one is present with their current state of being so they can respond adequately to the transformative opportunities that lay idle in their field of consciousness.

Once dormant, now conscious; consider it a gift.  The Ultimate Gift.  The Gift of Truth.  The Gift of Love.

Open your gifts; they were made specifically for you, by you.  You, the giver & receiver to self, all at the same time. 

Don’t get too sad, the sun will rise tomorrow.  Behind grey skies or lighting up blue skies, it really doesn’t matter, for there will be light!  The cardinal isn’t worried, & neither should we be.  12/5